Row over Leadsom’s motherhood comments

Media Newspapers “Tory leadership contender Andrea Leadsom has sparked outrage after claiming she has the edge over rival Theresa May – because she is a mother. Theresa May’s supporters last night reacted with indignation, condemning remarks as ‘disgusting’.” – Daily Mail

  • ‘I’m sure Theresa will be really sad that she doesn’t have children’ – Interview with Andrea Leadsom, The Times (£)
  • Underdog opens up motherhood row – Daily Telegraph
  • Challenger attacks ‘gutter journalism’ – The Guardian
  • Leadsom claims children give her ‘stake in future’ – The Times (£)

>Today: MPs Etc.: The Times’s transcript of what Leadsom said in her interview with Rachel Sylvester


Underdog cannot unite Party, warns ConservativeHome

“Leadsom will be the Tories’ Jeremy Corbyn if she wins the race for No10, party members were warned today. The Energy Minister would be a lame duck just like Labour’s leader in being unable to command her MPs, said website Conservative Home. Its editor Paul Goodman issued the alert to grassroots Tories preparing to choose between her and Theresa May.” – The Sun

  • President of Conservative National Convention expects Leadsom win – Daily Telegraph
  • Grassroots may prove a world away from Westminster – FT
  • Challenger’s victory would spark general election, MPs warn – The Times (£)
  • Did underdog really help Bank of England boss in Barings crisis? – Daily Mail
  • Flashback: Leadsom grills Bob Diamond in 2012 – Guido Fawkes
  • Cameron warns Leadsom on gay marriage – The Sun
  • Davidson would invite Leadsom to her gay wedding – Daily Telegraph


  • Front-runner calls for clean race after online abuse – The Times (£)
  • May calls on Leadsom to reject UKIP support – The Sun
  • Britain can enjoy ‘better, brighter future’ outside the EU – Daily Telegraph
  • ‘A determined woman with a massive social conscience’ – The Times (£)
  • ‘Red boxes are very much banned from the bedroom’ – Interview with Theresa May, Daily Telegraph
  • Diabetes no bar to front-line political career, experts say – The Times (£)
  • Tory chiefs under pressure to speed up leadership contest – Daily Mail
  • Prime Minister dismisses claim that he’s clinging to power – The Sun


  • Leadsom will be the perfect post-truth Prime Minister – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph


Matthew Parris: Why Tory members will choose May

MAY Warhol““Safe”, “strong”, “calm” — they’ll like these words because, post-referendum, they’re nervous if enthused about what we’ve done. Stability is the order of the day. That May was a nominal Remainer will trouble them little if she can persuade us she’ll be a steely negotiator.” – The Times (£)

  • Leadsom is a revolutionary with no vision of the future – Kate Maltby, The Guardian
  • Conservatives can humbebrag on equality in leadership – Miranda Green, FT
  • So why are women suddenly running the world? – Dominic Sandbrook, Daily Mail
  • Leadsom is leading an am-dram peasants’ revolt – Marina Hyde, The Guardian
  • Does Gove’s fall mark the end of student-style politics at Westminster? – Lucy Parsons, Daily Telegraph
  • A new Prime Minister must mend our corrupt and broken civil service – Peter Oborne, Daily Mail


>Today: Anthony Ridge-Newman in Comment: By chucking it all in, Cameron has left Britain leaderless


Women will serve in Army combat roles, Cameron confirms

“Female soldiers will be allowed to fight on the frontline in combat roles, David Cameron announced today. The Prime Minister has announced the lifting on the ban at the Nato summit in Warsaw where he and other Cabinet ministers are meeting world leaders over the weekend.” – Daily Mail

  • Europe holds breath for Britain’s Trident decision – The Times (£)
  • NATO’s united front under threat after Greek deal with Russia – Daily Telegraph
  • Military strikes back with new weapon to protect tanks – The Times (£)
  • F35 stealth fighter jets take to UK skies despite cost fears – FT
  • Government denies mission creep in Afghanistan – Daily Telegraph
  • British troops return over fears of resurgent Taliban – Daily Express

>Yesterday: Leo Docherty in Comment: Chilcot warns us against wishful thinking about the Middle East

Ministers 1) Javid meets steel executives as falling pound could save Port Talbot

JAVID Sajid black background“Sajid Javid has held talks with Tata executives in India amid mounting speculation that the steel giant could hold on to the key Port Talbot plant. The firm rocked the government in March by announcing that it was planning to sell off loss-making assets including the huge site in Wales. However, steel prices have crept up again recently and the fall in the value of the Pound since the Brexit vote in the referendum has made exports more attractive.” – Daily Mail

  • Fears over jobs as Tata considers merger – The Times (£)
  • Tata Steel in talks with ThyssenKrupp – FT


  • Business Secretary looks to hire hundreds of trade experts – Daily Telegraph
  • Swiss banks seek alliance with City after Brexit – Daily Mail
  • French offer tax breaks to lure business from City – The Times (£)
  • Can London thrive as a financial centre outside the EU? – FT
  • SNP MEP demands Scottish deal as UK is ‘not a country’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Brexit causes resurgence of pro-EU spirit across continent – The Guardian

Ministers 2) Crabb faces grilling over jump in welfare fraud

“Benefit fraud jumped by 45 per cent last year – despite repeated pledges of a crackdown by ministers… Last night Frank Field, Labour chairman of the Commons Work and Pensions committee, pledged an inquiry into the scandal, which will see Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb grilled over his department’s failure to tackle benefit fraud.” – Daily Mail

  • Work and Pensions Secretary sent ‘sex texts’ to girl in her 20s – Daily Mail
  • Carefully crafted reputation now lies in tatters – The Times (£)

IMF warns that Eurozone is ‘on the brink’

Euro meltdown“The crisis-torn eurozone faces a weak future, the International Monetary Fund said yesterday in a devastating analysis. The single currency area is now at a critical point amid ‘flagging faith’ in the bloc, it warned. In a withering assessment, it also said the refugee crisis could trigger the end of free movement and sounded the alarm over growing levels of Euroscepticism following the Brexit vote.” – Daily Mail

  • ‘Old hand’ to be Britain’s last voice in Brussels – The Times (£)
  • Left-wing German MP calls for EU referendum – Daily Mail


>Today: ToryDiary: A second vote would cripple the Brexit negotiations

Corbyn could cost Labour 100 seats, ex-donor warns

“Labour risks losing 100 seats unless it ditches Jeremy Corbyn and takes a tougher stance on the EU and immigration, a major donor warned yesterday. Businessman John Mills said the party faces a ‘substantial realignment’ in voting in the wake of the referendum. Mr Mills, who gave the party £1.65million in 2013 but has halted donations under Mr Corbyn, was one of the few senior Labour figures to back Brexit.” – Daily Mail

  • Leader brands MPs ‘out of touch’ after surge in membership – Daily Mail
  • Unison warns Corbyn that he must form ‘effective opposition’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Leader’s staff accused of pettiness as rebel MPs’ aides locked out – The Guardian
  • Kinnock on the warpath against ‘weird’ Corbyn – The Sun


  • A party meant to help women, but run by men – Deborah Orr, The Guardian

News in Brief:

  • Refund boost for delayed rail passengers – The Times (£)
  • Exorbitant overdraft fees worse than payday loans – Daily Telegraph
  • America fears another ‘red summer’ after Dallas – FT
  • First pictures of heroic cops killed in Texas – The Sun
  • US Greens invite Sanders to top presidential ticket – The Guardian

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