Cameron tries to step out of Remain limelight

Cameron1“Today, he will effectively hand over the campaign to keep Britain in the EU to Gordon Brown and Jeremy Corbyn in response to growing fears that traditional Labour voters will back Leave next week. In a move that echoes the final desperate days of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, the Prime Minister will let his Labour predecessor take the lead in the hope Mr Brown can reach working-class voters.” – Daily Mail

  • Remain hands baton to Brown and Labour big hitters – FT
  • Sturgeon claims Scots can decide referendum outcome – The Scotsman
  • Inside the campaign to keep Britain In – FT
  • Chancellor will warn that Brexit will cost Wales 24,000 jobs – Wales Online

More Cameron:

  • Cameron rubbishes Brexit campaign’s Turkey claims – Daily Telegraph
  • Tory donor withdraws support over leader’s “irresponsible” campaign – Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron defends campaign from Farage’s attacks – The Guardian
  • Brexit would cause ‘seven years of uncertainty’, warns European Council president – The Times (£)
  • Civil servants enjoying purdah – The Times (£)

More Tories:

  • Tory leader avoids questions on decision to fight election expenses probe – Daily Mail
  • Osborne’s sugar tax will shave just five calories off the average Brit’s intake – The Sun


  • Cameron’s bid to put a new veneer on Project Fear – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • Sunshine Dave is on a sticky wicket – Patrick Kidd, The Times (£)


  • How much are the EU elite (and the Remain campaign) hiding from us? – Daily Mail

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: If leaving the EU would really be so ruinous, why did Cameron threaten to do so only recently?

Patel criticises the Prime Minister for ‘demeaning’ bid to scare OAPs

“David Cameron has been blasted for scaring OAPs in a “demeaning way” by one of his Ministers in an extraordinary row over pensions. In a withering attack, Brexit-backing Jobs Minister Priti Patel tore into the Prime Minister for warning the Tories may have to axe pension benefits if the nation votes to leave the EU.” – The Sun

  • Fury at Prime Minister’s EU threat to pensions – Daily Express


  • Patel warns that Turkish accession to the EU will lead to 100,000 extra immigrants a year – The Times (£)
  • MigrationWatch claims 700,000 Turks will move to Britain once they’re in the EU – The Sun
  • Merkel ready to cave to Ankara on visas, British diplomats believe – Daily Telegraph

More Leave:

  • Boris denies dyeing his hair – Daily Mail
  • Osborne savaged for claiming Brexit will lead to defence cuts – The Sun
  • Senior French admirals claim British exit will prevent an EU army – Daily Express


  • Trying to terrify the elderly about their pensions? The Prime Minister must be desperate – Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail

>Today: Sunder Katwala in Comment: Many ethnic minority voters are natural Leave supporters – but there’s that thorny issue of trust


Labour leader launches ‘rescue bid’ as Labour supporters back Brexit

Labour holes“Jeremy Corbyn has agreed to lead an all-out blitz for the Remain camp this week after internal party assessments warned that Labour’s traditional voters were “haemorrhaging” towards Brexit. As the referendum campaign enters its final full week, reports from Labour’s regional directors are “bad, very bad”, one senior party figure admitted last night. “There’s no point in sugaring the pill.” – The Times (£)

  • Corbyn and McDonnell accused of being ‘in denial’ over immigration – Daily Mail

More Labour:

  • Plot to prosecute Blair deepens party rift – The Times (£)
  • Burnham calls for ‘Hillsborough Law’ for bereaved families – The Guardian

Steve Hilton: Brexit will give power back to the British people

“The failure to understand or appreciate the “Take Control” argument, to dismiss it as “airy-fairy conceptual nonsense”, to miss the point that it’s the basis of all the arguments about the economy, immigration and other highly practical concerns, is the reason the Remain campaign is losing. By attacking the idea of taking control, the already insular ruling elite in the political parties, big business and the international technocracy give people the impression of zooming even further into orbit: focused on protecting themselves, their careers and their way of life; frightened of giving power to people.” – The Times (£)

  • When it comes to the single market, you don’t need to be in it to win it – Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph


  • Sacrificing influence and control is not a price worth paying – Andrew Tyrie, The Times (£)
  • We’re just ten days from making the most horrible mistake on Europe – Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian
  • If Brexit wins, the EU should let Britain go in peace – Wolfgang Münchau, FT


  • Pooled sovereignty has advanced national goals – FT


Trump attacks Obama for refusing to mention ‘radical Islam’ in response to Orlando attack

US flag“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for President Barack Obama to step down from his position after not linking the Orlando nightclub terror attack to ‘Radical Islam’…Trump’s comments come after 50 people were killed in a shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday morning, marking the most deadly mass shooting in US history.” – Daily Mail

  • He swore allegiance to ISIS, and then shot 50 dead – The Times (£)
  • Multi-million pound DFID programme has encouraged terrorism – Daily Telegraph


  • This atrocity won’t make Americans give up their guns – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)

>Today: ToryDiary: Orlando. A British-born preacher says “death is the sentence” for gay people. Only a few months later, scores are murdered.

News in Brief:

  • UEFA threatens to ban England over fan disorder – Daily Mail
  • French police accused of escalating Marseille violence – The Times (£)
  • Britain told to brace itself for power shortages – FT
  • New study claims viruses like Ebola and Zika can be predicted – Daily Telegraph
  • MPs step up campaign to strip ‘robber baron’ Sir Philip Green of knighthood – The Sun
  • Warning that UK faces a digital skills crisis – Daily Mail
  • Patients set up buyers’ clubs for non-NHS medicines – The Times (£)
  • Scottish islands fear Edinburgh is rowing back from devolution promises – FT

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