May urged to push ahead with Brexit as migrant worker numbers rise…

EU Brexit“Theresa May was urged to push ahead with Brexit last night as new figures revealed record numbers of migrants working in Britain. The Office for National Statistics yesterday said foreign-born workers now hold one in six jobs – a record 5.4million of the total labour force of 31.8million.” – Daily Mail

  • Number of east European workers rises above one million – The Times (£)
  • UK to avoid recession as shock passes – Daily Telegraph
  • Jobs bonanza provides hope of Brexit stability – The Times (£)
  • Surprise fall in number unemployed one month after vote – The Guardian
  • Small size of Brexit department raises questions about May’s commitment to Brexit – Daily Express

More EU:

  • Italy warns that exit delay will hinder integration – FT
  • Brussels’ telecom rules dubbed threat to Childline – FT
  • Sturgeon accused of double standards over EU – Daily Telegraph
  • First Minister charged with tolerating anti-Englishness – Daily Express
  • Brexit takes toll on Norwegian wealth fund – FT


  • Ignore the speed freaks, this can’t be rushed – Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph
  • Britain is paying the price for a badly designed choice – Richard Thaler, FT


  • Why the Prime Minister must press on with leaving the EU – Daily Mail


…as she ‘castrates’ draconian public health proposals

“Tough measures to tackle obesity have been axed after Theresa May overruled the health secretary and insisted that the economy must take priority. Restrictions on advertising and promotional deals on junk food have been removed from a plan published today… “It’s been castrated,” one Whitehall source said.” – The Times (£)

  • Prime Minister demands children get 30 minutes exercise a day – The Sun
  • Health chiefs’ fury as tougher rules are axed – Daily Mail
  • Watered down strategy under fire – FT

More May:

  • Prime Minister caps pay for all special advisers… save hers – The Times (£)
  • May more popular with Labour supporters than Corbyn is – The Sun

>Today: Nicola Blackwood MP in Comment: Our new obesity strategy isn’t nanny state, it’s a sensible plan to make children healthier

Government plans fresh controls on hate preachers

Police shield“Hate preachers will be banned from entering mosques and universities under plans by Theresa May to ensure Anjem Choudary’s radicalisation of young Britons can never be repeated. Ministers are looking at whether they can order blanket bans to stop extremists addressing large groups in public as an additional measure to clamp down on radicalisation. ” – Daily Telegraph

  • Prison bosses can’t isolate Choudary due to court victory by ‘terrorist associates’ – Daily Mail


  • Britain’s hopeless tolerance allowed Choudary to thrive – Allison Pearson, Daily Telegraph
  • British journalists must never again help create such a monster – Martin Jay, Daily Telegraph

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Choudary’s conviction – and why we don’t need an extremism offence

Party accused of ‘whitewash’ over bullying inquiry

“The father of a young Tory activist who killed himself has said the party’s report into allegations of bullying and sexual assault is a “whitewash” after senior figures were exonerated. Ray Johnson, whose son Elliot committed suicide last year, said there had been a “cover up” after the report said those at the top of the party had not been aware of allegations of bullying of young activists.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Chief of Staff played ‘key role’ in road trip drama – The Times (£)
  • The former Parliamentary hopeful at the centre of the scandal – The Guardian

>Today: ToryDiary: McLoughlin must now solve the problem to which Mark Clarke seemed to be a solution

Toby Young: Our Olympic success vindicates Major and Conservative values

MAJOR Sir John pink shirt“Team GB’s Olympic triumph is also a vindication of the decision by the former Conservative Prime Minister John Major to set up the National Lottery. At the time, the Lottery was attacked by Left-wing critics as a tax on the poor, who were dismissed as too stupid to realise how slim their chances were of winning… Perish the thought that people are happy to gamble away a few quid, knowing that more than a fifth of the money goes to Britain’s athletes. As someone who regularly plays the Lottery, I know I am.” – Daily Mail

  • Paralympic events facing desperate race to sell seats – The Times (£)
  • Cycling team dismiss aspersions from rivals – The Sun
  • How Major became an unlikely Olympic hero – The Guardian


  • We want golden heroes, not GM superhumans – Oliver Moody, The Times (£)

>Today: ToryDiary: Major’s Olympics Gold Medal

Conservatives and Corbyn pounce on Smith’s ISIS remarks

“Islamic State militants must be invited “round the table” with western leaders to end the Syrian war, Owen Smith said  yesterday.The Labour leadership challenger’s remarks were leapt upon by Jeremy Corbyn and the Conservatives as calling his fitness for high office into question.” – The Times (£)

  • Challenger says we must negotiate with Islamic State – Daily Telegraph
  • Leadership candidates suffer setbacks – FT

More Labour:

  • Blogger accused of racially abusing MP appears in court – Daily Mail
  • Corbyn confronted by female members who no longer feel ‘safe’ in Labour – Daily Telegraph
  • Union dispute disrupts conference preparations – The Guardian
  • Labour promise return of student grants – The Times (£)
  • Leader forced to sit on train floor after strikes by rail workers – The Sun


  • Rivals dig for victory (and keep digging) – Patrick Kidd, The Times (£)


News in Brief:

  • Witch hunt drives 400 a month to quit the Army – Daily Mail
  • Uber takes TfL to court over new rules for drivers – FT
  • Beijing anger as Australia blocks bid for power grid – The Times (£)
  • Father sues £28,000-per-year school after son gets one GCSE – Daily Telegraph
  • Le Pen’s delight as Front National win mayoral vote – Daily Express
  • Moving car tax online cost £400 million in revenue – FT