Tory MPs demand Brexit deadline

EU Exit brexit“Theresa May is facing an ‘autumn ambush’ from Eurosceptic Tory MPs who fear that the UK is heading for ‘Brexit Lite’. Sceptics plan to launch at least two cross-party groups to pressure the Prime Minister into announcing a strict timetable for leaving the European Union, amid unease among Tory Brexiteers that Mrs May has failed to set out a clear ‘road map’ to the UK’s eventual break.” – Mail on Sunday

Fox and Johnson ‘locked in feud’ over foreign policy

“Liam Fox and Boris Johnson are locked in a bitter Whitehall feud over who controls key parts of Britain’s foreign policy, a leaked letter seen by The Telegraph reveals. Just weeks after the two men joined the Government, Dr Fox sent Mr Johnson the terse letter, which he copied to Theresa May, effectively demanding that the Foreign Office be broken up.” – Sunday Telegraph

  • Rivals ‘go to war’ to control foreign strategy – Sunday Express

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McLoughlin declares war on union ‘bullies’

On strike“A Cabinet minister blasted union “bullies” behind a wave of rail strikes last night and declared: “It’s war.” Tory chairman Patrick McLoughlin accused militants of treating passengers with contempt by trashing their services. And he warned that the government would not let the travelling public be held to ransom by their demands.” – Sun on Sunday

Dan Hodges: Will the real Mrs May please stand up?

“Precisely who is Theresa May? What is her guiding philosophy? What is underpinning the decisions she is making on behalf of the country? Most importantly, when is the country going to be granted an insight into her thinking, rather than the thinking of her senior advisers?” – Mail on Sunday

Labour blacklists 1,000 a day

LABOUR dead rose“Labour officials have been identify­ing up to 1,000 suspected “entryists” a day as they try to stop members of rival parties and hard-left factions influencing the party leadership contest. Staff are trawling through the social media accounts of 180,000 “registered supporters” who have paid £25 to vote, a majority of whom are believed to back Jeremy Corbyn.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • Corbyn blasts Watson’s Trotskyists infiltration claims – Sun on Sunday
  • My deputy is talking nonsense, says leader – The Observer
  • Hard left activists to help choose Labour honours – Sunday Telegraph
  • All leave cancelled as new nasty party staggers through ‘Hunger Games’ – Sunday Times (£)

Helen Lewis: Corbyn loves a leadership fight, it’s far easier than tangling with the Tories

“It is telling that Corbyn perked up when it became obvious he would face a leadership challenge. Instead of tough questions over his attitude to Brexit, or a “masochism tour” of marginals, he could spend the summer basking in the adoration of his fans and shaking his fist at the terrifying spectre of Smith, a rival who could be François Hollande’s stunt double. Focusing on the fight means no one has to address the future.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • Break-up is only way to save party from extinction – Tom Harris, Sun on Sunday
  • Why I despise Corbyn and his stormtroopers – Michael Foster, Mail on Sunday

Field says UK should let extremists leave to die in Syria

FIELD Frank grey“Senior Labour MP Frank Field was branded irresponsible last night after claiming it was ‘fine’ for radicalised British adults to join Islamic State in Syria – because if they were killed, it would boost Britain’s security. The former Minister declared he was worried ‘not one iota’ about British extremists going to fight in Syria.” – Mail on Sunday

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UKIP fued escalates as Faragists target former Tories

“In one exchange seen by The Mail on Sunday, UKIP’s main bankroller Arron Banks describes senior party figure Neil Hamilton as a ‘corrupt old Tory’ – prompting Hamilton’s formidable wife Christine to accuse the tycoon of being ‘vulgar’ and ‘grossly defamatory’. Another leaked message from a member of the party’s ruling body appears to reveal a plot to eject the party’s sole MP, Douglas Carswell.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Party threatened with legal action if Woolfe stood for leader – The Observer
  • Osborne a ‘pasty-faced weasel’, says Farage – Sunday Times (£)
  • Aide held in US on blackmail charge – The Observer

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