Cameron says Boris talks “nonsense on stilts”…

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 08.15.24“Despite his TV ordeal and reports that the Leave team is catching up with his Remainers, Cameron is more fired up than I have ever known him. In a candid and hard-hitting interview, he says the pro-Brexit camp know the UK would be worse off if we break free of Brussels, and claims that we can easily get new trade deals outside the EU are ‘nonsense on stilts’… But for all his fury with Boris and Cabinet Brexiteers Michael Gove and Priti Patel, he offers them an olive branch, ruling out sacking them for disloyalty” – Simon Walters interviews David Cameron, Mail on Sunday

…Boris says Cameron talks “total tosh”…

“Boris Johnson took aim at David Cameron yesterday by attacking the ‘gloomsters’ who wanted the country to stay in Europe – and described No 10’s claims that Brexit would wreck the economy as ‘total tosh’. Mr Johnson, sharing a platform with fellow Out campaigners Michael Gove and Priti Patel, claimed that 300,000 extra jobs would be created through new trade deals… They then launched five pledges on life in a Britain outside the EU, saying the UK would reclaim control of ‘our money, our economy, our borders, our security and our taxes’” – Mail on Sunday

…Gove says Cameron and Osborne are dishonest…

GOVE Sky debate“Michael Gove has challenged the honesty of David Cameron and George Osborne over the costs of EU membership, warning that British taxpayers would be forced to bail out failing eurozone nations and accept Turkish entry into the European Union, despite their denials… Speaking to The Sunday Times after facing his first big television grilling of the campaign, Gove said claims by the chancellor and prime minister that British taxpayers would not have to prop up failing EU nations were dishonest” – interview with Michael Gove, Sunday Times (£)

  • Gove and Boris tell Cameron: You’ve deceived public on the economy – Sunday Telegraph

…and Osborne says Boris and Gove are like Farage

“In a broadside at Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, George Osborne accused his Tory colleagues of adopting the policies of the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage. ‘This is a battle between Farage’s mean vision of Britain and the outward-facing, generous Britain that the mainstream of this country celebrates. I say: we don’t want Farage’s Britain. That means voting to remain’” – interview with George Osborne, Sunday Times (£)

  • Johnson and Gove have an exciting chance to shift the axis of politics – Janet Daley, Sunday Telegraph



Farage says migrants could pose sex attack risk

FARAGE Nigel official“Women could be at risk of mass sex attacks carried out by gangs of migrant men if Britain stays in the EU, Nigel Farage has warned.  The UK Independence Party leader said he fears ‘big cultural issues’ will result from the failure to control migration from Europe and North Africa, putting the safety of women in danger. Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Farage issued his most savage attack so far on David Cameron’s personal integrity, describing him as ‘Dishonest Dave’” – Sunday Telegraph

Far Right infiltrates the Brexit campaign

“The campaign for Britain to leave the EU has been infiltrated by dozens of far-Right extremists with racist views, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Our investigation has uncovered evidence that former members of the English Defence League, the National Front and the British National Party have attached themselves to the ‘Leave’ movements. Those who have hijacked the Brexit campaigns include an EDL leader who was jailed after attacks on police” – Mail on Sunday

McBride appears to advise Gove

MCBRIDE Damian looking right“One of Labour’s most senior advisers is at the centre of a controversy after a private message which he accidentally posted publicly appeared to show him advising Michael Gove and the Brexit campaign. Damian McBride, whose party’s official position is to back the Remain campaign, posted the message: ‘V good! BTW, I’ll email you another VAT-related idea this evening. Just in case there’s a day/interview where MG is looking for a new line.’ ‘MG’ is thought to be the initials of Michael Gove” – Sunday Telegraph

IDS: We need points-based migration

“Regaining control over borders will mean designing a migration system that serves the economy. Regardless of where people have been born, we will be able to accept them on a points-based system that recognises the skills we need. As one frustrated businessman said to me recently: ‘You know what I want to tell the Government: ‘Immigration is the economy, stupid’“ – Iain Duncan-Smith, Mail on Sunday

Green: The Australian system is not right for the UK

GREEN Andrew square“The Australian system, advocated by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove among others, is not right for Britain. The points-based system is actually designed to facilitate immigration by those who want to live and work in Australia and have skills that are needed – from accounting to goat-farming. Crucially, it does not require an applicant to have a job to go to. In fact, the Australian points system’s whole purpose is to encourage immigration into an empty continent” – Andrew Green, Mail on Sunday

  • Cameron can’t answer the migration question – Simon Heffer, Sunday Telegraph
  • Pay cuts, job losses, a crippled NHS: what’s really to be gained from Fortress Britain – Dan Hodges, Mail on Sunday
  • Suddenly the anti-EU Left wants in, all because it fears the British voters – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)

Leave takes three point lead in Observer poll

“The leave campaign has picked up momentum and taken a three point lead over remain in the latest Observer/Opinium poll on the EU referendum. The Brexiters now stand on 43%, while 40% say they support the campaign to keep the UK in the union. The poll suggests the remain camp has lost four percentage points in the last two weeks, during which Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have relentlessly campaigned on the theme of immigration” – Observer

Boothroyd: I don’t want right-wing mavericks running the country

Betty Boothroyd“Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are focusing on the vote-winning potential of that tried and trusted formula for Right-wing parties with little of substance to offer – immigration. If they win, imposing immigration controls without EU agreement will be a key plank in their manifesto along with other unreal solutions to complex issues. A Eurosceptic Government and Tory Party led by a maverick such as Johnson, propped up by the likes of Nigel Farage, may be to the taste of some, but not me” – Betty Boothroyd, Mail on Sunday

  • McDonnell calls for “a period of quietude from the likes of Cameron and Osborne” – Observer
  • Sadiq Khan could face Boris in EU debate at Wembley – Observer
  • Scottish Labour launches consultation on whether to become “independent” party – Sunday Herald

Trump announces pre-referendum visit to Scotland

“Donald Trump has announced a visit to Scotland on the eve of this month’s referendum for a three-day trip that appears to be part of a strategy to stir up controversy for political advantage back home. Last week Trump embraced a British departure from the European Union. ‘Oh yeah, I think they should leave,’ he said… Trump had originally planned to visit the newly renovated Trump Turnberry resort in Ayrshire on June 24, the day after the referendum” – Sunday Times (£)

Tatler Tory’s “threats” at Carlton Club drinks party

mark clarke“Shocking allegations about the ‘Tatler Tory’ scandal that has rocked the Conservative Party emerged last night. ‘Tatler Tory’ Mark Clarke, an election aide to David Cameron, reportedly threatened a senior female Conservative at a drinks party hosted by Tory peer Emma Pidding. Clarke angrily confronted the party guest, claiming he had obtained the names of activists who had complained to Tory HQ about his alleged bullying” – Mail on Sunday

News in brief

  • Sir Philip Green paid £10 million to BHS buyer – Sunday Times (£)
  • Muhammad Ali’s daughter says he fought to the end – Mail on Sunday
  • Student committing suicide kills the South Korean official he lands on – Independent

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