Cameron denounced for dodging TV debates

Snip20160525_1“David Cameron was branded a coward last night for refusing to debate on TV with senior Brexit campaigners. Despite claiming the case to stay in the EU is overwhelming, the Prime Minister will take part only in interviews and question and answer sessions with voters. His opponents suspect he fears a clash over open borders when thousands of migrants are heading across the Mediterranean to Europe” – Daily Mail

YouGov says the referendum race is neck and neck

“Trust in David Cameron’s position on Europe has dropped further in a new poll which suggests that the referendum is once more neck and neck. A YouGov poll for The Times has found that the Remain and Leave vote are tied at 41 per cent, with 13 per cent saying that they do not know and four per cent declaring they would not vote” – The Times (£)



Generals and admirals call for Britain to leave EU

General Sir Michael Rose“Britain’s Armed Forces would be more effective outside the European Union, 12 former generals and admirals claim today. Throwing their weight behind the Brexit campaign, the former military top brass say the EU has become ‘intrusive’, ‘out of control’ and ‘not fit for purpose’… General Sir Michael Rose says service personnel are in danger of becoming ‘no more than civilians in uniform’” – Daily Mail

  • Britain will be forced to join a single European army – Daily Express

IFS condemns Brexit campaign’s “absurd” figures

“The highly respected Institute for Fiscal Studies accused the Brexit campaign on Wednesday of peddling ‘clearly absurd’ figures suggesting Britain would save large sums of money if it left the EU. Rather than saving £350m a week, or £18bn a year, from Brexit, the IFS research suggests a vote to leave would cost £20bn to £40bn a year and require additional austerity, lasting into the next decade, if the government still wanted to eliminate the deficit” – Financial Times

  • NIESR says slashing migration will not hit the British economy hard – Sun
  • Osborne misses borrowing target by £4 billion – Financial Times

Rees-Mogg attacks the Governor of the Bank

Rees-Mogg“You underestimate Jacob Rees-Mogg at your peril… ‘Chairman, gentlemen,’ he said, nodding at the flunkeys next to Dr Carney. ‘Good morning.’ These pleasantries done, he reached for his poignard. ‘In general elections you do not give a view on parties’ economic policies,’ he said. ‘Why not?’” – Patrick Kidd, The Times (£)

  • Bank split over Carney claim of a severe downturn – The Times (£)

Field: Vote Leave and kick Cameron out of Downing Street

“About a third of Labour supporters look set to vote for Britain to leave the European Union. The Leave campaign could double this figure, thereby helping to snatch victory in the referendum, if it were to hammer home one key message: each vote cast in favour of leaving the EU is a vote nearer to getting a new prime minister” – Frank Field, The Times (£)

  • A positive agenda can persuade pro-European Labour voters to turn out – Gordon Brown, Financial Times
  • Brown “astonished” to discover he’s a Viking – Herald
  • Eagle says “Tory blokes’ playground spat” drowns out female voices – Guardian
  • The EU referendum debate alienates everyone, not just women – Sarah Gordon, Financial Times
  • Why the EU is terrible for women – Suzanne Evans, Daily Express
  • Muirfield members voted No to women because they did not like the “media telling us what to do” – Scotsman
  • Welsh Assembly UKIP group leader Hamilton told his “concubines” jibe was “unacceptable” – WalesOnline

Hopkins: Boris has let down the Leave campaign

Boris“Boris has brought nothing to the Leave campaign. If anything, he has pushed undecideds towards Dave… Leave has lost its way. Gove is banging on about giving prisoners iPads, Duncan-Smith just looks bald and cross, and Boris is playing the fool. As much as the Leave contingent wants to distance itself from Farage faster than it could run from a hooker with herpes, at least Farage is authentic” – Katie Hopkins, MailOnline

Farage : “Bully people” into voting for Brexit

“Nigel Farage was caught on camera telling Ukip supporters to ‘bully people’ into voting for Brexit… As the bus moved slowly through the town centre, he told the crowd: ‘Those who believe in an independent Britain, you are a part of the People’s Army. Go out and persuade people, bully people, go down the pubs, the clubs, your family and get them to vote to take back our country’” – Daily Mail

Banks claims Vote Leave “is losing us this referendum”

FARAGE Nigel official“Recriminations are growing among campaigners for a British exit from the EU who say the official Vote Leave group is faltering and risks ‘losing us this referendum’… Arron Banks, co-chairman of Leave. EU, the UKIP-linked rival to the official Out organisation, said: ‘Vote Leave’s woeful campaign is losing us this referendum. It is time for them to put aside their pathetic prejudices and start using Nigel Farage’” – Financial Times

May agrees to review of snooper’s charter powers

“Labour has edged closer to supporting the ‘snooper’s charter’ after the home secretary, Theresa May, agreed to order an independent review of proposed state surveillance powers. Andy Burnham, the shadow home secretary, who had raised concerns about the wide-ranging nature of so-called bulk collection powers in the investigative powers bill, welcomed the concession” – Guardian

Harman accused of hypocrisy for praising Kardashian

harman“She is famous for her feminist views and her long-running campaign against pictures of topless women in tabloid newspapers. Yesterday, however, Harriet Harman found herself accused of hypocrisy for lavishing praise on Kim Kardashian. Miss Harman, former deputy leader of the Labour Party, applauded the publicity-hungry celebrity for her ‘bravery and pioneering spirit’ but continued her attack on Page 3 girls, criticising ‘male newspaper editors’ for using young women as ‘fodder’” – Daily Mail

  • Blair demands “a proper ground war” to confront Isis in Syria – Daily Mail
  • Saint Tony Blair looks every one of his 63 years, but Quentin Letts is barred from hearing him – Daily Mail
  • Corbyn in 1984 “supported severing ties with Jewish group” – The Times (£)
  • Hilton attacks “establishment bullying” of Corbyn – Guardian
  • Police investigate Labour MP Cat Smith’s election expenses – The Times (£)

News in brief

  • Greece reaches breakthrough deal with creditors – Financial Times
  • Three million may have paid wrong tax after HMRC left callers waiting – Daily Telegraph
  • NHS doctor is revealed as an Isis fighter – The Times (£)
  • Britain’s aid budget has risen 144 per cent in a decade – Daily Telegraph
  • French authorities raid Google’s Paris office in tax probe – Financial Times
  • Phil Tufnell’s brother in bid to save BHS – The Times (£)
  • Scottish alcohol sales increase to equivalent of 41 bottles of vodka per adult – Daily Telegraph
  • This underoccupied London tower symbolises the housing crisis – Guardian
  • Andrew Pierce objects to the census asking about his sexuality – Daily Mail