Blue on blue 1) A big escalation. Rudd targets Boris in ITV debate. Did Downing Street and the Treasury script the attack?

Boris and Osborne“Boris Johnson was targeted with extraordinary personal attacks by a Tory Cabinet minister and the SNP leader tonight as the gloves came off in the EU referendum battle. In the most brutal TV clashes yet of the campaign, Energy Secretary Amber Rudd branded her Conservative colleague a liar obsessed with becoming PM and jibed that he was ‘not the man you want to drive you home at the end of the evening’.” – Daily Mail

  • Remain team turns fire on Johnson – FT
  • Boris bites his tongue after stinging attacks – The Times (£)
  • Former mayor claims UK will prosper as never before – Daily Telegraph
  • Plenty of zingers, but who won? – The Times (£)
  • Boris stuns Sturgeon by using her own ‘Project Fear’ jibes against her – Daily Express
  • First Minister accuses former Mayor of £350m ‘whopper’ – The Guardian


  • Osborne claims Remain vote will deny SNP second shot at breaking up Britain – The Scotsman
  • Sturgeon fears it’s too soon for another independence vote – The Times (£)
  • Brown tells Scots that EU provides safety net against ‘Tory devastation’ – Daily Telegraph
  • SNP take on allegations of lukewarm support for EU fight – FT


  • Leave claims UK is exporting record amounts outside the EU – Daily Mail
  • Poll finds just 25 per cent of Britons think Brexit would lower living standards – The Guardian
  • Soros warns that the European Union could implode – The Times (£)

Fraser Nelson: Downing Street’s assassins are out for Boris

“Operation “Get Boris” is well underway, and its tactics are now visible. A group of Tory grandees have been primed to act as character assassins, queueing up to denounce him… Of course, they may be aiming to weaken the Leave campaign by attacking its leaders, but their sniping is distinctly selective. Michael Gove is being left untouched; he’ll be needed to rally Brexiteers around the Prime Minister after their expected defeat. But for Boris, the punishment will be slow.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Number 10 ‘put thumbscrews’ on pro-Brexit MPs in bid to make them defect – The Sun


  • Leave won the debate, and Johnson looks like a Prime Minister – Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph
  • The Tory Party just tore itself apart, live on TV – Michael Deacon’s sketch, Daily Telegraph


>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Osborne’s interview with Andrew Neil in full

Blue on blue 2) Duncan Smith claims Cameron knows migration claims are rubbish

Cameron Fightback“A law the Prime Minister relies on to claim he can control EU immigration is a sham, says the former Cabinet minister who was in charge of implementing it. Government officials told Iain Duncan Smith the chances of removing an EU citizen from Britain if they do not get a job after six months are ‘close to zero’.” – Daily Mail

  • Poll reveals Prime Minister makes people twice as likely to vote Leave – The Sun
  • Cameron urged to re-open free movement discussion if Remain wins – The Guardian
  • Two million EU migrants arrive in a decade – The Times (£)
  • Close vote for ‘Leave’ could lead to second referendum – The Times (£)
  • Brexiteers fear thousands of ineligible voters have registered during extension – Daily Telegraph


  • Tory AM on why she has changed her mind and is backing Brexit – Wales Online
  • Jones attacks claims Wales would be compensated for lost EU cash as ‘dangerous fantasy’ – Wales Online

Northern Ireland:

  • What do the rival camps say about Northern Ireland? – Belfast Telegraph
  • Major and Blair warn that leaving the EU will harm UK unity – Daily Express
  • Brexit threatens the peace process, claim two ex-Prime Ministers – The Times (£)
  • Are Blair and Major really the people to appeal to young voters? – Daily Mail
  • Ulster police shielding terrorists to protect informants – The Times (£)
  • Security minister claims Brexit will better place UK to fight terrorism – Daily Telegraph


  • Ghosts from the past must not haunt our children’s future – John Hayes, Daily Telegraph


Corbyn to ramp up Remain campaigning after MPs discontent

“Jeremy Corbyn ramped up his campaigning for a Remain vote today amid criticism that he is half-hearted about our EU membership. The Labour leader took questions from Bimingham University students and visited a Sikh temple with his deputy Tom Watson. There has been mounting speculation that Mr Corbyn could face a leadership challenge if the looming referendum delivers a Brexit vote.” – Daily Mail

  • Miliband to lead Opposition attack on ‘Boris’ Brexit Britain’ – FT
  • Burnham warns that Remain isn’t cutting through in Labour heartlands – The Guardian
  • Skinner comes out for Leave – Morning Star
  • Mann declades for Brexit… – The Sun
  • …as another Labour MP due to quit Leave over ‘focus on race’ – The Times (£)
  • Colleagues claim anti-EU shadow cabinet member has been ‘gagged’ – The Sun


  • It’s time to break free and take control – John Mann MP, The Sun
  • Corbyn must be true to his party, if not himself, on the EU – Steve Richards, The Guardian

More Labour:

Ed Conway: We’ll all pay for the abuse of data in this campaign

EU monsters project fear“On the one hand this has made terrific sport for those of us willing to prise apart the numbers. On the other, it has only served to undermine public trust in statistics. When Michael Gove said in the Sky News debate a week ago “I think people in this country have had enough of experts”, he struck at something important, not to mention worrying. If no one believes the numbers, what is the point of them at all?” – The Times (£)

  • The Leave camp has no clue where it’s going – Philip Collins, The Times (£)
  • Brexiter’s idea of unilateral free trade is a dangerous fantasy – Martin Wolf, FT


Ministers 1) Hunt mulls part-privatisation of NHS staff bank

“Jeremy Hunt has asked Deloitte to advise on an overhaul of NHS Professionals, which manages more than 60,000 doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers, a step that could lead to a part-privatisation of the service… Its workers are more expensive than full-time NHS staff but cheaper than temporary workers from the private sector. But it is only used by 60 out of the roughly 250 NHS trusts in England. Mr Hunt, the health secretary, wants to cut back the cost of temporary workers and is keen to build up NHSP to play a larger role.” – FT

Ministers 2) Gibb orders schools to ignore High Court ruling on term-time holiday fines

School“Head teachers have been ordered to ignore a High Court ruling that overturned fines imposed on parents for taking children on term-time holidays. Schools minister Nick Gibb said he was ‘disappointed’ by last month’s ruling and instructed schools to continue applying the regulations.” – Daily Mail

Labour: Khan breaks fares vow…

“The mayor of London has reneged on his central campaign promise to freeze travel fares across the city just a month into his leadership. Labour’s Sadiq Khan vowed that Londoners would not “pay a penny more for their travel in 2020 than they do today” during his campaign, a popular policy among 11 million commuters. He has now said that only single fares and pay-as-you-go prices will remain frozen. Defending his decision, he claimed that travelcards and daily caps were not under his control.” – The Times (£)

  • The Mayor will pay for an incomplete freeze, but how much? – Dave Hill, The Guardian

>Today: Gareth Bacon in Local Government: Mayor Khan has already abandoned his pledge to freeze fares

…as Straw evades prosecution over CIA ‘torture flights’

LABOUR dead rose“Jack Straw was last night mired deeper in the scandal of Britain’s involvement in the torture and kidnap of Libyan dissidents. Prosecutors controversially ruled that no one would stand trial over claims that MI6 helped send two men back into the clutches of Colonel Gaddafi in 2004. But for the first time, it was officially confirmed that politicians knew the UK was embroiled in the CIA’s programme of torture flights.” – Daily Mail

SNP under fire over ‘shocking’ drop in number of poor children going to university

“Nicola Sturgeon has come under intense criticism over “shocking” figures showing the number of 18-year-old Scots from the poorest backgrounds getting into university dropped last year. The First Minister insisted that the SNP government was making progress on widening access to higher education and warned that ministers would force universities to admit more deprived youngsters if the situation did not improve quickly enough.” – Daily Telegraph

Obama endorses Clinton

US flag“President Barack Obama formally endorsed Hillary Clinton to succeed him as president of the United States, calling her the most qualified person ever for the job. For months Mr Obama had remained neutral as Mrs Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the socialist senator from Vermont, competed for the Democratic Party’s nomination.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Left-wing Warren declares herself willing to be running mate – The Guardian
  • Why don’t more women like Hillary? – FT


  • Historic Hillary? Hardly. Thatcher changed the world for women decades ago – Jemima Lewis, Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

  • MPs call for Sir Philip Green to be stripped of title – Daily Mail
  • Tata delays decision on UK steel operations – FT
  • Scientists close to cure for multiple sclerosis – The Times (£)
  • Nuclear experts warn of ISIS’ dirty bomb threat to European cities – Daily Express
  • Obama approves broader role for US forces in Afghanistan – Daily Telegraph
  • Industry claims North Sea downturn has cost over 120,000 jobs – FT
  • Universities in the clear over Cameron’s race claims – Daily Mail

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