Police had been ‘poised’ to increase Jo Cox’s security after three months of abuse

COX Jo“Mrs Cox, 41, who was shot and stabbed repeatedly by a man who allegedly shouted “put Britain first”, had been harassed in a stream of messages over three months. Additional security was being considered at her constituency surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire, where the attack took place, as well as at her houseboat in London. There is no known link between the messages and yesterday’s attack.” – The Times (£)

  • Three-month hate mail campaign had police considering extra protection – Daily Express
  • MPs security under review – Daily Mail
  • Politicians fearful for their safety – The Times (£)
  • Angry MPs demand security overhaul – The Sun
  • Man questioned by police over abusive call to Ben Bradshaw – Daily Telegraph
  • Arrest over death threat to Exeter MP – Daily Express


  • Tearful mourners hold vigil… – Daily Mail
  • …as Cameron and Corbyn lead tributes in Westminster – Daily Mail
  • MP for a year, but her warmth and sincerity had already made their mark – The Times (£)
  • From activist to rising Labour star – FT
  • Grief and shock after murder of ‘MP with huge compassion’ – The Guardian
  • Politicians united in grief – The Scotsman
  • Welsh MP’s tears for colleague – Wales Online
  • Worldwide tributes after shocking death – Daily Telegraph
  • Twitter tributes from around the world – The Times (£)

The attack, and the suspect:

  • Witnesses describe the attack – The Times (£)
  • How democracy’s darkest day in decades unfolded – Daily Telegraph
  • Killer felt ‘socially isolated’ due to long-term mental illness – Daily Mail
  • ‘Helpful and polite’ loner with history of mental health issues – The Times (£)
  • Labour MP faces backlash for attack on Leave’s ‘dangerous material’ hours after colleagues death – Daily Mail
  • EU campaigns on hold as both sides left ‘reeling’ by tragedy – The Times (£)

Andrew Mitchell: My fearless friend, a five-foot bundle of Yorkshire grit

“What was so striking about that was that here was a newly-elected Labour MP who had so little time for the petty aspects of party-political life of Westminster… She just wanted to do the right thing. A lot people in her situation would have been very reluctant to work with a wicked old Tory like me, but Jo never minded.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Her death raises questions about how safe it really is to represent us – Fraser Nelson, Daily Telegraph
  • Jo felt that being an MP mattered, and she was right – The Times (£)
  • Cox was brave, and so are most MPs. Let’s show them more respect – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph


>Today: ToryDiary: An MP is murdered. Shocking, yes – but not at all surprising. The portents were there. This was coming.


Remain and Leave suspend campaigning

EU FLag“Campaigning in the EU referendum ceased within 40 minutes of the fatal attack even though there are only six days until the vote. George Osborne, the chancellor, and Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, abandoned speeches on the EU they had been due to make at the annual Mansion House dinner last night… Boris Johnson cancelled a campaign visit to Ipswich, and the BBC cancelled Question Time and Andrew Neil’s late night political show This Week. Both referendum campaigns urged the media not to run opinion articles written before news of the killing surfaced.” – The Times (£)

  • Osborne cancels referendum speech to deliver ‘defiant and emotional’ memorial – Daily Mail

Bank of England:

  • Boris accuses Carney of ‘peddling phoney forecasts’ – Daily Mail
  • Governor warns of chaos as Leave try to ‘gag’ him – The Times (£)
  • Bank hits back after bid to silence Brexit warnings – FT
  • ‘All options open’ if UK votes Leave, Bank confirms – FT

Farage and elsewhere:

  • All sides attack Farage for ‘immoral and dishonest’ poster – The Times (£)
  • Corbyn is proving Leave’s secret weapon – The Sun
  • Tory donors hit out at ‘bullying’ Remain camp – The Times (£)


  • First Minister orders officials to draw up plan for new referendum – Daily Telegraph
  • Sturgeon will talk to Brussels about staying if UK votes Leave – The Times (£)
  • Scottish Parliament ‘farce’ over bar on debating EU – Daily Telegraph

Northern Ireland:

  • New poll finds Catholics moving from Remain to Leave – News Letter


  • Brussels eyes legal options to force UK out quickly – FT
  • EU officials discuss fines and ‘legal punishment’ for Brexit – The Times (£)
  • Hollande tries to use tea to get Brits to stay – The Sun
  • German Eurocrat says the EU doesn’t want Britain – Daily Mail
  • Germany fears UK exit will undermine its dominance of the EU – FT
  • Sweden braces for Brexit as minister slams Cameron’s debate performances – Daily Express
  • Irish Government hits panic button over Brexit poll surge – Daily Mail
  • ‘Only lunatics want to join’: Switzerland withdraws EU bid – The Sun


  • Why the Bank of England was right to reveal Brexit anxiety – Nils Pratley, The Guardian
  • There are no facts, only guesses, in this vote – Ed Conway, The Times (£)
  • It’s easy to mock experts and the ‘Establishment’, but government needs elites – Jeremy Warner, Daily Telegraph
  • Britain is in the midst of a working-class revolt – John Harris, The Guardian
  • Thanks to Farage, June 23 will be Independence Day – David McNarry, News Letter
  • Why Britain might be about to vote Leave – Sebastian Payne, FT


  • Bank chief who can’t stop scaremongering – Daily Mail


Trident vote may be held this summer to start healing Tory splits

“Ministers are plotting a vote on Trident before the summer recess to try and heal splits in the Tory party after the EU referendum. Government whips are keen for a vote on Britain’s nuclear deterrent during the week before the House of Commons breaks up for the summer, on 21 July. The vote would also shift attention away from Tory acrimony to disunity in the Labour party over the renewal of Trident.” – Daily Mail

  • Bookmakers slash odds of Cameron quitting within two weeks – Daily Express

Labour hold Tooting

Labour-Party-Red-Rose-logo“Labour’s Rosena Allin-Khan has won the Tooting by-election in a contest overshadowed by the murder of MP Jo Cox. Dr Allin-Khan held the south London seat for Labour after London mayor Sadiq Khan stood down following his victory in the City Hall race in May. The A&E doctor, who increased the Labour majority, used her acceptance speech to pay tribute to Mrs Cox, who was killed in her Batley and Spen constituency on Thursday.” – Daily Mail

News in Brief:

  • MPs threaten to widen investigation into Green’s company – Daily Mail
  • Energy Committee call for breakup of National Grid – FT
  • Young ISIS recruits have ‘no choice’, says NUS leader – The Times (£)
  • Train derails at Paddington station – Daily Telegraph
  • US diplomats call for air strikes on Assad’s Syrian regime – FT
  • Study finds seven-day GPs cut casualty admissions by a fifth on weekends – Daily Mail
  • Armed police on Scotland’s streets to rise by a third – The Scotsman

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