Boris: Why I changed my mind on the EU…

BORIS union flag“I’ve always thought we were better off trying to work it from within. That basically became untenable. I just felt there was no choice, I just felt it would be irresponsible of me, knowing what I do about the EU … I thought it would be just lazy of me not to stand up and be counted.” What he says next could come straight from the mouth of Jeremy Corbyn. The EU is “just a massive stitch-up. It is the elites and the great corporate class meeting together, cooking things up in a way that I think is antidemocratic.”
– Interview, Sunday Times (£)

  • Brexit inches to single-point lead – Sunday Times (£)
  • Leaked UK diplomat plan to open the door to a million Turks – Sunday Times (£)
  • Not sure how to vote? Perhaps the hypocrisy of the Euro-troughing Kinnocks will sway you – Mail on Sunday
  • Clash of claims with loyalist Shelbrooke over what Boris said over Cameron leadership challenge – Mail on Sunday
  • Duncan Smith and Cameron on what’s best for Britain – Sunday Express
  • EU would ‘disintegrate’ post-Brexit, claims Farage… – Mail on Sunday
  • …and the Swedish foreign minister agrees – Sunday Express
  • Brussels to grab more powers, warn Leave – Sunday Times (£)


  • Bullying Boris will backfire on the Tories – Liam Fox, Mail on Sunday
  • Cameron should heed The Godfather over this ill-judged hatred of Johnson – James Forsyth, Sun on Sunday
  • Stop picking on my big brother! – Rachel Johnson, Mail on Sunday
  • Boris and Gove have gone rogue, Dave must shoot to kill – Mail on Sunday

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: If the Chancellor really wants to “get stuck in”, why won’t he face the ex-Mayor in the TV debates?

…Meanwhile, Downing Street launches ‘quite a desperate ‘Save Dave’ operation’

“Tory MPs say high command is already preparing for defeat and has encouraged a “save Dave” operation in the Commons. Several say they were approached by the MP Robert Syms and urged to sign a letter saying that Cameron should be allowed to remain as prime minister for several months if he loses the referendum, rather than be ousted in a coup. One MP said of Syms: “He is licensed to tap people on the shoulder and ask if they want to sign a letter — it is quite a desperate ‘save Dave’ operation.”” – Sunday Times (£)

  • Nervous Tory leader asks Labour to take the wheel of the Remain campaign – Sun on Sunday
  • ‘Toxic’ Cameron told to take a back seat – Sunday Express
  • The Prime Minister’s seven mistakes which could lead to a Leave victory – Sunday Times (£)
  • Cameron warns that Brexit will hit pensioners – Sunday Times (£)
  • Leave want to take country backwards, Tory leader warns – The Observer
  • Gibralter urges pro-EU vote to see off predatory Spain – Sunday Telegraph
  • Thirteen Nobel laureates back Remain – Sunday Telegraph


  • Brexit will cost pensioners dear if funds for the triple lock dry up – David Cameron, Sunday Telegraph

Andrew Mitchell: I’m for Remain, but warn as a former Chief Whip: stop the Boris-Bashing

SWIVEL-EYED EUROPHILES“John Major was wrong about Boris Johnson and has forgotten how cross he was with me when I put Boris on the candidate list to become an MP. Boris was plainly a Eurosceptic and was busy riling our high command by writing disobliging articles from Brussels. Nor is it in the interest of the “remain” campaign to demonise Boris. It is best to play the ball and not the man. Were I still chief whip, my friend Amber Rudd would be summoned to my office for an interview without coffee.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • As a parent and a businesswoman, I’m voting In – Samantha Cameron, Mail on Sunday
  • Will Britain be the first member to successfully resist the EU? – Michael Sheriden, Sunday Times (£)
  • Labour must make a powerful case for Remain – Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer
  • An open letter to Gove – Michael Heseltine, Mail on Sunday
  • So we Leave – then what? – Adam Boulton, Sunday Times (£)


  • Party leaders are for Remain, but not their core voters – Simon Heffer, Sunday Telegraph
  • The British people have risen at last, and are about to unleash chaos – Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday
  • The queue outside the doctor’s office leads all the way out of the EU – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)
  • Life in the EU is hardly going to get better – would we vote to join it? – Christopher Booker, Sunday Telegraph



Pressure grows on Prime Minister as MPs attack overseas aid spending

“David Cameron was facing mounting pressure over his controversial overseas aid programme last night after a senior Tory MP branded it ‘public relations above real generosity’. Former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis urged the Prime Minister to scrap the fixed target for how much Britain spends a year on international aid. Mr Davis said the UK should return to a policy of providing financial help if and when it is needed, adding: ‘You can’t calculate generosity.’ – Mail on Sunday


  • Aid bosses and stories to make your eyes pop! – Ian Birrell, Mail on Sunday

‘Tatler Tory’ scandal set to cost Party £2 million as youth wing neutered

CONSERVATIVE logo“The Conservative Party faces a £2million bill for clearing up the Tatler Tory scandal, it emerged last night. And elections for posts in the party’s youth wing are set to be banned to stop a repeat of the vicious infighting that led to the death of young activist Elliott Johnson. The disclosures came as senior Conservatives said the internal inquiry into Mr Johnson’s suicide is nearly complete.” – Mail on Sunday

Umunna won’t rule out leadership run as he urges Labour to re-connect with core vote

“Umunna believes Labour has lost touch with many areas of society: voters in the old industrial heartlands, black and minority ethnic communities, “where we are shedding support at an alarming rate”, and the aspirational lower middle class. “These three groups have left our coalition, and this is just the start of it. The challenge for us is not to go, in a clinical way, ‘Oh, what appeals to these three groups?’ and we’ll just say it. You need an overarching story, an idea of where Britain can go.” – The Observer

  • Brexit voters don’t listen to elites, but they might listen to Labour – William Keegan, The Observer

Kate Hoey: How did my party get so out of touch with our key supporters on Brussels?

LABOUR dead rose“The belated discovery that our party leadership is so out of touch has sparked a new, frantic drive to convert them back to the European Union cause – with even Jeremy Corbyn set to be ordered back on to the airwaves to argue for something we all know he doesn’t really believe in. So how did the great and good in my party get so detached from what ordinary working people – especially in our Northern heartlands – feel about Brussels? The answer is immigration.” – Mail on Sunday


McDonnell calls for Green to lose his knighthood if he won’t face MPs

“Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said Sir Philip Green should lose his knighthood if he won’t face MPs over BHS collapse. The Labour MP, who is renowned for his staunch socialist stance, unleashed a scathing attack on the ‘ugly face of British capitalism’ as he called for the billionaire tycoon to be punished.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Former BHS boss calls on ‘biased’ Field to step aside – Mail on Sunday
  • Green has ‘case to answer’, says former head of the honours committee – Sunday Telegraph


  • Sir Philip should be stripped of his knighthood – John McDonnell, The Observer

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