Referendum 1) Boris and Gove call for points system to cut immigration

mailgove“Brexit would pave the way for an immigration revolution to slash numbers arriving from the EU, leading Out campaigners pledge today. Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Priti Patel say they will insist on a tough Australian-style points system to finally meet the Tory pledge to cut net immigration to below 100,000. In a statement they attack David Cameron’s dismal record on the issue, warning that Britain’s EU membership means we ‘don’t have control’ over who comes here.” – Daily Mail

  • EU citizens “sent polling cards for referendum” – Daily Express
  • Tusk blames “utopian” EU elites for Eurosceptic revolt – Daily Telegraph
  • Is Vote Leave saving the biggest push until last? – Laura Kuenssberg BBC
  • Learn English if you want to live in the UK says Boris – Daily Telegraph
  • Border controls our PM must not ignore – Leader Daily Mail
  • TUC chief ridicules “phoney” Brexit campaigners – The Guardian
  • Immigration debate is not about race but arithmetic – Tom Harris Daily Telegraph
  • Only Leave care about out-of-control immigration – The Sun Says
  • Brussels loses £675 million to east European fraudsters – The Times(£)
  • How EU meddling slashed £15,000 off your pension – Daily Mail
  • Not all spending would be redirected to the NHS – Independent
  • Working time rules would have a shake up if we leave – City AM
  • Masked protestors force Farage to cancel speech – Daily Express
  • Brexit would help young people get on the housing ladder says Grayling – The Guardian
  • Bosses can ban headscarves and crucifixes says EU judge – Daily Telegraph
  • Will there be a university brain drain if we leave – Independent
  • Jim Sillars and Jenny Jones going out on a limb for Brexit – The Times(£)



Referendum 2) Leave take the lead in ICM phone poll

“Public opinion has shifted towards the UK leaving the EU, two Guardian/ICM polls suggest as the referendum campaign picks up pace – with voters split 52% -48% in favour of Brexit, whether surveyed online or by phone. Previous polls have tended to show voters surveyed online to be more in favour of Britain leaving the EU. But in the latest ICM research, carried out for the Guardian, both methodologies yielded the same result – a majority in favour of leaving.” – The Guardian

Referendum 3) Javid warns small firms against Brexit

JAVID Sajid Marr“Leaving the EU would be bad for small businesses, Remain-backing minister Sajid Javid has said. The business secretary said 1.2 million small and medium firms were involved in exporting to the EU, saying they would be “on the front line” if the UK votes for an exit on 23 June. But Leave campaigners said Mr Javid had “changed his mind” on the EU.” – BBC

Referendum 4) 100,000 manufacturing jobs would be put at risk by Brexit claim industry bosses

“BREXIT will put 100,000 UK manufacturing jobs at risk, a new report warns today as three industry bosses unite to say leaving the EU could spell an end to the famous “Made in Britain” tag. In a major intervention for the Remain side, the heads of Airbus, Siemens and GKN – who between them employ 35,000 people in Britain – will share a platform to insist investment will go to other countries if the UK quits the Brussels club.” – The Sun

Referendum 5) Cameron has unity plan once the referendum is over

CAMERON Peston“David Cameron’s team is putting in place a plan to try to hold the Conservative party together and to beat a leadership challenge if the UK votes to stay in the EU. Mr Cameron’s allies hope that heavy and immediate peer pressure will persuade hardline Eurosceptics to accept a Remain victory and drop their threat to assemble the 50 signatures needed to trigger a confidence vote. If the prime minister passes that moment of danger after the June 23 referendum he will then move quickly to divert his party’s attention to Labour.” – Financial Times(£)

>Today: James Wharton on Comment: Conservative MPs demanding a leadership challenge are wrong – Cameron is an asset

Referendum 6) Hedge Fund polling could give early clue of the result

“Britain’s Hedge fund industry is commissioning private exit polls to get early warning – and trying make profits – from the result of next month’s EU referendum. The hedge funds are exploiting Electoral Commission rules that permit exit polls on the day of the referendum so long as they are not published until polls close at 10pm. But that does not stop the funds themselves trying to profit from early indications of the result – by using the information to place bets on whether sterling will rise or fall depending on the result. That in turn may move the market – giving the public an early indication of which way voting is going.” – Independent

  • Ban Hedge Funds from cashing in on referendum says Watson – The Guardian

Referendum 7) We need the self belief to leave says Leadsom

LEADSOM more recentBritain wouldn’t choose to join this economically declining, political talking shop if we weren’t already members – so we should have the courage and self-belief to leave. Self-belief is the ingredient missing from the current debate. Britain has world-beating universities and a highly skilled workforce. London is the greatest capital city on earth. As the fifth biggest economy in the world there can be no doubt that we will flourish if we are unshackled from the declining European Union.” – Daily Mail

Other comment

  • Trust the people over distant institutions – Steve Hilton Daily Telegraph
  • Europe’s battle scars should bind us together – Daniel Finkelstein The Times(£)
  • Ridiculing Brexiteers is a sure way to lose the argument – Gary Younge The Guardian
  • Liam Fox and Alan Johnson speak in Telegraph debate – Daily Telegraph
  • The only way to bring order to our borders is to quit the EU – Iain Duncan Smith Daily Express
  • Labour Pains – Leader The Times(£)
  • The Remain campaign should stop relying on scare stories – Tim Loughton Daily Telegraph
  • Boris Johnson is not Donald Trump – Sebastian Payne Financial Times
  • Stop migrants trying to reach Britain by boat – Nigel Farage Daily Express

Elliot Johnson left a note for bullies

“A Conservative activist who said he was victimised by fellow Tories wrote to his “bullies” saying “I could write a hate message but actions speak louder than words”, an inquest heard. Elliott Johnson, 21, was later killed by a train after lying across railway tracks in Sandy, Bedfordshire. Coroner Tom Osborne concluded Mr Johnson, of London, took his own life last September.” – BBC

  • Tatler Tory “threatened to squash activist like an ant” – The Times(£)

Mackinlay asks court to block police investigation into election expenses

MACKINLAY Craig“A Tory MP and his agent will today mount an extraordinary legal bid to block a police inquiry into allegations of electoral misconduct that were raised by a Daily Mail investigation. Craig Mackinlay, who defeated Ukip leader Nigel Farage in Thanet South last May, will attempt to stop Kent Police being given more time to look at possible criminal acts.” – Daily Mail

McDonnell attacks Khan for “discrediting Labour”

“The shadow chancellor has accused the new mayor of London of “discrediting” Labour by sharing a platform with the prime minister, in the first major red-on-red attack of the EU referendum campaign. John McDonnell suggested that the party was undermined by its politicians appearing alongside Conservatives and said that it “demotivates the very people we are trying to mobilise”.” – The Times(£)

  • Cameron’s shameless about-face – Owen Jones The Guardian

Corbyn’s PMQ questions are leaked claims Milne

CORBYN Jeremy PMQs“Jeremy Corbyn’s most senior adviser has accused Labour’s own staff of leaking the questions that the party leader plans to ask David Cameron in parliament. In a sign of the paranoia at the top of Labour, Seumas Milne said that the line of questioning prepared by Mr Corbyn and his team before prime minister’s questions was leaked “a third of the time”. The communications chief makes the allegation in a fly-on-the-wall documentary published online today.” – The Times(£)

Holyrood to debate ban on fracking

“The Scottish Parliament is to debate a ban on fracking as part of a Holyrood environment and land reform debate. New Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham is to lead a debate calling for a “sustainable low-carbon economy”. Scottish Labour has tabled an amendment calling for a full ban on fracking, while the Greens have another speaking against it.” – BBC

  • Minister apologises to farmers for delay in payments – Daily Telegraph
  • Sturgeon names law officers – BBC

Only one per cent of MPs expenses claims are rejected

money“Westminster’s expenses watchdog has admitted it does not check all MPs’ receipts – meaning there is a risk that unjustified claims could get through. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority revealed it now only checks a ‘representative sample’ of claims, turning down less than 1 per cent a year. The change was made for ‘value for money’ reasons after the organisation decided that most of the £18million-worth of claims every year ‘did not need excessive amounts of inspection’.” – Daily Mail

News in brief

  • Number of vacan GP posts doubles to 12 per cent – Daily Mail
  • MPs criticise “hasty” lorry park decision – BBC
  • American tourists warned of terror attacks in Europe – The Times(£)
  • Northern Powerhouse depends on productivity not rail links says Centre for Cities – The Guardian
  • Tata Steel sold to Greybull Capital – City AM
  • Northern Ireland Assembly to meet after new power sharing executive formed – BBC
  • Labour to appoint Shadow Minister for Neurodiversity – Independent
  • Thousands of slaves being kept in Britain – The Times(£)
  • Caroline Lucas to stand for Green Party leadership as a job share – The Guardian
  • Kincora Boys Home inquiry begins – BBC
  • Labour MP Jess Phillips sent 600 Twitter rape threats in one night – The Times(£)
  • Liverpool Mayor attacks “ignorant and insensitive” Burnham – The Guardian
  • Welsh Government challenged over effectiveness of cutting infant class sizes – BBC
  • Patrick Rock denies images downloaded were indecent – The Times(£)
  • “Labour Together” launched as new splinter group to unify Party – The Guardian

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