Ministers 1) Hammond plans tax cuts for economic policy ‘reset’

Treasury pump“Philip Hammond has raised expectations for a cut in corporation tax and VAT after revealing plans to ‘reset’ the country’s economic policy. The Chancellor admitted that household and business confidence had been ‘dented’ since the Brexit vote four weeks ago.” – Daily Mail


  • Johnson expects City to keep passporting rights – FT
  • Foreign Secretary distances Brexit from Trump’s ‘America First’ – The Guardian
  • Frankfurt mayor tries to woo financial firms – Daily Mail
  • Funding concerns for northern UK business – FT
  • Trump offers UK hope of swift trade deal – The Sun
  • Brussels official claims Britain could still benefit from TTIP – Daily Express
  • Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland could demand vote on exit terms – The Guardian


  • Fears of market contagion look overdone – FT

Ministers 2) Fox calls for action on airport runway

“Britain should push ahead with airport expansion in the South East to show the world that it is “open for business”, a Cabinet minister who has campaigned for a third runway at Heathrow has said. Liam Fox, the new Trade Secretary, told The Telegraph that that after the European Union referendum Britain is facing a “very competitive economic climate” and cannot afford to “put off big decisions on infrastructure”.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Watchdog warns that UK needs to rein in infrastructure projects – FT

Ministers 3) Johnson snubs Gove’s olive branch

Boris Johnson 30-06-16“Boris Johnson snubbed a bid by Michael Gove to mend fences after his spectacular betrayal of his fellow Brexiteer, it was revealed today. Former Justice Secretary Mr Gove tried to explain his decision to knife his Vote Leave ally in order to pursue his own prime ministerial ambitions. Sources close to the pair revealed Mr Johnson listened to his ex pal in near total silence for 25 minutes in his Commons office on Monday night.” – The Sun

May conceded that only one in ten foreign criminals was monitored

“Thousands of foreign criminals due to be deported are on the loose in Britain after Theresa May admitted that the Home Office had failed to tag them or send them home. Mrs May, in a letter sent last month when she was Home Secretary, admitted that fewer than one in 10 foreign prisoners who have been released into the community were monitored.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Britain’s Europol dilemma
  • Ellwood offers ‘clarifications’ on British-made weapons in Yemen – Daily Mail


  • The Home Office is still not fit for purpose – Jonathan Foreman, Daily Express

Referendum campaigns continue the struggle

Vote LEave“Will Straw, the director of Britain Stronger in Europe, is trying to use the movement he built before the vote on June 23 to keep pressure on politicians to ensure that the UK stays as close as possible to its EU partners. MPs and campaigners who were involved in Vote Leave have held meetings this week about forming a successor organisation to prevent Mrs May’s government trying to stay inside the single market.” – The Times (£)

  • Sacked Brexiteers plan to hold the Government’s feet to the fire – The Sun


  • Remainer refuseniks must snap out of it – Matthew Parris, The Times (£)
  • To deliver Brexit, UKIP must rise again – Arron Banks, The Guardian

MPs eye up dramatic pension reform

“MPs want a radical shake-up that would allow companies to ditch promises made to workers without going through the courts. Under the proposals, firms could strip retired employees of generous annual increases to their pensions, leaving them £100,000 poorer over a 25-year retirement.” – Daily Mail

McCluskey claims that MI5 are undermining Corbyn

Labour holes“Senior Labour MPs have launched a furious attack on the leader of Britain’s biggest union after he accused the security services of waging a secret campaign to undermine Jeremy Corbyn. In a claim that led to anger and derision, the Unite general secretary, Len McCluskey, suggested that there were “dark practices” within the intelligence services, with agents posing as Corbyn supporters to launch anonymous online attacks against Labour MPs with a view to damaging the Labour leader’s reputation.” – The Times (£)

  • Spooks could be posing as Twitter trolls, claims union boss – The Sun

Leadership race:

  • MP claims leader tried to ‘bully’ him through his dad – The Times (£)
  • Fierce leadership contest proves lucrative – FT


  • Corbyn’s flagship pay policy is unlawful, lawyers warn – Daily Telegraph
  • Leader branded ‘tyrant’ over reselection threat – The Sun

Labour women:

  • Forty-five MPs demand Corbyn acts on abuse – Daily Telegraph
  • Eagle claims leader has been ‘stirring’  – The Sun
  • All-female fan club joins leader at campaign launch – Daily Mail
  • Corbyn blasted for failing to crack down on threats – Daily Express
  • Smith pledges equal representation for women – The Guardian

Janice Turner: Corbynistas have the blind faith of a cult

“Others are more doctrinaire, ever vigilant for blasphemers, heretics, apostates. The Year Zero zealots for whom Labour history began on August 14, 2015: three general elections, every achievement of the New Labour years, airbrushed away. Minimum wage, peace in Northern Ireland, civil partnerships… all nullified by the mantra “Iraq”. You were there? Then you were culpable.” – The Times (£)

  • The tragedy of Labour’s collapse into irrelevance – Leo McKinstry, Daily Mail
  • Alone in his bunker, Corbyn plots against all who have humiliated him – Tom Harris, Daily Telegraph
  • Labour’s incompetent rebels are part of the problem – Steve Richards, The Guardian


  • How Corbyn’s zealots could destroy their party – Daily Mail

‘Smear’ site linked to Watson closes

Tom Watson“The controversial ‘investigations’ website accused of peddling false allegations of VIP child sex abuse closed abruptly yesterday. Exaro, which had close links to Labour deputy leader Tom Watson, has been shut following widespread criticism of its journalism standards and claims it destroyed the reputations of innocent people and profited from publishing bogus allegations.” – Daily Mail


News in Brief:

  • Clinton chooses her running mate – FT
  • Nine killed in Munich shooting – Daily Mail
  • Army’s £440m drive for recruits is failing – The Times (£)
  • Up to three million shoppers could be compensated for ‘rip-off’ warranties – Daily Telegraph
  • Up to 7,400 migrant workers in schools, hospitals, and councils can’t speak English – The Sun
  • IMF warns that Italian tax debt is at levels that toppled Greece – Daily Express
  • Lagarde to stand trial over corruption case – FT

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