Independence Day. Britain votes for Brexit, Cameron to resign in October

Cameron Resignation“David Cameron has resigned as prime minister after Britain voted to leave the European Union. The prime minister said the country required “fresh leadership” to “steer the country” out of the EU. He promised to “steady the ship” over the coming months before stepping down in October.” – ITV Before the resignation:

  • Pro-Leave Tories write to support Cameron – Daily Mail
  • Eurosceptic MPs rally behind the Tory leader – FT
  • Operation Save Dave – The Sun
  • Liam Fox says Cameron must stay on – Daily Express
  • Cameron under pressure to resign – Daily Telegraph
  • Eight questions Cameron must answer – The Guardian
  • Brexiteer claims Cameron will be gone by day’s end – Daily Express
  • Who is likely to replace the Prime Minister? – FT


  • Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition face calls to quit – The Times (£)
  • Corbyn faces criticism after many Labour voters back Leave – FT
  • Farage revels in extraordinary win for ‘ordinary’ voters – The Times (£)


  • Cameron is finished, his failure on Europe will be his legacy – James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph



‘The day the world changed’

“Britain has been hit by a political earthquake after the historic EU referendum delivered clear backing for Brexit – and effectively ended David Cameron’s career. The Leave campaign triumphed after stacking up votes across England and Wales – despite massive support for Remain in Scotland and major cities including London.” – Daily Mail

How the vote broke down:

The polls and result:

  • How right or wrong were the polls? – Daily Telegraph
  • Heywood faces quiz by MPs over Government support for Remain – Daily Mail
  • How Britain backed Brexit: key moments on the night – Daily Telegraph
  • Both sides turn out in record numbers – The Times (£)
  • Remain staggers over the line in Cameron’s back yard – The Sun


  • My head and heart said Leave, and yet… Robbie Millen, The Times (£)
  • Bitter battle reveals a divided nation – FT


Philip Collins: Our country has never been more divided – now we must heal

Britain shield“The most divisive and least edifying of political campaigns is done. Every day of the ten-week EU referendum seemed like a political eternity. Mercy be that the dismal thing is over. Now, with truth such an obvious casualty, it is time to turn our attention to reconciliation.” – The Times (£)

  • This poll has utterly divided the nation: an early election is the only answer – Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph
  • We have woken up in a different country – Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian


Pound slumps as markets react

“The pound dropped more than 10 per cent against the dollar and share trading in Japan was halted as market panic over Brexit spread. As the results of Britain’s historic referendum became clear, the FTSE-100 was poised to open more than 7 per cent down. The pound lost more than 10 per cent against the dollar and plunged below $1.35.” – Daily Mail

  • All bets are off amidst fresh threat of recession – The Times (£)
  • Businesses have big decisions to make – Daily Mail
  • Rollercoaster for markets as gamble backfires – The Times (£)
  • Market shockwaves as UK backs Brexit – FT
  • Bank of England will take ‘all necessary steps’ – Daily Express
  • ‘Buy gold’ searches spike 500 per cent – Daily Telegraph


  • City cowboys tarnish a day for democracy – Daily Mail

Bryant wants to ‘punch’ Miliband for the state he left Labour in

LABOUR dead rose“A senior Labour MP suggested he might punch ‘t***pot’ Ed Miliband over the state he has left the party in. Chris Bryant hit out when the former Labour leader appeared on the big screen television at the Stronger In referendum party, where he was being interviewed live. Talking to guests at the event, the shadow Commons leader made clear his views about the Doncaster North MP.” – Daily Mail

  • Extraordinary attack on former leader as party heartlands back Brexit – Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

  • Ex-BBC chief claims Corporation ‘ignores and despises’ millions of Britons – Daily Mail
  • Libya can unite around a new king – The Times (£)
  • Trump faces protests 0n visit to Scotland – Daily Telegraph
  • Democrats end sit-in over gun control – FT
  • Masked gunman opens fire in German cinema – Daily Mail

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