May gets the red carpet treatment in Germany…

German flag“The new Prime Minister is working to establish Britain’s negotiating position before triggering the two year process to enact Britain’s departure from the EU. But the German Chancellor said while it was important to take time and establish clear negotiating positions, the substantive talks could not begin the UK officially begins the Brexit process.” – Daily Mail

  • Britain offered breathing space ahead of Article 50 – FT
  • May plays hardball and says talks may not start until 2017 – The Sun
  • Take your time and let’s make the best of Brexit, says Merkel – The Times (£)
  • UK and EU eye code of conduct for talks – FT


  • Two leaders with much more in common than you might think – Guy Adams, Daily Mail

More Brexit:

  • May sets limits on stimulus with balanced budget commitment – FT
  • Britain will give up EU Presidency next year – The Sun
  • Cameron accused of ‘gross negligence’ over lack of contingency planning – The Guardian
  • Scottish fishermen see net benefit – FT
  • Sturgeon urged to focus on day job as Scottish economy flatlines – Daily Express
  • Bank reports no slump after EU vote – The Times (£)
  • Britain booms after Brexit decision – Daily Express
  • Farage plans tour to stir up more referendums – FT
  • October Italian referendum could set off bomb under the EU – Daily Express


  • Beware the adolescent arrogance of the Brexiteers – David Aaronovitch, The Times (£)
  • Britain needs solutions, not whining – Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph
  • Continuity Remain must not be given a second vote – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)


>Today: ToryDiary: Voters re-engaged. Brexit endorsed. May resplendent. So ends the best political year that this country has seen for a long time.


…as she triumphs at Prime Minister’s Questions

“Theresa May hosted her first PMQs on Wednesday and didn’t pull any punches. Britain’s new Prime Minister mocked Jeremy Corbyn as an “unscrupulous boss” who has exploited Labour Party rules to boost his career. She told Mr Corbyn: “I am interested that he refers to the situation of some workers who might have some job insecurity and potentially unscrupulous bosses.”” – Daily Telegraph

  • Sassy slap-downs spark Thatcher comparisons – The Sun



  • That death stare was vintage Thatcher – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • Echoes of the Iron Lady as Corbyn flattened – Patrick Kidd, The Times (£)
  • Remind you of anybody? – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph


…and is accused of further watering down immigration target

IMMIGRATION mat“The Government’s target to cut net migration to under 100,000 has been watered down yet again after Theresa May said the goal was only her ‘belief’. She warned the pledge – first made in the Conservative party’s 2010 election manifesto and supported by her as Home Secretary ever since – would ‘take some time’ to achieve.” – Daily Mail

More Tories:

  • Prime Minister to create Parliamentary Policy Board to boost MPs’ role – The Sun
  • Several major programmes, including Universal Credit, put on back burner – The Times (£)
  • May to appoint new business czar – FT
  • Former pensions minister claims she was ‘frozen out’ of Tata talks – FT


Tories surge to 11-point lead

“Theresa May has opened up a massive 11% lead over Jeremy Corbyn in the first opinion poll since she became Prime Minister. The Tory leader has seen her party’s rating with the public go up by 10 points since April, despite being split over Europe after the Brexit vote.” – The Sun

>Today: MPs Etc.: The 1922 Committee proposes to beef up incumbency protections for MPs threatened by the boundary changes

Jenni Russell: May’s older Cabinet will be good for us

Theresa May 30-06-16“When David Cameron became prime minister, the average age of the holders of the four great offices of state was 46. Under Theresa May it is just under 56. That decade’s difference will send a strong subliminal message about the power and potential of older people. And that message has a remarkable effect on our bodies, our health and our own longevity.” – The Times (£)

  • If ministers fail to honour their promises on immigration the public will be furious – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail
  • Truss deserves a chance to prove herself – Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph
  • The unhappy story of British industrial strategy – Geoffrey Owen, FT

>Today: Patrick McLoughlin in Comment: I’m delighted to be the new Party Chairman. And determined to help our Prime Minister deliver social justice.

Secret funds paying to register Corbyn supporters in Labour leadership race

“Some of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters were promised £25 from a secret fund to pay their fees to vote for the underfire Labour leader to retain his position against Owen Smith, it emerged last night. The Labour Party has closed a JustGiving page that raised more than £14,000 in three days to pay people to vote in the election.” – Daily Mail


  • Smith slams Corbyn for ‘awful treatment’ of Tory women – Daily Mail
  • Rival ‘furious’ at leader’s poor performance against May – The Guardian
  • Supporters accuse leader of smear campaign – Daily Telegraph
  • Past remarks cast doubt on rival’s NHS claims – The Times (£)

More Labour:

  • Chakrabarti refuses to deny being offered peerage after anti-Semitism report – Daily Telegraph
  • Khan seeks TfL takeover of Southern – The Guardian
  • Opposition push for abolition of balanced budget law – FT
  • Families of troops killed in Iraq raise £80,000 for case against Blair – Daily Mail
  • Government under pressure to help sue former Prime Minister – The Sun

>Yesterday: Local Government: Labour demanded sanctuary for more Syrian refugees – yet its councils are failing to help

News in Brief:

  • Nuclear sub forced to dock at Gibraltar after collision with merchant ship – Daily Mail
  • Police braced for repeat of 2011 riots – The Times (£)
  • Two men on the run after knife attack on RAF airman – The Sun
  • Cruz booed as he declines to endorse Trump – Daily Telegraph
  • HSBC Forex traders charged with criminal fraud – FT
  • Turkish purge hits 50,000 and 21,000 teachers suspended – Daily Mail
  • Unemployment dropped to record low before Brexit vote – The Times (£)

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