Home Secretary warns of pre-Brexit migration rush

IMMIGRATION mat“Immigration could surge in the coming years as Europeans seek to enter the UK before Brexit takes effect, Theresa May warned yesterday. The Home Secretary hoped to bring down net migration to ‘sustainable levels’ – but added that it was impossible to put a timescale on it.” – Daily Mail

  • Anger as May warns expats they may lose the right to live abroad – The Times (£)
  • Hammond backs Home Secretary – Daily Telegraph
  • Front runner wants a ‘proper contest’ – The Sun


  • Brexiteers may push Leadsom into final two – The Guardian
  • Eurosceptic plays down pro-EU comments – FT
  • UKIP accused of trying to install Leadsom – The Times (£)
  • ‘Dark horse’ refuses to rule out Farage negotiating role – The Sun
  • Will tax row sink challenger? – Daily Mail


  • Justice Secretary attacks Brexiteer rival – The Sun


  • Outsider to tear up fiscal plan, adopt Labour policy, and borrow £100 billion – The Sun


  • Former Defence Secretary vows to cut welfare and boost defence – Daily Mail


Michael Fallon: Why I’m backing May

“There are five good candidates, amongst them promising talent for the future. But the games of last week are over: now we must knuckle down to the real choice. Mine is Theresa May. As Defence Secretary I work with the Home Secretary every day to help keep this country safe.” – Daily Mail

  • Britain needs the Home Secretary’s pragmatism – Philip Hammond, Daily Telegraph
  • Leadsom is the BeLeaver Britain needs – Kelvin Mackenzie, The Sun
  • Gove has the ideas to tackle Britain’s failings – Clare Foges, The Times (£)
  • Be in no doubt, the Justice Secretary is the best choice – Simon Heffer, Daily Telegraph
  • Whether Michael, Andrea, or Theresa win, they must include the other two – Matt Ridley, The Times (£)
  • The mighty don’t like it up ’em, that’s why Brexit will make history – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph


  • Brexit: Theresa must show us she means it – Daily Mail
  • There must not be a Westminster stitch-up – The Times (£)
  • The Tories must now show that they’re the party of government – Daily Telegraph



Johnson attacks Project Fear ‘hysteria’

BORIS union flag“Boris Johnson today condemns the government for failing to highlight the positives of Brexit and instead allowing “hysteria” to take hold following the referendum result. In his first intervention since withdrawing from the Tory leadership race, Mr Johnson criticises the government for offering the public a “binary choice on the EU” without explaining how the country would move forward in the event of a Leave vote.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Former Mayor claims Government is re-creating post-Diana public panic – The Sun


  • Legal bid launched to stop Brexit without Parliamentary vote – Daily Telegraph
  • Business prepare legal challenge to Brexit negotiations – FT
  • Clegg calls for general election – The Guardian
  • Fury over top lawyers’ threat to democracy – Daily Express
  • Sneering Blair sparks outrage by suggesting a second referendum – The Sun

On Gove:

  • Justice Secretary a gossip who ‘cannot be trusted’ – The Times (£)
  • Team Boris claim Gove kept them in the dark – Daily Mail


  • Gove never thought Johnson was Prime Minister material – David Laws, The Times (£)


  • The great Tory TV beauty contest – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail


Boris Johnson: My five-point Brexit plan

“It is time for this nonsense to end. It was wrong of the Government to offer the public a binary choice on the EU without being willing – in the event that people voted Leave – to explain how this can be made to work in the interests of the UK and Europe. We cannot wait until mid-September, and a new PM. We need a clear statement, now, of some basic truths.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Brexit will leave a long-lasting legacy – Philip Stephens, FT
  • Britain must have a general election before triggering Article 50 – Nick Clegg, The Guardian
  • This leadership battle is extreme even for house of cards – Michael Dobbs, Daily Telegraph

Chancellor announces plan to cut Corporation Tax to 15 per cent

OSBORNE non-broken sword“The Chancellor said he would accept the referendum verdict as he said tax cuts could be needed to woo businesses deterred from investing in the UK after the vote to leave. He said that despite the Remain side’s defeat, he wanted a leading role in shaping Britain’s new economic destiny, laying out plans to build a ‘super competitive economy’.” – Daily Mail

  • Osborne tries to strike positive tone – FT
  • Chancellor finally accepts Brexit – The Sun
  • UK won’t lose overseas trade, claims US investor – The Times (£)
  • China open to British trade – Daily Express
  • World queues up for trade deals with Britain – Daily Mail
  • ‘Devious’ Sturgeon plots Brexit bank raid – Daily Express


  • France’s Alain Juppé offers Britain hope beyond Brexit – FT
  • German politician suggests dual citizenship for young Britons – The Guardian
  • Juncker under pressure to quit after angering leaders – The Times (£)
  • Italy’s Renzi ready to defy Brussels and bail out banks – FT
  • Austrian presidential contender warns country will leave EU if Turkey joins – Daily Express


  • Brexit uncertainty calls for stable monetary policy – Andrew Sentance, FT

>Today: Howard Flight’s column: The City can flourish after Brexit – and the EEA option is the safest means of ensuring this happens

Howarth calls for UK to quit International Criminal Court if it uses Chilcot to chase British troops

“Britain should withdraw from the International Criminal Court if it pursues war crimes charges against rank and file soldiers in the wake of the Chilcot report but ignores claims against Tony Blair, a former defence minister has claimed. Sir Gerald Howarth, the Conservative MP, said that it would be “completely contemptible” for the ICC to seek to use Sir John Chilcot’s report, which will finally be published on Wednesday, as a basis for war crimes charges against British troops.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Army furious at Iraq ‘stitch-up’ – Daily Mail
  • Blair faces calls for impeachment on Chilcot release – The Guardian

Corbyn faces grilling over anti-Semitism

LABOUR dead rose“Jeremy Corbyn will be hauled before MPs today to defend Labour against charges of anti-Semitism as the party’s leadership crisis continues. Last week he was accused of equating Israel with Islamic State and of standing by at an event when Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth left crying after being abused by one of his far-Left supporters in the group Momentum.” – Daily Mail

  • Peacemaker Prescott lined up to end Labour crisis – The Times (£)
  • Leader in hiding from his own Shadow Cabinet – Daily Mail
  • Corbyn has ‘bunker mentality’, claims challengers – FT


  • The Government needs a disciplined opposition – John McTernan, The Times (£)
  • Labour’s differences don’t justify tearing the party apart – Zoe Williams, The Guardian

News in Brief:

  • Commuter misery as Southern permitted to cut 350 trains a day – The Times (£)
  • Turkish ship arrives in Gaza after deal with Israel – Daily Telegraph
  • At least 115 killed in Baghdad attack – FT
  • Teachers prepare fresh strikes as thousands of schools protest ‘underfunding’ – Daily Mail

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