Our latest Conservative leadership election MP tally. May 103, Gove 23, Leadsom 22, Crabb 21, Fox 8.

The Mail on Sunday gets up close and personal with May

May Number 10“She said: ‘Of course, we were both affected by it. You see friends who now have grown-up children, but you accept the hand that life deals you. Sometimes things you wish had happened don’t or there are things you wish you’d been able to do, but can’t. There are other couples in a similar position.’ Mrs May said she and Philip drew comfort from their happy marriage and all the other things they were ‘blessed with’.” – Mail on Sunday

Gove, Leadsom, Duncan Smith: There must be no coronation for May. Cash threatens a judicial review if there is no Leave candidate in final round

“Senior Tories united to halt attempts to install Theresa May as prime minister by “coronation” yesterday, with rivals claiming she does not have the “moral authority” to do the job. The home secretary’s two most dangerous rivals went on the attack amid claims from MPs that allies of David Cameron want her rivals to give up — denying Tory members a vote.”  – Sunday Times (£)

  • (She doesn’t want a coronation – Sun on Sunday)
  • “In the view of The Mail on Sunday, only one candidate has the standing, experience and skill to take on the burden of post-Brexit government. That candidate is the Home Secretary, Mrs Theresa May.” – Mail on Sunday
  • This is a woman who leaves nothing to chance. Underestimate her at your peril – Eleanor Mills, Sunday Times (£)
  • May, foe of child slavery – Sarah Baxter, Sunday Times (£)
  • May all the way – Mike Penning, Sun on Sunday
  • May is a Blair robot – Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday

> Today: ToryDiary – May believes that Britain needs a choice – not a coronation. We agree. Now let’s have a Brexiteer in the final.

Leadsom’s vehicle of choice is the Sunday Telegraph. She says that she can be a new Thatcher.

LEADSOM June 2016“Mrs Leadsom, who is also rapidly winning support from Conservative MPs, says she aspires to emulate Lady Thatcher’s leadership abilities, combining toughness with “personal warmth”. “As a person, she was always kind and courteous and as a leader she was steely and determined,” Mrs Leadsom says. “I think that’s an ideal combination – and I do like to think that’s where I am.”…With two leading Brexit campaigners suffering from their bitter personal clash, Mrs Leadsom is quickly emerging as the preferred candidate among Tory grandees and Eurosceptics.” – Sunday Telegraph

> Yesterday: ToryDiary – It was May’s week. But it could be Leadsom’s weekend.

Gove: I took down Johnson, I can take on Putin

Michael Gove 01-07-16“I think one thing that people could say after this week is whatever else you say about Michael Gove, he is a man who is prepared to stand up for what he believes in and take the consequences and he is a man who is prepared to act on what he thinks is the national interest,” he said. “You’ve got to take a particular step, not to flinch, so I think Vladimir Putin, if we had the option to meet — which I’m sure we will if I am elected as prime minister — will know that whatever else I am, I am not a soft touch.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • Johnson won’t answer Gove’s calls – Sun on Sunday
  • Why I broke with Johnson – Michael Gove, Sunday Telegraph
  • I’m the man with a plan – Gove interview, Sunday Express
  • Grassroots don’t want him claim – Observer
  • Gove is a man of principle who should be leader – Andrew Roberts Mail on Sunday
  • Gove is the Littlefinger of Westminster, who plotted to oust Johnson – Kwasi Kwarteng, Mail on Sunday
  • Gove is a man of principle, who should be, etc – Simon Heffer, Sunday Telegraph
  • From Mac the Knife to Gove the Knife – Bruce Anderson, Sunday Times (£)
  • Friends turn enemies, wives at war – Isabel Hardman, Mail on Sunday
  • “The contest we hope to see, the run-off among the Tory membership, is between Mrs May and Mr Gove.” – Sunday Times Editorial (£)

> Today: ToryDiary – Exclusive. The conspiracy to destroy Johnson. Sensational Gove plot transcript.

Women beware women: Johnson’s sister blames Gove’s wife

BORIS union flag“Michael Gove is the man who has said many times that he is prepared to put his principles before his friends, that he will sacrifice anything and anyone on the high altar of his ideology.  But he must see, after what he has done, that he is now cast in the public mind not as a heroic man of conviction, but as a sort of Westminster suicide bomber, whose deadly belt of explosives has been detonated not by his own hand, but by his own wife.” – Mail on Sunday

  • How Johnson messed up a deal with Leadsom, she decided to stand…and then Gove decided to stand too – Sunday Times (£)
  • Boris tells supporters: “I was a fool to trust Gove” – Mail on Sunday
  • Johnson regrets quitting – Sun on Sunday
  • Johnson can stage a comeback – Andrew Gimson, Mail on Sunday

Crabb-Javid Chuckle Brothers-type interview in the Mail on Sunday

CRABB Stephen“Both have got to the top the hard way. Both were bullied at school: Crabb for his ‘English accent’ when his mother took her sons to Scotland to flee her husband; Javid was called a ‘P***’. Crabb jokes: ‘I hope you sorted him out!’ Sajid: ‘I did actually.’ By coincidence, long before they knew each other, both worked in Newport, South Wales. Nine-year-old Javid helped his dad run a market stall there, Crabb lived in a tent when he worked on a building site at Newport docks as a student. Despite their working-class backgrounds, both were fans of Margaret Thatcher when they were in short trousers.” – Mail on Sunday

Fox: Let’s govern like grown-ups, and get a move on

FOX Liam launch“Taxpayers’ money should not go to governments with poor human rights records, particularly those without religious tolerance, the former cabinet minister said. And defence spending must rise to protect our borders outside the EU. “You cannot provide the level of security we need in things like reinforcing our border control unless you have a bigger navy,” the former defence secretary said. Fox also called for an end to the “chronic indecision” that has bedevilled everything from the renewal of the UK’s nuclear deterrent and airport expansion at Heathrow to the construction of Hinkley Point C power station and the HS2 railway.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • “Any politician that tries to incorporate free movement as part of a trade deal would be betraying the voters and I wouldn’t do it.” – Liam Fox interview, Sunday Express
  • I will defend Britain – Liam Fox, Sunday Telegraph
  • We need to know about more than Brexit from the lot of them – Sunday Telegraph Editorial

> Yesterday: Garry Heath on Comment – Party members need to have their say in this leadership election

Corbyn “is a broken man”

Woolfie Corbyn“As Jeremy Corbyn returned to his Westminster office last Wednesday lunchtime he was a “broken man”, according to Labour insiders. The hard-left leader had endured about 90 minutes of excruciating silence from mutinous Labour MPs during a front-bench appearance that saw David Cameron use prime minister’s questions to call on him to resign in the national interest…On reaching the L-shaped suite of offices that is home to his team, Corbyn turned to his most senior aide, Seumas Milne, and said: “That’s it, Seumas, I’ve had enough.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • His aides refuse Watson one-to-one meeting – The Guardian
  • Eagle swooped too soon – Sunday Express
  • Join Labour to topple Corbyn – Robert Harris, Sunday Times (£)
  • We need an extra-Parliamentary force for moderation – Paddy Ashdown, Sunday Times (£)
  • McDonnell’s ‘F-word rant’ at fellow Labour MP during row over the death of Jo Cox – Mail on Sunday
  • There is no Opposition. Britain is becoming a One Party State – Dan Hodges, Mail on Sunday
  • The Tory party has probably now passed peak chaos. Not so Labour – Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer

As he perfects his latest unity wheeze: denounce Blair as a war criminal

“Jeremy Corbyn wants to cling on as Labour leader until after the Chilcot report on the Iraq war is published on Wednesday — so he can “crucify” Tony Blair for taking Britain into the conflict. The Labour leader is determined to accuse the former prime minister of war crimes, according to sources who have discussed the issue with officials in Corbyn’s office. They say he is prepared to join a cross-party effort, co-ordinated by the SNP’s Alex Salmond, to make Blair stand trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • Dearlove will be “fed to the wolves” – Mail on Sunday
  • Amess: strip Blair of his honours – Mail on Sunday
  • Yes, Blair could be put on trial – David Davis, Mail on Sunday
  • No, he won’t be: Chilcot “will accept that Blair, his ministers and his advisers believed the intelligence they were given on the WMD threat” and “find that he followed proper procedure, in consulting parliament and officials on taking Britain to war” – Adam Boulton, Sunday Times (£)
  • Soldiers will face investigation – Sunday Express
  • Since the report won’t say Blair’s a war criminal it will be dismissed as a whitewash – John Rentoul, Independent on Sunday

Small per cent of the 48 per cent take to the streets

“Un-Fuck My Future”, “No Brex Please, We’re British”, they read. Pictures of Whitney Houston with “I Will Always Love EU”, “Europe Innit” and “I wanna be deep inside EU”. “All EU Need Is Love”, “Fromage not Farage”, “Eton Mess” and, more seriously, “Science Needs EU”. “Hell no, we won’t go!” they shouted, rounding Piccadilly Circus. At the end of the march, in Parliament Square, protesters listened to speakers including Bob Geldof and Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker as well as politicians such as the Labour MP David Lammy, and Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.” – Observer

  • Remainers seek to become Poles, Italians, Cypriots, Maltese, Dutchmen, etc – Sunday Times (£
  • Brexit overwhelms civil service – Sunday Telegraph
  • Lib Dems seek guarantee for EU nationals living in UK – Observer
  • Merkel wants Juncker out – Sunday Times (£)
  • OK, you’re angry. But ignore the vote and tanks could be on the streets – Dominic Lawson, Mail on Sunday
  • Let’s put an an end to the sneering at the Vote Leave folk – Gisela Stuart, Observer
  • The Queen says: everyone keep calm – BBC

> Today: Luke de Pulford on Comment: Farage, and a terrible truth for Tory leavers. We may loathe him – but we needed him

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