May visits Northern Ireland and insists on no border controls…

ulsterunionist“Theresa May will today insist that peace and stability in Northern Ireland is her “highest priority” as she pledges to ensure that border controls will not be erected after Brexit. The Prime Minister will travel to Belfast today to hold talks with First Minister Arlene Foster and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, to discuss delivering stability in Northern Ireland in the wake of the EU referendum.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Prime Minister in Belfast to allay Brexit fears – FT

…as Tory MPs attack ‘Brexit lite’

“Tory MPs yesterday hit out at plans for Britain to keep access to the EU single market without full control of migration. Proposals being drawn up in Brussels suggest the UK could get limited powers to curb EU immigration in return for paying hundreds of millions to remain part of the trade bloc.” – Daily Mail

  • Seven year break ‘will not satisfy voters’ – The Times (£)
  • Anger at EU deal to ‘stop Brexit’ – Daily Express
  • Pro-Leave ex-ministers plan takeover of scrutiny committees – The Sun

More Brexit:

  • Johnson confident EU will give Britain what we want – Daily Express
  • Hammond says Chinese trade deal is a Brexit opportunity – The Times (£)
  • McLoughlin says Article 50 will be triggered before next election – Belfast Telegraph
  • Decision puts a third of commercial property deals in doubt – FT
  • Brexiteer Leadsom has not claimed personal expenses whilst an MP – The Sun
  • Sturgeon claims Scotland needs free movement of people – The Scotsman


Dominic Raab: If we’re bold and clever, we can win good EU trade terms

Building shield“The more Britain expands its global trade, the more competitive pressure we exert on our existing trade partners and the stronger the EU’s commercial interest in minimising trade barriers with the UK becomes. To maximise that leverage requires a close partnership between the two big names on the British side of the negotiations — David Davis, who is leading talks with the EU, and Liam Fox, who is charged with reaching free trade agreements (FTAs) beyond Europe.” – Dominic Raab, The Times (£)

  • Ldondon can protect its global city status – Saksa Sassen, FT
  • Brexit offers key opportunity to reboot the UK economy – Larry Elliott, The Guardian
  • The Reformation offers good lessons for Brexit – Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph
  • The high price of Europe’s short-sighted pragmatism – Wolfgang Münchau, FT

Prime Minister promises to toughen up on unscrupulous bosses

“Theresa May is drawing up legislation to tackle unscrupulous bosses and excessive boardroom pay, as proof she intends to build a Britain “that works not for a privileged few but for every one of us”. Mrs May’s promise to tackle “irresponsible behaviour in big business” has been under the spotlight in her first weeks in office, with criticism by MPs of Mike Ashley at Sports Direct and Sir Philip Green’s stewardship of BHS.” – FT

  • MPs want Green stripped of knighthood unless he plugs BHS pensions black hole – Daily Telegraph
  • Tycoon branded ‘unacceptable face of capitalism – The Sun

More business:

  • Employers press for delay in apprenticeship levy – FT

More May:

  • Prime Minister to continue weekly constituency canvassing – The Sun


  • Not the grey, bloodless technocrat people were expecting – Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian



Stop destroying our party, McDonnell warns opponents

Jeremy Corbyn“John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, has made an impassioned plea for Labour supporters to stop “trying to destroy our party just to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn” after it was claimed a member of his staff broke into a rival MP’s office. Pausing in the middle of a live television interview and asking “what camera am I on?”, McDonnell issued a direct appeal to Corbyn’s opponents after being questioned over the allegedly illegal intrusion in Seema Malhotra’s Westminster office.” – The Guardian

  • Shadow Chancellor urges end to infighting – FT
  • McDonnell defends aide against break-in accusations – The Times (£)
  • Momentum’s ‘secret ties to anti-Semitic organisation’ – The Sun
  • Corbyn has failed to prove himself as a leader, says Labour peeress – The Guardian

More Labour:

  • Stop wasting time and form new party, demands donor – The Times (£)
  • Poverty-stricken workers make Corbyn t-shirts – Daily Telegraph
  • Party urged to extend deadline of vote for mayoral candidates – The Guardian


>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Marr questions McDonnell over the Malhotra office allegations

Jon Cruddas: The mortal threat to Labour

“On the left, if Mr Corbyn holds on to the Labour leadership, we will hear talk from some of the defeated about a new liberal centre grouping that represents the 48 per cent who voted Remain in the referendum. And if he loses to Mr Smith, expect an anti-market party of the left to emerge. Both options would reinforce the cultural detachment of the left from its traditional class base.” – FT


Ashdown founds new movement to boost moderate politicians

Paddy Ashdown 21-04-15“Lord Ashdown, the former Liberal democrat leader, has founded a new political movement which will finance moderate parliamentary candidates from all parties in a bid to stop British politics being “dragged away to the extremes”. The movement, called More United UK, has said it will finance political candidates from all political parties and supply them with the on-the-ground campaigners.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Clegg awarded expense account usually reserved for ex-Prime Ministers – Daily Mail

Democrats in turmoil over email leak

“The head of the Democratic National Committee has resigned after the leaking of 20,000 emails exposed rifts in the party leadership, throwing Hillary Clinton’s campaign into turmoil on the eve of this week’s convention. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC chairwoman, said on Sunday that she would be stepping down at the end of the convention in the wake of the leaks that have cast both her and her office in a negative light.” – FT

  • Clinton faces mass dissent over ‘dirty tricks’ on Sanders – Daily Telegraph


  • Trump suggests the US could pull out of the World Trade Organisation – FT

News in Brief:

  • Syrian refugee hacks woman to death in Germany… – Daily Mail
  • …whilst another stages suicide bomb attack – Daily Mail
  • Backlash after Olympic chiefs reject ban on Russian cheats – The Times (£)
  • Australia plans indefinite detention of extremists – Daily Telegraph
  • Guardian Media Group hits record £173m loss – FT
  • Thousands of soldiers ‘raped and starved’ as punishment for Turkish coup attempt – Daily Express

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