Tory leadership 1) May will become PM tomorrow and starts work on the new cabinet

timesmay“Theresa May, the prime minister-in-waiting, is scrambling to put together a cabinet within 48 hours after plans for a two-month Tory leadership race collapsed with the dramatic withdrawal of her rival, Andrea Leadsom. David Cameron will spend his last day in Downing Street, meanwhile, drawing up a list of resignation honours, including a series of new peerages that could take the House of Lords close to the 850 mark, before handing over to Mrs May tomorrow. She will become Britain’s 54th prime minister and its second woman to hold the office.” – The Times(£)

  • Pound and shares rally – Daily Telegraph
  • Promise to make a success of Brexit – FT
  • Vicar’s daughter to be new PM – Daily Express
  • Theresa looked like Geoffrey Boycott going out to bat – Quentin Letts Daily Mail
  • Darling buddies rushed to new leader’s side – Patrick Kidd The Times(£)
  • She is actually smiling – Michael Deacon Daily Telegraph
  • Unpredictable, moralistic and heading to No 10 – The Guardian
  • Heel Boys: Feuding male colleagues to be whipped into line but a kiss for Alan Duncan – The Sun
  • Reaction from the Constitutional Club in Billericay – The Times(£)
  • Special relationship could “advance” – Daily Telegraph
  • Supportive spouse is heir to Denis – The Times(£)
  • Larry the cat to stay – Daily Telegraph



Tory leadership 2) Backlash over Leadsom being “driven out” of the contest

Andrea Leadsom 04-07-16“What was the final straw? I think Leadsom was genuinely shocked by the poisonous attacks from forces within her own party. She said it was “highly unlikely” that the daily stories saying how useless/dishonest/Christian she was “are coincidental”. (Interesting, isn’t it, that no one calls practising Muslim Sadiq Khan a “religious nutter”.) In a perverse way, the relentless barrage was a compliment, a sign that Leadsom was seen as a real threat….Whatever it took, Leadsom had to be kept away from the hustings where her smiley, down-to-earth style, experience of the real world and spirited fight for Brexit might endear her to the rank and file.” – Allison Pearson Daily Telegraph

  • Energy Minister was hopelessly out of her depth – Andrew Pierce Daily Mail
  • Loughton denounces “underhand tactics” – The Guardian
  • One slip too many – The Times(£)
  • Pro EU leader will drive Tory members into teh arms of UKIP – Norman Tebbit Daily Telegraph
  • Volatile and naive she wasn’t ready to be PM – Rachel Sylvester The Times(£)


Tory leadership 3) Labour calls for a snap election

ballot_box“Senior Labour MP Jon Trickett has joined the Lib Dems and Green Party in calling for a snap general election. Mr Trickett, Labour’s general election co-ordinator and an ally of leader Jeremy Corbyn, said it was “crucial” to have a “democratically elected prime minister” and he was putting the party on “general election footing”. Mrs May has rejected such demands.” – BBC

  • Theresa May should call an immediate election – Hannah Fearn Independent

Tory leadership 4) EU accepts that the new PM won’t be rushed over Brexit talks

“The Italian paper Il Sole 24 Ore calls her Britain’s answer to Germany’s Angela Merkel: “cold, competent and determined”. Grudgingly, Brussels recognises that Theresa May (who is said always to have come to ministerial meetings here well-briefed) is unlikely to bow to EU pressure to start formal Brexit negotiations before holding extensive consultations. They will take place at home, in Brussels with Britain’s team of hugely experienced civil servants and with European counterparts across the continent – perhaps with a tour of European capitals.” – BBC

  • Brexit to be formally triggered by the end of the year – Daily Mail
  • Team Leadsom want quick exit from EU – The Times(£)
  • Don’t water down Brexit says Bridgen – Daily Express

Tory leadership 6) Osborne “makes pitch” for the Foreign Office

OSBORNE post-Brexit“George Osborne hailed Theresa May’s ‘strength, integrity and leadership’ yesterday as he dropped heavy hints he wants to be the next Foreign Secretary. The Chancellor, who has frequently clashed with Mrs May over spending cuts, has made clear he wants to stay in the Cabinet promoting global trade in the wake of the Brexit vote. Speaking from New York yesterday, where he was on a trade mission, he described Mrs May’s coronation as ‘very welcome news’.” Daily Mail

  • What to give Osborne is first big decision – The Times(£)
  • Promotion for Graying and jobs for Fox and Davis – The Sun
  • Tussle for top jobs – The Times(£)
  • Make Gove the Chancellor or Foreign Secretary – Trevor Kavanagh The Sun

Tory leadership 7) Cameron’s look for temporary accommodation

Cameron Resignation“Now the Camerons have been turfed out two months early, they barely have time to gather their belongings, and nowhere permanent to go immediately in London. For their three children Nancy, 12, Elwen, ten, and Florence, five, it must be an extraordinarily traumatic and bewildering time. Amid the excitement of the end of a school term, the children face a summer of domestic upheaval that is likely to see them spending the summer in temporary accommodation in the capital. Leaving their Downing Street flat will be a wrench.” – Isabel Oakeshott Daily Mail

>Today: ToryDiary: Cameron’s last full day as Prime Minister. At his best, he made very difficult things look easy

  • PM’s final cabinet – The Sun
  • Cameron caught on microphone humming – Daily Mail
  • £800,000 loan taken out to fund new business ventures – The Times(£)
  • Why David is lucky to have Samantha – Daily Telegraph
  • At least Cameron has detoxified the Tories – Hugo Rifkind – The Times(£)

Tory leadership 8) Hague says early move to Downing Street will provide advantages

“Taking power now means she can work the Treasury, the Cabinet Office and the Foreign Office to the bone in preparing a full assessment of the options for negotiating Britain’s certain exit from the European Union. When Parliament reconvenes from the summer in early September, and the Tory conference meets at the beginning of October, she will need to be able to say decisively what her approach will be: when Article 50 will be invoked, what the future relationship will look like, when the UK should have completed its withdrawal. But she need not feel under pressure to do so within days of forming the new government.” – William Hague Daily Telegraph

Tory leadership 9) IDS gives some advice

IDSI have known Theresa May for a large part of my time in politics. Some years ago, I appointed her to be the first female Conservative Party chairman. I know her to be hard-working, conscientious and thoroughly decent and I unreservedly congratulate her.  I believe she faces three huge tasks; the first is unifying the Government and the country; the second is taking the UK out of the EU; and the third is to rebalance the economy and rebalance society. In reality, the first is impossible unless we are clear about the second and deliver it. “Leave must mean leave” is an easy phrase, but to achieve it there needs to be some substance to our red lines and, importantly, a clear idea of the process by which we will implement the decision of the British people.” – Iain Duncan Smith Daily Telegraph

Other comment

  • Theresa may must first unite her party – Leader Daily Telegraph
  • What a relief she doesn’t live in Notting Hill – Max Hastings Daily Mail
  • Call of Duty – Leader The Times(£)
  • The right result now the real works begins – Leader Daily Mail
  • Our chance to pluck the fruits of Brexit – Allister Heath Daily Telegraph
  • It’s a concern that her plans haven’t yet been fully examined – The Sun Says

Labour NEC to decide of letting Corbyn on to the ballot without nominations

CORBYN Jeremy Marr June 2016“A decision on whether Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn should automatically be included in the party’s leadership race is set to be made by its ruling National Executive Committee. Labour-commissioned legal analysis states he needs nominations by 51 MPs and MEPs – just like any challenger – but unions say, as leader, he does not. Mr Corbyn has vowed to fight any exclusion from the ballot paper. Angela Eagle launched a challenge to Mr Corbyn’s leadership on Monday.” – BBC

>Today: Local government: Labour councillors are split on Corbyn’s future

Siemens in Brexit u-turn with pledge to invest in Britain

“Europe’s largest industrial combine has vowed to press ahead with investment in Britain despite the vote to leave the EU, backing away deftly from earlier suggestions that Brexit would cause a painful freeze on new activities. Joe Kaeser, the chief executive of Siemens, said the German engineering and technology giant remains fully committed to the UK whatever happens, but called on Theresa May to clarify Britain’s post-Brexit trade vision as soon as possible and tell the world what kind of country it will become. “We’re here for the long-term and we don’t let ourselves get jerked up and down. We’re staying because the UK is a good place to do business,” he said.” – Daily Telegraph

Carswell blocked from standing as UKIP leader

Carswell on Marr“UKIP’s only MP has been barred from standing as its new leader. The party’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) has said any candidate hoping to succeed Nigel Farage must have been a party member for at least five years – which rules out Clacton MP Douglas Carswell, who defected from the Conservatives in 2014.  Other leading Ukip figure, former welfare spokeswoman Susanne Evans who is temporarily suspended from the party for “disloyalty”, will also be blocking from running.” – Independent

Health tourism is running out of control

“Nationals of other European countries are coming to Britain to register for British European Health Insurance Cards. The cards allow them to claim treatment in hospitals in their home countries at our expense. According to the Government, deliberate health tourism costs the UK taxpayer between £110 million and £280 million a year. Another £1.8billion, it claims, is racked up in costs treating people who did not come to Britain to seek free healthcare but who fell ill while they were here.This figure is shocking enough in that it represents two per cent of the NHS budget. But how can anyone know the full cost when hospitals and surgeries often do not bother to check whether someone is entitled to treatment or not?…Far from being the envy of the world the NHS is becoming an object lesson in how not to run a health service.” – Ross Clark Daily Express

Trump hunts for a Vice President

TRUMP Live“Donald Trump’s hunt for a vice-presidential running mate is unfolding with all the melodrama of a reality TV series; a competition played out on Twitter and television, where the grand prize could be a job a heartbeat away from the Oval Office. Eschewing a tradition of secrecy, Mr Trump has tweeted details of his meetings with potential candidates, creating a selection process reminiscent of The Apprentice. The hit TV show, in which contestants fought for a position in his company, rehabilitated Mr Trump’s career. His business fortunes were in the doldrums when it made its debut in 2004.” – The Times(£)

News in brief

  • Living Wage “has not cut jobs” says survey – BBC
  • HS2 has already cost £1.2 billion – Daily Mail
  • Former UKIP MEP cleared of expenses fraud – The Guardian
  • New rules for driverless cars – The Times(£)
  • Gove warned prisons are “out of control” – Independent
  • “Child stability” league tables to be published for children in care – The Times(£)
  • Sturgeon renews demand for second independence referendum – Daily Telegraph

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