Gove’s final ‘passionate plea’ to voters: this is our D Day

GOVE union flag T-shirt“In the most passionate plea of the campaign, the Justice Secretary urges the public not to ‘flinch’ or let down future generations whose lives would be diminished by Brussels. Rejecting the pessimism of the Remain camp, led by David Cameron, he told the Mail: This is D-Day. It’s democracy day. It is an opportunity for us to demonstrate a vote of confidence in our country and its ingenuity, its generosity, its tolerance and its potential.” – Daily Mail

  • Final polls put Britain’s future on a knife edge – The Times (£)
  • Leave given marginal poll lead hours before voting starts – Daily Telegraph
  • Poll puts Leave seven points ahead hours before polling starts – Daily Express
  • Remain hold the lead as Britain goes to the polls – Daily Mail
  • Race ‘too close to call’ as four polls give different sides the lead – Daily Telegraph
  • Everything to play for with five million undecided voters – The Sun
  • Turnout expected to suffer as nation braces for torrential rain – Daily Express
  • Diplomats say Brexit vote could be “softened… into something less definitive” – FT


Interview with Boris: Brexit will be ‘turning point’ for Britain

“Brexit will be a “turning point in the story of our country” and a “triumph for democracy”, Boris Johnson says as he makes a final appeal to voters to back Leave. Speaking exclusively to The Telegraph, Mr Johnson says that Britain can “prosper mightily” outside the European Union and reveals that he is prepared to sacrifice his career over his desire to see a Brexit.” – Daily Telegraph

  • The seven MPs who have not declared their position – The Times (£)
  • Almost half of Cameron’s Business Advisory Group fail to sign pro-EU letter – Daily Telegraph
  • Former Mayor claims Leave are ‘on the verge of history’ – The Sun
  • Davidson tops list of campaigns rising stars – The Times (£)
  • Leave flunked final chance to spell out Brexit benefits, claims Scottish leader – Daily Telegraph
  • Former Prime Ministers appeal against ‘leap into the dark’ – FT
  • The EU’s court is picking apart our laws – Michael Howard and Richard Aikens, Daily Telegraph


  • Survey reveals voters feel ‘bullied’ by Remain – Daily Express
  • Economist message lost on voters – FT
  • Does anybody know much about the EU? – Daily Mail
  • Welsh EU battle crystallise conflict between reason and emotion – FT
  • Why did Farage miss the last TV debate? – Daily Mail
  • Ten of Britain’s most distinguish former military officers back Leave – Daily Express
  • NATO chief claims British EU membership is key to fighting terrorism – The Guardian


  • The Remain camp may regret ignoring young and ethnic minority voters – Carmen Fishwick, The Guardian
  • Young Europhiles need to stop patronising their elders – David Twiston Davies, Daily Telegraph
  • The UK is now two nations, staring across a political chasm – John Harris, The Guardian


  • Boris claims UK is on the verge of ‘extraordinary event’ on final day – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail



German industry pleads for UK free trade deal

Building shield“German industry has broken ranks with Europe’s political establishment to call for Britain to be given a free trade deal if it votes to leave the European Union today. EU leaders, including President Hollande of France yesterday, have lined up to deliver warnings to voters that Brexit would lock Britain outside Europe’s single market. However, Markus Kerber, head of the powerful BDI, or federation of German industry, warned against the “regressive” introduction of tariffs.” – The Times (£)

  • Merkel wants more EU reform, whatever the vote – The Times (£)
  • Juncker tells Britons that they won’t get a better deal – Daily Telegraph
  • UK will get no second chance, warns Commission president – The Sun
  • Norway’s voters think they’re better off without EU meddling – Daily Mail
  • EU will never be the same after Britain’s day of reckoning – The Times (£)
  • Hundreds queue to ‘panic buy’ Euros – Daily Mail
  • UK and EU face mutually assured destruction if they botch Brexit – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph


  • Duncan Smith accuses Cameron of ‘colluding’ with Turkey – Daily Mail
  • Prime Minister ‘lying’ over Turkish accession – The Times (£)
  • Four big EU lies nailed – Daily Mail
  • Seven EU promises Cameron broke – Daily Express
  • ‘Civilised’ campaign descends into exchange of insults – The Times (£)


  • Day of truth as four Remain lies exposed – Daily Mail

>Today: ToryDiary: Cameron in Birmingham presents himself as the leader of the Grown-Up Party

Iain Duncan Smith: Cameron’s claims over Turkey highlight how the EU corrupts our politics

“Today, the country has the chance to return the Government of Britain back to the UK. More than that, we have the chance to end the corruption of our politics. This corruption of the democratic process is best exemplified by how our leaders have reacted to Turkey’s wish to join the EU. Although he now claims there is no chance of Turkey joining (allowing its 77 million citizens free movement to the UK), why did the Prime Minister refuse on FOUR occasions to say he’d use the British veto to stop it happening?” – Daily Mail

  • A vote to Leave will give power back to the British people – Priti Patel, The Sun
  • Choose optimism, choose dynamism: choose Brexit – Daniel Hannan, Daily Telegraph
  • If we don’t break free today, we never shall – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)
  • Vote Leave, and change the course of history – Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph
  • I’m voting Brexit because it might rescue the EU, not destroy it – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail
  • Remain’s ‘Project Sneer’ as exposed politicians’ contempt for those that elect them – Brendan O’Neill, Daily Telegraph


  • As a moderate Eurosceptic, I’m voting Remain – Sebastian Payne, FT
  • Leave campaigners sound like Enoch Powell – David Aaronovitch, The Times (£)
  • Brexiteers are 500 years behind the times – Rupert Gavin, FT
  • A defence of this ghastly campaign – Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph
  • The perils of a populist paean to ignorance – Philip Stephens, FT


  • Vote Leave to make this country even greater – Daily Telegraph
  • The Sun Says… back Brexit – The Sun
  • A moment of destiny for Britain and Europe – FT

>Today: John Hayes in Comment: By voting Leave, we can finally bring down the curtain on the Blair Era


Khan blocks housing developments on green belt

Sadiq Khan“The new mayor of London has blocked a housing development because it was on “Green Belt” land, in an early sign of a more demanding approach to the property industry. While former mayor Boris Johnson rarely intervened to block developments, Sadiq Khan has said he plans to make more use of his planning powers to implement his manifesto promises on housing.” – FT

News in Brief:

  • Defence Secretary pays out thousands to cleric he claimed supported ISIS – Daily Mail
  • French Prime Minister humiliated as Hollande bows to communist trade unions – The Times (£)
  • Fallujah in ruins as Iraqi forces recapture it from ISIS – Daily Telegraph
  • US gun control fight sparks pandemonium in Congress – FT
  • Commuters face travel chaos as torrential rain sweeps the country – Daily Express
  • Man arrested for posting threatening comment on MP’s Facebook – The Guardian
  • Doctors call for ban on using e-cigarettes indoors – Daily Mail
  • ‘Tank chasing’ lawyer bids for secrecy for disciplinary case – The Times (£)

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