The plot to block Boris

BORIS union flag“Mr Johnson was installed as odds-on favourite to replace Mr Cameron yesterday after leading the stunning campaign to get Britain out of the EU… But the former London mayor faces concerted opposition from Cameron loyalists at Westminster. One former minister last night said discussions had begun on identifying a ‘stop Boris’ candidate, with Home Secretary Theresa May emerging as a likely favourite.” – Daily Mail

  • Cameron’s final mission to keep the former Mayor from Number 10 – The Times (£)
  • Johnson makes first pitch to take over from Cameron – Daily Mail
  • Leave frontman is front-runner in succession race – The Guardian
  • Boris and Gove plan ‘dream team’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Former Mayor plays hard to get – The Sun
  • Jockeying begins to succeed Cameron – FT
  • First Tory MP hints at run – Daily Express
  • The Tory stars who could be in the running – Daily Mail


  • The comeback kid who dared to say boo to Brussels – Andrew Gimson, Daily Mail
  • Get ready for the age of Boris – Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph


>Today: ToryDiary: The Conservative leadership contest. Cameron’s plan to stop Johnson.

Tory members will choose the next Prime Minister

“Two candidates then make it to a ballot paper which is sent to all paid-up members of the party for a nationwide postal vote. Membership of the party costs £25, or £5 for under-23s. It is the first time in British history that ordinary party members will have the chance to elect a Prime Minister directly, by voting for the new leader of a governing party.” – Daily Mail

  • ‘Why should I do the hard sh*t?’, Cameron ‘told aides’ – Daily Mail
  • Cameron said he’d ‘rather quit’ than do successor’s work – Daily Telegraph
  • ‘Teary eyed’ Prime Minister decided to quit as Leave won – The Sun
  • Misery as leader and allies realised the party was over – The Times (£)
  • Cameron pays the price for tactical failure – FT


  • How Remainers seized defeat from the jaws of victory – The Times (£)
  • Pro-EU camp blames Cameron for ban on personal attacks – Daily Express
  • Senior In figures claim they were ‘hobbled’ by Number 10 – The Guardian


  • How complacency in the bunker turned to panic and tears – Andrew Pierce, Daily Mail
  • ‘Essay crisis’ Prime Minister brought down by his own plebiscite – Hugo Gye, Daily Mail
  • How a cautious nation came to tear down a political temple – Philip Stephens, FT
  • Top Tories did not see Brexit coming – James Forsyth, The Sun
Cameron Downing Street Election 2015

William Hague: Britain has lost a truly great Prime Minister

“Resented by some for his success, as well as for his changes to his party and his ability to make his work seem effortless, he will now be extremely difficult to replace. His decision to go is both honourable and inevitable in the circumstances, and his staying on for several months characteristically conscious of the needs of the country… He needs no lessons in duty from colleagues and even friends who knew full well that if they defeated him he would go.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Humbled by his pride: a highly able leader laid low by poor judgement – Max Hastings, Daily Mail
  • Clever, calm, brave, but no match for his party’s juggernaut – Sir Anthony Seldon, The Times (£)
  • British voters may soon miss humiliated Cameron – Janan Ganesh, FT
  • The man who wanted to stop the Tories talking about Europe has been destroyed by it – James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron has himself to blame for turning up empty-handed after negotiations – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun
  • The tension between referendums and representative democracy is now in sharp focus – Daniel Finkelstein, The Times (£)
  • Political losses from Brexit will be deep and enduring – Richard Haas, FT


  • Samantha, elegant to the end – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail


The end of Osborne?

“George Osborne’s political career looks all-but over tonight after his ‘Project Fear’ warnings of economic chaos if Britain voted for Brexit failed to scare voters into backing Remain. Responding to the shock win for Leave this morning the Chancellor tweeted he will do ‘all I can to make it work’. But he gambled his own career and economic legacy in the final days before the EU referendum last week by warning voters that he’d have to present an emergency budget after a Brexit vote to plug a £30billion hole in the public finances.” – Daily Mail

  • Chancellor is ‘toast’, say Tory MPs – The Sun

Tim Montgomerie: Relax Britain, Farage won’t be a big part of our new era

Britain shield“The decision to have Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Gisela Stuart and Andrea Leadsom as Leave’s representatives in the various debates was not cosmetic. Everything I know about the Vote Leave campaign is that, while they want borders controlled, they are far from anti-immigrant. They want Britain to continue to put out a welcome mat to the brightest and best from across the planet but that Europeans should no longer enjoy a privileged status over Asians, Africans or Australasians as EU law requires.” – The Times (£)

  • The UK left the EU decades before this referendum – Wolfgang Münchau, FT
  • The European elite forgot that democracy is what Britain holds most dear – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph
  • Reasons to rejoice about the breach – Iain Martin, FT
  • In an act of considerable daring, we stood up for our country – Allison Pearson, Daily Telegraph
  • Pity voters deceived by the pied pipers of Brexit – Matthew Parris, The Times (£)
  • Calm down, everyone, there’s no need for drama – Norman Tebbit, Daily Telegraph
  • Old people have stitched us up – Giles Coren, The Times (£)


>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Yes, a moment for happiness. But also a moment for healing – and humility

FTSE bounces back after Brexit

“In the hours after the Brexit vote, the pound plunged to a 31-year low, and the FTSE 100 index sank 550 points or 8.7 per cent in a matter of minutes yesterday morning. But the stock market clawed back more than half its losses as the day wore on, before closing down 3.2 per cent or 199.41 points at 6138.69. The blue-chip index of leading British companies finished the week 2 per cent higher than it started, despite warnings of catastrophe following Brexit.” – Daily Mail

  • Carney promises to do whatever it takes to avert crisis – The Times (£)
  • Stock markets bounce back as British blue-chips rise in value – The Sun
  • Moody’s downgrades UK’s credit prospects – Daily Mail
  • House prices fall five per cent and look set to tumble – Daily Telegraph
  • Bankers count cost as secret polls fail to predict the outcome – Daily Mail
  • Markets scramble to keep up with Brexit shock – FT
  • Industry warns of job losses if investment tap is turned off – The Times (£)
  • Think-tank urges Norway-style deal – Daily Express


  • Germany warns against EU ‘revenge’ – Daily Telegraph
  • USA, Canada, and Germany all want trade deal – Daily Express
  • Global markets take $2tn Brexit hit – FT


  • There may be short-term pain but Brexit has made us all richer – Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph
  • My seven-point plan to seize this great opportunity – Alex Brummer, Daily Mail
  • Brexit will reconfigure the UK economy – Martin Wolf, FT
  • The sky has not fallen in, but we face years of hard labour – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph
  • Economic shocks are the lesser problems – Stephanie Flanders, FT

>Yesterday: Iain Dale’s column: This is most momentous domestic political event of my adult life.

Leave resist calls for swift Brexit

Vote LEave“Brussels demanded yesterday that Britain should exit the EU quickly, setting up a clash with leading Brexiteers who are resisting a fast-track process. Michael Gove, the justice secretary who helped to lead the charge out of Europe, thrust himself to the heart of the negotiations by declaring that Brexit would be a “process of gradual divergence”.” – The Times (£)

  • A tale of disciplined outers and complacent inners – FT
  • Furious Farage tries to take control of exit process – Daily Telegraph


  • EU leaders demand swift Brexit – Daily Mail
  • Merkel admits EU has taken a blow – The Sun
  • Six founding EU states to meet in Berlin – FT
  • We should have listened, argues German paper – Daily Express


  • Enoch a distant memory as Asians pull up the drawbridge – Sathnam Sanghera, The Times (£)
  • Britain’s watershed moment was a long time in the making – Ben Macintyre, The Times (£)
  • Outers’ message resonated with those who felt left behind – David Goodhart, FT
  • Shambolic Remain campaign caused swing to Leave – Tom Newton Dunn, The Sun


  • A tailored deal is an entirely reasonable expectation – The Times (£)
  • Britain cuts itself adrift from the EU – FT
  • It was the Sun wot swung it – The Sun


Vote invigorates euroscepticism across the continent

“Eurosceptic parties across the continent are intensifying demands for their own referendums in the wake of the Brexit vote, as the repercussions of the political earthquake gradually become clear… there are also fears that Brexit could also trigger a Czexit, a Swexit, and a Grexit in the Czech Republic, Sweden and Greece. Even if the union holds, the political earthquake that has erupted in Britain will have far-reaching aftershocks.” – Daily Mail

  • Coming up next: Frexit? Nexit? Czexit? – The Times (£)
  • Five more nations could quit the EU – Daily Express
  • Voters in Denmark, Sweden, and Greece want their say – Daily Mail
  • Mayor of Calais calls for migrant camps to be moved to Britain – Daily Mail
  • Spain seizes moment to restate Gibraltar claim – The Times (£)


  • This is the most tumultuous event in modern times – Dominic Sandbrook, Daily Mail
  • For 48 per cent, a day of despair – Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

Corbyn faces Labour coup

Labour holes“Labour MPs have launched a plot to oust Jeremy Corbyn next week over his ‘abysmal’ performance in the EU referendum campaign. Furious MPs said Mr Corbyn ‘had to take his share of responsibility’ for the referendum result, which saw huge numbers of voters in Labour heartlands back Brexit. Last night Mr Corbyn indicated he will try to brazen it out, telling Channel 4 News: ‘I will not resign.’” – Daily Mail

  • Labour MPs stage revolt over lacklustre referendum campaign – The Times (£)
  • Islington MP refuses to resign – Daily Mail
  • Female MPs plan to oust Corbyn – The Sun
  • Blair warns of ‘big consequences’ and hits out at Labour leadership – Daily Mail


  • Unlikely alliance of Labour heartlands and Tory Home Counties delivers for Leave – Daily Mail
  • Corbyn’s failure to listen led to defeat over Brexit – FT


  • Now it’s time for Labour to listen to its voters – John Mann MP, The Guardian
  • Why are we surprised by this working class revolt? – Janice Turner, The Times (£)
  • Corbyn, a coward who betrayed his voters – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail
  • Dismal, lifeless, spineless: our leader let us down again – Polly Toynbee, The Guardian

>Yesterday: LeftWatch: The referendum causes serious trouble for Tories – but it threatens a catastrophe for Labour

Sturgeon angles for independence rematch

“Scots on Twitter have renewed the puh for Scottish independence after SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon today said she could call a new referendum within months. The First Minister revealed a second vote in just two years on whether Scotland should leave the United Kingdom in now ‘highly likely’ after Britain voted to quit the EU. Two thirds of Scottish voters backed staying in the EU yesterday – but because of a huge revolt in Middle England and Wales the UK decided to cuts its ties with Brussels.” – Daily Mail

  • Scotland prepares for a second ballot – The Times (£)
  • Strong backing for Remain threatens Union – FT
  • Sinn Fein leader demands chance to unite Ireland – The Times (£)
  • Welsh voters left cold by club benefits – The Times (£)



  • England has made her priorities clear – Alex Massie, The Times(£)

News in Brief:

  • Colombians celebrate peace after 50 years of civil war – The Times (£)
  • China is forcing up to 90,000 prisoners to have organs removed for sale – Daily Mail
  • Sanders says he’ll vote Clinton, starts pitching for job – Daily Telegraph
  • BBC spends millions on private healthcare – Daily Express

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