May calls for ‘tailor-made’ Brexit deal…

Theresa May 25-07-16Theresa May has demanded a Brexit deal tailor-made for Britain, warning that she would not accept an agreement already “on the shelf”. The prime minister appeared to play down the chances of Britain adopting the so-called Norway model that would keep it in the single market, but also force it to pay in to the EU budget and accept its free movement rules. Standing alongside Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister, in Rome, she said: “I think we should be developing the model that suits the United Kingdom and the European Union, not adopting necessarily a model that’s on the shelf already.”’ – The Times (£)

  • May’s ‘open mind’ about trading model – Daily Telegraph
  • EU citizens’ UK rights may depend on Britons’ rights in Europe – The Times (£) 
  • She thinks that the right deal ‘might not exist yet’ – The Sun (£)
  • Trade deal search is ‘premature’ – FT
  • The practicalities of Fox’s ‘virtual’ role – Daily Telegraph


  • May and Fox may want different solutions – Andy Grice, Independent

…while pressure remains on her to hold election… 

‘Theresa May has been urged by the Tory grassroots to call an early election and capitalise on her huge lead over Labour in the polls. A new poll on Wednesday suggested more than two and a half million people who voted Labour in last year’s general election think that Mrs May would make a better prime minister than Jeremy Corbyn. Ed Costelloe, the chairman of the Grassroots Conservatives, said Mrs May would “win big time” and that activists would back an election soon after the Labour leadership contest is over in September.’ Daily Telegraph

  • ‘Practical considerations’ make election unlikely – FT


  • May must be considering election gamble – Jane Merrick, Daily Telegraph

>Today: ToryDiary: Theresa May: Post-Thatcherite

…and Junker appoints City ’hate figure’ as EC Brexit negotiator

EU Exit brexitOne of the most notorious opponents of the City of London has been appointed to lead Brexit negotiations on behalf of the European Commission. Michel Barnier, the former French government minister and European commissioner, was a hate figure in the City in the aftermath of the financial crisis for the way that he tried to regulate the financial services sector. Mr Barnier was behind the EU’s restrictions on bankers’ bonuses, which were resisted by George Osborne. The Frenchman’s proposed reforms to the insurance industry were ridiculed in 2011 by the CBI as a “highly inappropriate” product of “laboratoire Barnier”. When Mr Barnier was appointed as a European commissioner for the single market in 2009, the then French president Nicolas Sarkozy said that Britain would be the “big loser” from the appointment.’ – The Times (£)


  • ‘Swaggering’ Juncker betrays EU by choosing Barnier – Daily Mail

More Brexit:


  • Economy grew more quickly than expected pre-referendum – The Times (£)
  • Industrial sector’s strength boosted results – The Sun (£)
  • Lowest number on record of jobless families – Daily Mail
  • Glaxo invests more in ‘attractive’ Britain – Daily Mail 
  • But Lloyd’s is to close banks and cut jobs regardless of profit doubling – Independent
  • Airport decision ‘will come this autumn’ – FT


  • ‘Positive stories’ post-Brexit give reasons for economic hope – The Times (£)


  • How to fix low wage growth – Hannah Fearn, Independent


  • Select committee warns of EU immigration ‘surge’ – The Sun (£)
  • International students less likely to come to UK – FT
  • And universities will raise fees – FT

>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Ici Londres – Daniel Hannan invites Remainers to work with Leavers on delivering a good Brexit

EDF to say yes to Hinkley nuclear plant

‘French energy company EDF is expected to give the go-ahead for an £18bn nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset. EDF’s board will meet in Paris on Thursday and is almost certain to approve the project – the UK’s first new nuclear plant in a generation. The decision to proceed will be criticised by environmental groups such as Greenpeace, which have called for more investment in renewable energy sources. But unions will welcome the much-delayed project because it will create 25,000 construction jobs will provide 7% of the UK’s electricity over its estimated 60-year lifespan and is scheduled to go online in 2025 – several years later than planned.’ – The Guardian 

>Yesterday: MPs etc: Whittingdale and 18 others call for new nuclear power stations

Stephen Glover: What May might mean by ‘reforming capitalism’

‘From time to time politicians mean what they say. This seems to be the case with Theresa May, Britain’s new prime minister. For David Cameron the simple fact of his occupying 10 Downing Street was mostly enough. Gifted the job by the failure of Mr Cameron’s Brexit gamble, Mrs May gives every appearance of having plans for her premiership. It is unfashionable to pay much attention to political speeches. Much more interesting to spot the supposed gaffes and conflicts. But Mrs May’s brief statement outside Number 10 on her first day in office bears a second glance. By my count it runs to just 650 words. What is striking is that the issue that propelled her to power — and the one that could yet see her laid low — claimed only 75 of them… The comments are worth looking at alongside the single speech delivered by Mrs May in the truncated Conservative party leadership race. This too was about domestic politics rather than the momentous decision to wrench Britain out of the EU. In it she floated a range of ideas to improve the way the economy works, including the appointment of worker and consumer representatives to company boards, binding shareholder votes on executive pay and stronger controls on foreign takeovers.’ – Daily Mail

SNP MP calls for ‘family friendly’ parliament

‘A female MP has revealed she was told off by the House of Commons authorities for taking her two children to a committee hearing after struggling with a childcare emergency. Kirsty Blackman, the SNP MP for Aberdeen North, has called for a more “flexible” and “family friendly” parliament after she was reprimanded last week. It comes after an independent report recommended that a parliamentary creche is set up in addition to the current nursery for short-term and emergency childcare.’ – Daily Telegraph


  • Being an MP is ‘extraordinarily flexible’ – Tom Harris, Daily Telegraph

Cameron’s sister-in-law talks of Gove’s long-time desire to be leader 

Michael Gove 01-07-16‘In an extraordinary re-eruption of the feud between the two families, Emily Sheffield hinted that Mr Gove’s wife Sarah Vine had laid bare his ambitions at the PM’s country retreat Chequers in 2013. Mr Gove shocked Westminster last month when he knifed Boris Johnson and decided to stand for Tory leader himself in the wake of the Brexit vote – despite years of claiming he had no interest in becoming PM. Recalling the events in a column for the Spectator, Ms Sheffield wrote: “Over subsequent days there were more reasons both public and personal to feel capsized, coming on top of watching the Prime Minister’s ‘friends’ campaign ferociously against him; like many I was suspicious that their aims were not wholly principled, further confirmed when Gove devastatingly turned on his campaign partner. “I didn’t want to believe he was Machiavellian (I still don’t), or think that surprising statements made by his wife to me at Chequers three years before, with Gove listening, were nightmarishly coming true.”  The Sun (£)

UK terror attack is ‘highly likely’

‘A terrorist attack in the UK is “highly likely” following attacks in other parts of Europe, a five-judge tribunal has heard, as churches in Britain are told to tighten security after the murder of an 85-year-old priest in Normandy. The heightened state of security comes as images threatening attacks in London and other major world capitals were reportedly posted on Telegram, a messaging app used by jihadis. Despite there being no specific intelligence relating to attacks against the Christian community in the UK, the National Police Chiefs’ Council is urging the community to be alert but not alarmed, report concerns and review their security as a precaution.  Daily Telegraph 

More on terrorism:

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  • Intelligence services warned about priest’s killers – The Sun (£)
  • Failures over priest’s murder are last straw for Hollande – Daily Telegraph
  • ‘Makeshift bomb’ explodes near German migration office – Daily Telegraph
  • Germans blame Merkel’s refugee policy for terror – Daily Mail


  • Priest’s death should be compared with Algerian monk massacre – Robert Fisk, Independent
  • We must help oppressed Christians – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£) 
  • The urgent problem of prison radicalism – Ian Acheson, The Times (£)

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Smith targets the 1%

Owen Smith‘Owen Smith has pledged to introduce a wealth tax on Britain’s richest 1 per cent and reverse cuts to corporation and inheritance taxes, as the Labour leadership challenger seeks to prise leftwing voters from Jeremy Corbyn. The radical policy agenda follows polls showing that the party is more unpopular than at any time since 2009. It includes particular appeals to union members, many of whom, according to a recent survey, have become disillusioned with Mr Corbyn’s leadership. In total, the former shadow pensions secretary announced 20 policies — including ensuring workers’ representation on company remuneration committees, banning zero-hour contracts and increasing spending on the National Health Service by 4 per cent in real terms.’ – FT


  • Smith’s Sturm und Drang policies rant – Patrick Kidd, The Times 

Obama says Hillary is what America needs

OBAMA BBC‘To deep-throated applause and chants of ‘Yes we can!’, Barack Obama stepped into the giant sports arena hosting Democrats in Philadelphia to declare that, “there has never been a man or a woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as President of the United States”. If there was voltage in the air when he started, it became a full electric storm as, at the moment he seemed to be departing, Ms Clinton herself walked onto the stage in a surprise appearance to give him a hug of appreciation. They left the stage together to roars from thrilled delegates, her arm around his waist.’ – Independent

>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Clinton hails her nomination as “the biggest crack in the glass ceiling yet”

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