Cameron and Corbyn visit Birstall

camcorb“The prime minister said the nation was rightly shocked at the Batley and Spen MP’s death, adding: “Two children have lost their mother, a husband has lost a loving wife and parliament has lost one of its most passionate and brilliant campaigners.” Cameron told how he first met Cox, a former aid worker, in Darfur, western Sudan, in 2006 where she had been “doing what she was brilliant at, which was looking after and saving the lives of vulnerable refugees”. He said the country “should treasure and value our democracy where members of parliament are out in the public, accountable to the public, available to the public and that’s how Jo died. She died doing her job”.” – The Guardian

  • Obama offers “sincere condolences” – Daily Telegraph
  • National EU referendum campaigning suspended until Sunday – BBC
  • Mainstream politicians are clueless about immigration says Brendan Cox – The Guardian
  • Charity appeal to honour MP raises £140,000 – Daily Express
  • Syrians pay tribute to champion of humanity – Independent

>Yesterday: WATCH: Cameron – Parliament has lost one of its most passionate and brilliant campaigners

Man charged with murder of Jo Cox MP

“A man has been charged with murder in connection with the shooting of Labour MP Jo Cox. West Yorkshire Police said Thomas Mair, 52, has been charged with the murder of the 41-year-old. She was shot and stabbed outside her constituency surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire, on Thursday. Mr Mair will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Saturday and faces a number of other charges, including grievous bodily harm.” – BBC

Main parties stand aside for Labour in by-election

grantshapps“Whoever is chosen to represent the Labour party in the Batley & Spen by-election will not face a challenge from the main political parties. The Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Ukip have decided not to field a candidate to succeed Jo Cox at Westminster. There has not been an uncontested parliamentary by-election for 62 years, but a Conservative spokesman said that they would leave the path clear for Labour “as a mark of respect to a much-loved and respected politician”. The move was first proposed on Twitter on Thursday night by Grant Shapps, the former Conservative chairman.” – The Times(£)

  • Brendan Cox urged to take her seat – The Sun

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Senior Tories: the decision not to contest the Batley and Spen by-election is simply wrong

Parris: Nobody can account for the actions of disturbed minds

“I’ve been consistent. Every time some demented soul with a brown skin has gone on a killing spree (poor Fusilier Lee Rigby’s horrific fate in 2013 is a recent example) I’ve doubted the sense of linking deranged minds to whatever cause they settle on. I offer Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, and the whole Leave crew, the benefit of the same doubt. Columnists are expected to draw general lessons from particular events. Mourning Jo Cox’s death, I must demur. There are no lessons here, none at all. Only sorrow.” – Matthew Parris The Times(£)

The best tribute would be to keep calm and carry on says Tebbit

TEBBIT Lord“In October 1984, having narrowly escaped death  in the small hours of Saturday morning, Margaret Thatcher spoke exactly as scheduled to her Party Conference in a way which gave the clearest of signals to those who had bombed the Grand Hotel at Brighton. What a contrast with today. In the wake of the murder of Jo Cox,Mr Cameron cancelled an official visit to Gibraltar. The democratic political process of the referendum campaign has been suspended for 24 hours and Parliament is to be recalled on Monday. Sadly it will not recall Jo Cox from the dead.” – Lord Tebbit Daily Telegraph

Other comment

  • End the downward spiral in our politics – Gordon Brown The Guardian
  • Many MPs are good people – Quentin Letts Daily Mail
  • Evil acts will not destroy democracy – Leader Daily Telegraph
  • Don’t play politics with this senseless tragedy – Leader Daily Mail
  • Wrong to make political capital out of this death – Daily Express
  • Don’t ignore the hate-fuelled backdrop – Leader The Guardian
  • Who would want to enter politics now? – Michael Deacon Daily Telegraph
  • This is not the time for ugly political opportunism – Peter Oborne Daily Mail
  • Political debate must continue with passion – The Sun Says
  • Jo Cox would have wanted us to keep debating – Ross Clark Daily Express


Lord Guthrie switches to back Vote Leaveguthrie

“In February, this newspaper ran a letter from several of Britain’s most senior retired military leaders, in favour of a Remain vote…The second most senior signature on that letter was that of Lord Guthrie, the last Chief of the Defence Staff  to have run our armed forces in a  period of military success…What has changed his mind? It is his anxiety about a growing EU role in defence, leading to a European Army. ‘I think a European Army could damage NATO. It is expensive. It’s unnecessary duplication to have it. It would appeal to some euro vanity thing.’ ” – Charles Moore Daily Telegraph

  • Sadiq Khan calls for a change of tone – The Guardian
  • Bright Blue urges EU rethink on immigration – The Sun
  • Cameron is blackmailing Europe says Putin – The Guardian
  • Scots plot EU revolt – The Sun
  • Farage poster reported to police – Independent

>Today: ToryDiary: How the referendum will be announced

IMF warns that Brexit would mean slower growth

“A UK exit from the European Union could mean the UK misses out on up to 5.6% of GDP growth by 2019, the IMF has warned. Brexit is the “largest near-term risk” to the UK economy, the IMF said in its annual UK economic outlook. It added that the net economic effects would probably be “negative and substantial”. But the Economists for Brexit campaign said the consensus that a UK exit would be bad for the economy was “based on flawed EU-centric models”.” – BBC

Win or lose I’m staying at No 10 says Cameron

David Cameron 16-06-16“David Cameron declares today that he will continue as prime minister whether he wins or loses the EU referendum. He urges voters not to blame him if there is a vote for Brexit, even though a number of Tory ministers insist that under those circumstances he must go. In an interview in The Times magazine, he insists that he can withstand pressure from hostile MPs. “I just get on with the job. I have a very clear mandate from the British people to serve as prime minister in a Conservative government, delivering a referendum.” Pushed as to whether he could hang on in the event of Brexit vote, he says: “Yes. I think it’s very important that the individual careers of individual politicians don’t get caught up in this question.” – The Times(£)

  • Boris backs Cameron to stay as PM whatever the referendum result – The Sun

The Times endorses Remain

“If Mr Cameron wins, he must seize the moment to galvanise other disgruntled allies from Denmark to Dubrovnik for a new assault on waste, red tape and anti-democratic interference. The Germans and the Dutch, among others, are desperate for Britain to remain because they know we can still play a key role in energising change and preventing France from being a hindrance to free market reform….No one should underestimate how tough a task that would be. It may not sound as exhilarating or romantic as a defiant march to Brexit, but it is the better choice for Britain and Europe.” – The Times(£)

Moore: We face a serious decision but not a terribly difficult one

moorenew“The Parliament whose freedom we would recover needs massive re-equipping for the task. But we have, for one brief moment, recovered the power that has gradually been removed from us. If we vote Leave, we maximise it; if we vote Remain, we throw it away. It is a very serious decision but not, I would argue, such a terribly difficult one. Is there anything in the shape of the modern world which tells us that when we vote to be run by a distant oligarchy, we thrive? Is there anything in our history which tells us that when we vote to govern ourselves, we go wrong?” – Charles Moore Daily Telegraph

Other comment

  • Foolish proposal for an EU wide Financial Transaction Tax – Allister Heath Daily Telegraph
  • I like the EU but I’m voting out – Patrick Collinson The Guardian
  • The EU just needs reform – Tim Farron Daily Express
  • Remainers, your country needs you – Timothy Garton Ash The Guardian

End class warfare says Waldegrave

“He worries that the Tories are stirring up class warfare. “This all seems very old fashioned and backward looking. I thought we had got past the stage when everyone had to be defined and boxed in by their class, their accent and their background, there is so much more fluidity now. There are serious dangers in slipping back into class warfare.” – Interview with Lord Waldegrave The Times(£)

Sanders promises to work with Clinton

Hillary Clinton“Bernie Sanders has promised to work with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, but has stopped short of endorsing her. The Vermont senator told his supporters in a speech that it was vital that they stop the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, from winning the White House.” – BBC

News in brief

  • Staff resorted to spreadsheets in London Mayoral count – BBC
  • Guardian accepts 257 voluntary redundancies – The Guardian
  • National Grid should be broken up say MPs – BBC
  • Buy to let tax hikes will knock 20 per cent off house prices says Deutsche Bank – Daily Mail
  • Enfield Council replaces staff with a robot – The Times(£)
  • Labour donor’s firm causes outrage with “Polish only ” recruitment advertising – The Sun

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