Vote Leave’s immigration push, Day Two: Gove plays the security card…

GOVE union flag T-shirt“Mr Gove said that during his time in the Cabinet he “experienced frustration” at Britain’s “inability to refuse entry to those with a criminal record and even some who are suspected of terrorist links”. His comments will intensify the debate over Britain’s porous borders and come as the Home Office is facing criticism for lax security along the UK’s coastline that is allowing people smugglers to bring migrants into the UK. David Cameron today prepares to take part in his first debate of the referendum campaign, during which he is likely to face questions about Britain’s control over its borders.” – Daily Telegraph

> Yesterday: Gove tops our next party leader survey for the third month running

…But Cameron fights back – and May puts her head above the parapet

“The prime minister attacked Brexit campaigners over their promises to reduce migration outside the EU, claiming that the stricter Australian-style immigration system that they advocate would “crash our economy”. Theresa May, who has kept a low profile during the referendum campaign, admitted that migration was too high but added that Australia had “nearly double the level of immigration per head that we have here in the UK”.” – The Times (£)


  • How the points system works – Financial Times
  • Study claims points system could boost pensions – Daily Mail
  • Boris: We’re not plotting an alternative manifesto – Daily Telegraph
  • Dutch Prime Minister slams points system… – Daily Express
  • …While Spain’s claims that Brexit would cost British expats the right to live and work in Europe – Daily Telegraph


Leave Fightback 1) Osborne and Darling strive to re-focus campaign coverage on the economy

OSBORNE blue tie“George Osborne was joined by his Labour predecessor Alistair Darling in attacking the Brexit campaigners’ spending proposals as uncosted, unworkable, damaging and dangerous. Mr Osborne and the Remain camp are seeking to shift the spotlight from immigration as polls suggest that the issue is driving voters towards Brexit with 21 days until the referendum…The chancellor and Mr Darling fought back with their first joint intervention of the campaign. “You are coming forward with uncosted and unworkable proposals that would damage our country by taking us out of the single market upon which so many jobs depend,” they wrote in an open letter to Vote Leave, published today.” – The Times (£)

  • OECD warns that Brexit would cut Britain’s growth… – The Sun
  • (…as it slashes our growth forecast in any event…) – The Times (£)
  • Longworth says the EU helps to fund the OECD – Daily Mail
  • Panama Papers inquiry expected to call George Osborne as witness – The Guardian

Leave Fightback 2) Wildlife charities come out for Remain

“The two charities informed their 1.7 million supporters that they believe the safest option Britain’s environment and wildlife is remaining in the EU…Cameron said: “This referendum is a once in a generation decision, and it is vital that we hear from every sector on the possible implications for our country. “Charities like the RSPB and WWF play an important role in the debate on Europe and I welcome their declaration that our natural environment will be safer if we stay in a reformed EU.” The Prime Minister also claimed EU membership gives the country a strong voice in global discussions about cutting emissions.” – Daily Express

Referendum news in brief


  • Wenger and Holler back Remain – The Times (£)
  • Campaign steps up efforts to secure ethnic minority vote – The Guardian
  • Gove tells Birmingham’s ethnic communities that they have nothing to fear from Brexit – Birmingham Mail


  • Airports in Republic could benefit from Brexit says Aer Lingus boss – Irish News
  • What would Brexit mean for British tourists booking holidays in the EU? – The Independent


  • FARAGE laughing headFarage bets £1000 on Brexit – The Sun
  • UKIP leader on tour: “This is very much the strategy. He is going to the sort of working class places where Boris Johnson’s vowels grate. ‘A lot are inner-city areas which have traditionally been harder for us but the reaction has been encouraging,’ said Mr Farage.” – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail


  • Corbyn to warn that workers’ rights would be at risk if Britain left the EU –  Financial Times
  • Labour’s Shadow Europe Minister tells activists not to both canvassing old white men – Daily Mail


  • He backs Leave (again)… – Daily Mail
  • …And arrives in Britain the day after the referendum – The Sun


  • Is Google downgrading a pro-Brexit blog? – Daily Mail

> Today:

> Yesterday: Columnist Peter Marshall – Brexit is not a policy. It is not even a scenario. It is just a grievance.

Rishi Sunak: The EU’s trade record destroys the economic argument for Remain

Screen SUNAK Rishi“Dig around in the figures and what becomes swiftly apparent is that if you look at trade deals in terms of the size of the economies they’re signed with (rather than just counting them, as the EU seem to prefer) Europe’s numbers stop looking quite so rosy. For instance, while the EU has yet to ratify a single free trade agreement with a top 10 economy, Australia has wasted no time in signing deals with all three of the world’s largest economies: China, Japan and the US. Crunch the numbers and what this amounts to is that medium-sized independent countries like South Korea, Switzerland, Canada and Australia have all successfully used FTAs to open up export markets twice as large as the markets opened up by EU membership.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Leave must back the Norway option – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph

Tim Montgomerie: If Cameron wins the referendum, Leavers shouldn’t contest the result. He will have won fair and square

“However, if Remain wins, it must also be acknowledged by all Brexiteers, such as myself, that Mr Cameron will have won too. As much as we might resent the belittling of Britain’s potential that will have underpinned his victory, he will find himself resting atop four-and-three-quarter triumphs: three referendum victories (over electoral reformers in 2011, Scottish Nationalists in 2014 and Leavers in 2016); last year’s win in a supposedly unwinnable election; and I would also give him three-quarters for losing 2010’s unlosable election against recession-struck Gordon Brown but still managing to get into office with the help of the Liberal Democrats. Those triumphs would put Mr Cameron in the top tier of electorally successful prime ministers of the postwar period.” – The Times (£)

  • Cameron’s sinister purge of the posh – Fraser Nelson, Spectator

> Yesterday: James Wharton on Comment – Conservative MPs demanding a leadership challenge are wrong: Cameron is an asset.

The Conservative legal bid to block a police probe into the Party’s election spending in Thanet South fails

Police“Folkestone Magistrates Court granted Kent Police more time to investigate whether the Conservatives breached strict spending rules in the bitter South Thanet contest in 2015.  The judge blasted the party for attempting to block the “very significant public interest in the matter being fully investigated” and declared the election result could be “void.”  Cops are probing whether the Tories vastly overspent in their bid to stop the Ukip chief entering Parliament last year, but winning Tory MP Craig Mackinlay tried to have the case thrown out.  Under electoral law, such complaints should be completed within 12 months, but the police had asked for more time claiming this was an exceptional case.” – The Sun

  • Naz Shah faces questions about her election expenses – Daily Mail
  • Why is there so little noise about the Tory election fraud claims? – Michael White, The Guardian

May makes concessions over Investigatory Powers Bill

“The concessions, intended to meet concerns raised by the parliamentary intelligence and security committee (ISC) as well as by Labour, Liberal Democrat and backbench Tory critics, include the introduction of a privacy clause designed to ensure that the new mass surveillance powers are not authorised in situations where less intrusive means could be used. The two-day Commons report stage of the investigatory powers bill, which will extend the powers of the security services, is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday next week. It will be the last substantive piece of parliamentary business before the EU referendum in three weeks’ time.” – The Guardian

Comrade Milne hunts The Mole

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 07.59.22“Paranoid Seumas Milne told how one of the hard-left leader’s top team is leaking Mr Corbyn’s line of questioning ahead of Prime Minister’s Question time about a “third of the time”.  Defending the Labour leader’s notoriously poor performances at the weekly showdown, Mr Milne said the well-placed mole’s inside information gave the PM a distinct advantage at the dispatch box.” – The Sun

  • Senior Labour MPs warn that the party has lost touch with voters – The Sun
  • Only Jewish candidate for Labour’s ruling NEC blocked after intervention by Jim Murphy – The Independent
  • Far-left candidate blocked from Labour’s ruling body – The Times (£)
  • Livingstone blames “embittered” Labour MPs over Hitler rumpus – The Guardian

> Yesterday: LeftWatch – A rare and troubling glimpse inside Corbyn’s command bunker

SNP abstains as parliament votes to ban fracking in Scotland

“Ministers insisted it won’t make any difference to the current moratorium on the controversial practice and they will continue with research into the method of underground gas extraction. But the move will pile the pressure on energy minister Paul Wheelhouse to rule out fracking in the long-term when he eventually rules on the issue. Nationalist MSPs abstained on a motion calling for the practice to be ruled out in future, allowing the combined Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat ranks to out-vote the Tories.” – Scotsman

News in Brief

  • TYRIE AndrewTyrie 2) He urges watchdog to review P2P protection – Financial Times
  • Islam inspires ISIS fanatics to commit horrific terror attacks, BBC religion chief claims – Daily Express
  • Westminster Council to scrap CCTV cameras – Financial Times
  • Government has no record of how it spends £2.5bn each year on public policy research – The Independent
  • Wales has the highest rate of heart failure of anywhere in the UK – Wales Online
  • The BBC’s War and Peace makes it on to Pornhub – The Sun
  • Prince Harry fulfills promise to give US soldier’s Invictus medal to medics who saved her life – Daily Telegraph
  • Latest Tudor shock: mean old Henry VII was really a big spender – Daily Mail

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