Gove joins leadership race with dig at Johnson

CONSERVATIVE tree“Michael Gove has joined the race to be the next Tory leader saying he does not believe Boris Johnson can “provide the leadership”. The former education secretary, who had repeatedly said he had no leadership ambitions, dropped the bombshell just hours before the nominations deadline on Thursday.” – Sky Naews

  • Leadsom drops Johnson to join the fray – ITV
  • Johnson, May, and Fox launch today- Daily Mail
  • ‘Clear favourite’ former Mayor prepares to run – Daily Express
  • Brexiteer Fox joins the race – Daily Express


  • Home Secretary promises to re-unite Britain – The Times (£)
  • May to launch by reaching out to Eurosceptics – Daily Telegraph
  • Home Secretary’s ‘safe hands’ bid – FT
  • The Ides of May – The Sun
  • Email blunder reveals tensions between Gove and Johnson – Daily Mail


  • Heathrow loses out as decision is left to next leader – The Times (£)


Theresa May: Why I’m standing and how I’ll bring our country together

“First, following last week’s referendum, our country needs strong, proven leadership to steer us through this period of economic and political uncertainty, and to negotiate the best possible terms as we leave the European Union. Second, we need leadership that can unite our party and our country. With the Labour Party tearing itself to pieces, and divisive nationalists in Scotland and Wales, it is the patriotic duty of the Conservative Party to unite and govern in the best interests of the whole country.” – The Times (£)

  • The next Tory leader must be true to the Brexit vision – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)
  • Winner needs the courage and vision to lead us out – Nigel Farage, Daily Telegraph
  • Downing Street is no place for bumbling Boris – Jenni Russell, The Times (£)



Cameron’s aides claim Osborne hurt Remain cause

Osborne“David Cameron’s aides became increasingly frustrated by George Osborne’s behaviour and told him that his reputation was hurting the Remain campaign, according to an updated assessment of the outgoing prime minister. The first authoritative account of the prime minister’s fateful months leading up to last week’s defeat and resignation detailed how he was let down by friends on both sides of the EU debate.” – The Times (£)

  • Prime Minister struggled with Chancellor’s crude style – The Times (£)


  • Was Brexit fear a giant hoax, or is this clam before the next storm? – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph

Liam Fox: We must end freedom of movement

“I do not believe there is room for membership of the single market, if it entails free movement of people. We do not need to be part of the single market to sell into the single market; countries like the US do perfectly well in that position. The unelected commission is likely to be stubborn but elected governments are likely to be different.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Neither Johnson nor May is inspiring MPs – James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph

>Yesterday: Tim Bale in Comment: Leaving the EU could be the best thing to happen to the Conservative Party in decades

Is Europe starting to bend on migration?

EU Brexit“In a major boost for hopes of a smooth exit for the UK, finance minister Michel Sapin said there would be no ‘red lines’ in talks over the single market. His declaration of flexibility was backed by Finland’s deputy PM. The first signs of a crack in the EU’s united front came as stock markets rallied and fears of a post-Brexit economic slump eased.” – Daily Mail

  • French say UK could have access and border control – Daily Express
  • Merkel’s open-door policy blamed for UK vote – Daily Mail
  • Markets steadier as Brexit fears fade – FT
  • Mapped – how Brexit has fractured the EU – Daily Express

Hard line:

  • EU insists free movement is the price of the single market – The Times (£)
  • Union leaders deal massive blow to Cameron – The Sun
  • Leaders harden stance against Brexit concessions – FT
  • Juncker plans to punish Britain – The Sun
  • Embattled President clings to job – Daily Express
  • Governments see UK misery as tonic for own populists – FT



  • Cameron short on sympathy at the ‘last supper’ – The Times (£)
  • Whitehall Brexit unit takes shape – FT
  • Fear of civil service paralysis grows – The Guardian


  • Kissinger insists Brexit be seen as an opportunity – Daily Mail
  • Kerry thinks Brexit can be avoided or reversed – The Times (£)


  • Radical change carries risks, but history will thank us for Brexit – Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph
  • Alliance of the angry deserves a second vote – David Aaronovitch, The Times (£)
  • Brexiteers said Europe was bluffing: what if they’re wrong? – Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph
  • There will be no sweetheart deal for Britain – Peter Foster, Daily Telegraph
  • Relax, Brexit may be unlawful and blocked by the courts – Philip Allott, The Guardian


  • Brexit is a beacon of hope for all Europe – Daily Mail

>Today: Raoul Ruparel in Comment: The Norway option wouldn’t address Leavers’ concerns. We need a bespoke UK-EU agreement. >Yesterday:

Sturgeon’s plea meets sympathy but little hope

“Nicola Sturgeon’s hopes of gaining support for her bid to keep Scotland in the European Union despite the UK’s vote to leave have been dealt a blow after the Spanish prime minister warned: “If the United Kingdom leaves… Scotland leaves.” Speaking in Brussels, where the Scottish first minister held a series of meetings to lobby for Scotland, Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European commission, said that although he would gladly hear Sturgeon’s case, he was not in a position to enter into talks on Scotland’s future separately from the UK.” – The Guardian

>Today: Garvan Walshe’s column: Will too much democracy bring the United Kingdom to an end?

Cameron call on Corbyn to quit

Labour holes“David Cameron slammed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn during today’s Prime Minister’s Questions for refusing to quit. Pressure for Mr Corbyn to stand down has continued to intensify as he faced fresh resignations from the front bench – including one MP who was appointed to the shadow cabinet just two days ago. ‘For heaven’s sake man, go,’ Mr Cameron exploded, criticising Mr Corbyn’s role in the EU referendum campaign.” – Daily Mail

  • Insiders claim leader is keen to step down – The Times (£)
  • Watson warns Labour faces ‘existential crisis’ – Daily Mail
  • High-profile advisers walk away from Corbyn’s team – FT



  • Thousands of activists sign up to keep Corbyn in power – The Times (£)
  • Momentum and unions brace for new campaign – The Guardian
  • Defiant leader warns of fight to the end – FT
  • Corbyn insists he has ‘people’s mandate’ – The Sun
  • Left-wing militants would rather Labour split – The Sun


  • A lonely leader, jeered by his own side – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • Labour ghost chills the House – Patrick Kidd, The Times (£)
  • Man we thought modest seems power-crazed – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph


  • Blame Blair, not Corbyn, for Labour votes backing Brexit – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail
  • The race is on to make a new Labour Party – Philip Collins, The Times (£)
  • The rebels are at war with party members – Diane Abbott, The Guardian
  • Eagle is exactly what Labour needs – John McTernan, Daily Telegraph
  • Labour may not recover from this under any leader – John Harris, The Guardian

>Yesterday: LeftWatch: The Labour civil war: what happens next?

Briton faces 30 years for trying to assassinate Trump

“A British man who attempted to kill Donald Trump is facing up to 30 years in prison after a grand jury in Las Vegas decided to charge him. Michael Sandford, 20, is accused of trying to grab a police officer’s gun to shoot the presumptive Republican presidential nominee at a campaign rally in the city.” – Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

  • Warning of continued risk to British tourists in Turkey – Daily Mail
  • Ofsted may scrap ‘outstanding’ school rating – The Times (£)
  • Major safety concerns over plan to turn hard shoulder into extra lane – Daily Telegraph
  • Deutsche Bank and Santander fail Fed stress test again – FT

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