Former Tory leaders and Chancellors attack punishment-beating budget

OSBORNE penknife“…yesterday saw the threat of an emergency budget – which was nothing more than ludicrous scaremongering born of desperation. No responsible Chancellor would seriously propose any such thing. So we are coming together – two former chancellors, and two former Conservative party leaders – to look at the facts, and show that the claims of the Remain side are wholly without foundation.” – Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Howard, Nigel Lawson, and Norman Lamont, Daily Telegraph

  • Economists raise questions over emergency budget plan – FT
  • Sixty five Tory rebels tear into Osborne – Daily Mail
  • Conservatives turn on Chancellor’s ‘punishment’ Budget – The Times (£)
  • Corbyn won’t support Osborne’s budget plan – FT
  • Labour leader breaks referendum ceasefire to savage austerity plan – The Sun

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Cameron’s future hangs on the margin of victory

“David Cameron will want to move fast to re-launch his premiership and start to heal his fractured party if Britain votes to remain… His room for manoeuvre will be wholly dependent on the margin of any Remain victory and the extent to which he is given the credit for securing it.” – The Times (£)

  • Prime Minister says Scottish oil collapse shows why warnings should be heeded – Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron joins Jones to campaign for Remain – Wales Online
  • Tory leader plans Trident vote to unify party after EU poll – FT


  • Morgan attacks Boris’ ‘nasty and mean-spirited’ migration warnings – Daily Mail
  • Johnson under attack from pro-EU women – The Sun
  • Sturgeon warns Scots that Brexit will empower the Tory right – Daily Telegraph
  • Swinney warns of Leave ‘con trick’ – The Scotsman
  • Brown warns that a Leave vote threatens industrial decline – The Guardian
  • Britain’s main role is calling a halt to an EU army – The Times (£)


  • Unemployment at 11-year low despite Project Fear’s warnings – Daily Mail
  • Osborne seizes on jobs data to warn against Brexit – FT
  • Rolls Royce and John Lewis bosses warn staff against voting Leave – Daily Mail
  • Brexit camp faces legal threat after claiming bosses’ support – The Times (£)
  • Deutsche Bank advice to ‘invest in UK if Leave wins ballot’ – The Sun
  • Economist who once advised European Commission switches to Leave – Daily Express

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Gove and Boris demand Cameron veto Turkish accession to the EU

Turkey flag“Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have challenged David Cameron to “guarantee” that Turkey will never join the European Union by pledging to use the UK’s veto to block it. In an extraordinary challenge to the Prime Minister’s authority, the two leaders of the Leave campaign have written to Mr Cameron and demanded he commit to using the British veto, halting accession talks and preventing Turkish citizens getting visa-free travel rights.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Leave ministers insist Prime Minister will ‘wave Turkey through’ – The Sun
  • Brussels ‘did kill my father’s firm’, claims Justice Secretary – The Times (£)
  • Furious Gove accuses Remain supporters of exploiting his elderly father – Daily Mail
  • Six laws Leave want to pass after Brexit – The Sun
  • A vote to leave could topple Cameron – FT
  • Switzerland withdraws EU membership bid – Daily Express


  • The Chancellor’s reckless blackmail attempt – Peter Oborne, Daily Mail


  • Osborne will pay dearly for this desperate threat – Daily Mail


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May breaks with Chancellor on free movement and won’t deny leadership ambitions

“Mrs May told the BBC that she “completely understands” public concern about the European Union and said that the Government should look at “further reform in the future”… Her intervention came just hours after George Osborne, the Chancellor, insisted that he Government is not considering plans to further restrict freedom of movement.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Home Secretary adds to calls for immigration reforms – The Times (£)
  • May says UK is big and strong enough to survive Brexit – Daily Telegraph
  • Corbyn boosts Brexit after defending free movement – The Sun
  • Cameron to look at ‘migrant impact’ fund for stretched areas – The Guardian

David Cameron: We’re stronger staying in and risk it all if we vote Leave

ConHome EU shirt Cameron“I have no doubt that the arguments stack up in favour of remaining. That is why I have argued for it so vigorously. People have said to me: why can’t you make the argument in a more nuanced way? There is a problem with that: I do not believe it is nuanced. I think it is straightforward: that Britain will be stronger if we vote to remain, and that a vote to leave is loaded with risk.” – The Times (£)

  • Would you vote now to join? If not, why vote to stay? – Michael Gove, The Times (£)
  • Cameron could scarcely have made a bigger hash of the referendum if he’d tried – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail
  • Brexit would put hard-won freedoms at risk – Jenni Russell, The Times (£)
  • I fear German dominance, so I’m voting Remain – Simon Jenkins, The Guardian


  • Out, and into the world – The Spectator
  • Britain should vote to stay in the EU – FT

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War widows attack Cameron over pensions

“David Cameron was yesterday accused of ‘demeaning’ the sacrifice of war heroes as their widows wept outside Parliament because their pensions were taken from them. War widows said they had had been left with ‘no honour’ after the Ministry of Defence stripped them of as much as £10,000 a year after they remarried.” – Daily Mail

Former sleaze watchdog urges ex-SNP MP to withdraw from BHS inquiry

SNP logo white background“A nationalist MP whose property dealings are at the centre of a police investigation should step down from a Commons inquiry into the collapse of BHS, a former Westminster sleaze watchdog has said. Sir Alistair Graham, the ex-chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, said Michelle Thomson should withdraw from the investigation into the high street retailer as MPs had to be on the “high moral ground” regarding business practices.” – Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

  • French Prime Minister warns that more terror attacks are coming – Daily Mail
  • BHS tycoon promises to ‘sort’ £275m pensions black hole – The Times (£)
  • Dozens arrested after English fans clash with French police – Daily Telegraph
  • Russian athletes accused of fresh doping violations – FT
  • Two health organisations call for all drugs to be decriminalised – Daily Mail
  • Advisor behind controversial drink-driving limits had undeclared Temperance link – The Times (£)

…and finally: Remain and Leave flotillas clash on the Thames

“Rival flotillas headed by Nigel Farage and Sir Bob Geldof clashed on the Thames today with the rock star facing criticism for yelling insults and making obscene gestures. In the most bizarre scenes of the EU referendum so far, the Ukip leader took to the waves with dozens of fishing boats as he urged a vote to cut ties with Brussels next week. But they were greeted by boats carrying Remain supporters including the rock star, and loud speakers blasting out the song ‘In With the In Crowd’.” – Daily Mail

  • Farage, Geldof, a Thames chase… the most surreal day in British politics ever? – Michael Deacon’s sketch, Daily Telegraph

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