May mulls measures to soften Brexit blow

EU Brexit“The governor of the Bank of England made clear this week there was a limit to what monetary policy could do to cushion the blow of the Brexit vote. The government needed to act as well… Over to the government — and as Theresa May and her ministers consider what to do, they face two big questions: how can they support the economy in the short term? And, thinking further ahead, how can they maximise growth?” – FT

  • Jobs market ‘in freefall’ after vote – FT
  • Leading economist urges Prime Minister to take UK out ‘now’ – Daily Express


  • Nick Timothy: a most influential voice in Number Ten – Henry Mance, FT

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Matthew Parris: Referendums must be used with more care than Cameron offered

” I think we should now acknowledge and add to our unwritten constitution the device of the referendum: but we should do so always mindful of the violence it does to the spirit of our constitution, and with an almost sacred regard for the danger of its misuse. People were not asked a fair question on June 23, and they were not asked it with the right motives. But that does not mean they should not be asked.” – The Times (£)

Child abuse enquiry judge could receive up to £90,000 after quitting

Tax Take“The chairman of the landmark child abuse inquiry could receive up to £90,000 in severance pay – despite quitting the job. Dame Lowell Goddard, who became the third head of the mammoth investigation to abandon it, was said to have been overwhelmed by the task. But she is understood to be in talks with the Home Office about the terms of her departure, which could include a pay-off totalling tens of thousands of pounds.” – Daily Mail


  • QCs earning fortunes, warehouses full of evidence… no wonder she couldn’t cope – Richard Pendlebury, Daily Mail
  • Reprinted: the case for the inquiry – Theresa May, Daily Telegraph


  • Time to rethink this £100 million inquiry – Daily Mail

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Charles Moore: As Goddard resigns, time to drop the curtain on this ill-starred inquiry

“The logic of everything that has happened is that the IICSA should now stop. It mixes too many things. Its rules are unfair, some contrary to proper legal procedures. Its remit is almost literally endless. Its unnecessary expense is huge. It is not, and cannot be, properly equipped to bring justice to thousands of individuals who feel wronged.” – Daily Telegraph

Northern leaders fear the Prime Minister will abandon Northern Powerhouse

OSBORNE of the north“Theresa May is set to ditch the “Northern Powerhouse” brand and push for a wider industrial strategy across England, the region’s leaders fear. They believe that she will abandon the ambitious project pioneered by George Osborne to boost economic development in Manchester and other northern cities. She will instead shift the focus to other rural and industrial areas, they claim.” – The Times (£)

  • My hope is that the May will kill celebrity politics – Peter Oborne, Daily Mail

Honours 1) May considers elected upper house

“Theresa May is considering a dramatic overhaul of the House of Lords after David Cameron packed it with more Tory cronies, The Sun can reveal. Insiders said the PM could finally reform the bloated upper chamber as part of a drive to “restore trust” in politics and create “a democracy that works for everyone”.” – The Sun

  • Half of Cameron’s peers barely speak – The Times (£)
  • Mandarin who ran honours system calls for end of gongs-for-friends – Daily Telegraph


Honours 2) Chief Rabbi attacks Chakrabarti over peerage

LORDS logo“Giving Shami Chakrabarti a peerage leaves the credibility of her inquiry into anti-Semitism within the Labour Party ‘in tatters’, the Chief Rabbi said yesterday. Ephraim Mirvis criticised Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to nominate Miss Chakrabarti for the Lords just weeks after she produced a report which has been branded a whitewash.” – Daily Mail

  • Backlash at reward for inquiry chair – The Times (£)
  • Watson distances himself from decision – The Sun

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Labour leadership contest veers further left

“For moderate Labour MPs, who initially hoped the contest would move the party back towards the centre, it has been a sobering experience. “My heart sort of sank,” said one, of his reaction to Mr Smith’s agenda. “But we recognise that, with the ‘selectorate’, you have to have a soft-left candidate.” – FT

  • Men stage custody protest on Corbyn’s roof – The Guardian


  • Stand by for the break-up of our politics – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)

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News in Brief:

  • Rio Olympics opening ceremony marred by protests and empty seats – Daily Mail
  • Commuters on ‘worst rail line’ face week of misery – The Times (£)
  • Privacy group outraged as BBC use detection vans to snoop on internet users – Daily Telegraph
  • Merkel’s ratings plunge after Bavaria terror attacks – FT
  • EU-Canada trade deal ‘in ruins’ after legal challenge by German citizens – Daily Express
  • First man arrested over 4o-year-old Kingsmill Massacre – Daily Mail
  • Patients face having treatment rationed to meet NHS cuts – The Times (£)

And finally… MPs face drinking ban whilst Palace is repaired

“In an attempt to prevent the 19th-century Gothic building from disintegrating beyond repair, MPs will be relocated to the Department of Health offices in Whitehall while a multibillion-pound refurbishment begins in 2020… The decision is likely to cause dismay among many MPs because their new temporary home, Richmond House, is held under an Islamic bond scheme and forbids the sale of alcohol.” – The Times (£)