More questions arise over Brexit and immigration. Is the answer a seven-year ’emergency brake’?

EU Exit brexit‘Plans to allow the United Kingdom an exemption from EU rules on freedom of movement for up to seven years while retaining access to the single market are being considered in European capitals as part of a potential deal on Brexit. Senior British and EU sources have confirmed that despite strong initial resistance from French president François Hollande in talks with prime minister Theresa May last week, the idea of an emergency brake on the free movement of people that would go far further than the one David Cameron negotiated before the Brexit referendum is being examined. If such an agreement were struck, and a strict time limit imposed, diplomats believe it could go a long way towards addressing concerns of the British people over immigration from EU states, while allowing the UK full trade access to the European market.’ – The Observer

  • Johnson has ’no doubt that balance can be struck’ over immigration and the single market – Sunday Express
  • Eurosceptics plans to prevent ‘Brexit-lite’ – The Sunday Times (£) 


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  • Brexit picture isn’t as ‘gloomy’ as it might’ve been –  Sunday Telegraph

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Conservative MPs back ending of grammar school ban

‘More than 100 Tory MPs are expected to back scrapping the ban on new grammar schools as a campaign launches this week to secure the change now Theresa May is in Number 10. Conservative Voice, a Tory activist group launched by David Davis and Liam Fox in 2012, will formally restart its grammar schools campaign on Tuesday. They will be writing to Mrs May and her new Education Secretary Justine Greening, holding events in Parliament and across the country and launching a social media drive to build up pressure. The move comes after Ms Greening said she is “open minded” about allowing new grammar schools to open in England in a marked change in tone from David Cameron’s government. Senior backers of grammar schools including Mr Davis and Mr Fox are now sat around the cabinet table while other frontbenchers have expressed support for expansions in their constituencies.’ Sunday Telegraph

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Cameron to spend next year writing autobiography

David Cameron 23-06-16‘David Cameron is planning to spend his first year after Downing Street writing his autobiography – with the aim of beating the whopping £4.6 million advance Tony Blair received for his. The former Prime Minister intends to ‘go dark’ over the coming months, making only the most sparing interventions on the domestic political scene and taking a vow of silence over Theresa May’s performance. The book – which will track his rise to power via Eton, Oxford and the Conservative Research Department, the arguments of Coalition, the party split over the EU referendum and the astonishingly dramatic and emotional circumstances of his downfall – offers the perfect way to occupy his time while keeping a low profile.’ – Mail on Sunday

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Corbyn’s aides accused of breaking into MP’s office

Corbyn Snip20151129_3‘The battle for the leadership of the Labour party took an extraordinary twist on Saturday as Jeremy Corbyn’s aides were accused in effect of breaking into the offices of a resigning shadow cabinet minister in a major breach of security and parliamentary privilege. Seema Malhotra, who was until recently shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, said a campaign of intimidation and harassment against her staff had culminated in the “illegal” and “unauthorised entry” to her office in Westminster.’ – The Observer

  • Karie Murphy’s key may be key to Labour break in – Mail on Sunday

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Munich reminds us of the ‘enemy within’

‘We are not yet in August but this is already a summer of violence, bloodshed and tragedy in Europe. Friday’s murderous attack in Munich, in which an 18-year-old student turned a gun on innocent victims, many of them fellow teenagers, killing at least nine and injuring many more, was but the latest outrage. It followed an axe attack by Riaz Khan Ahmadzai, who claimed to be a 17-year old refugee from Afghanistan. His assault, carried out on a commuter train in Wurzburg, left five people injured, two very seriously. Ten days ago France was reeling from the Bastille Day lorry attack in Nice, which left at least 84 dead, many of them children, and hundreds injured. Although more details are likely to emerge, the Munich killings appear to have more in common with high school massacres in America or murderous Anders Brevik style narcissism than with Islamic terrorism. That said, the story may change.’ – Editorial, The Sunday Times (£)


Hillary chooses Tim Kaine as her ‘veep’

Hillary Clinton‘Hillary Clinton has named Tim Kaine, a US senator from Virginia, as her vice-presidential running mate, turning to a seasoned voice on foreign affairs and a representative of a key battleground state to complete the Democratic ticket. The announcement, which concluded a highly secretive vetting process that took more than two months, was made ahead of the Democratic national convention in Philadelphia, where Clinton will formally accept her party’s nomination for president next week. Clinton’s supporters were alerted of her decision via a text message on Friday, with a joint campaign rally to follow with Kaine in Miami on Saturday. Clinton chose Kaine from four top candidates following an extensive vetting process. The shortlist also included agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack, labor secretary Tom Perez and US Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey.’ – The Observer

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