Will Cameron be challenged when the referendum ends?

ConHome EU shirt Cameron“Dozens of Tory MPs are threatening to topple David Cameron over his handling of the EU referendum. In the wake of the latest Brexit ‘dodgy’ dossier row, senior party figures said he would have to name a date for his departure if he wanted to avoid a massive bloodletting. They said even this might not prevent a formal vote of no-confidence after June 23, whatever the poll result.” – Daily Mail

  • Prime Minister ducks Question Time clash with Brexit’s big hitters – The Independent
  • Cameron to push for Remain endorsement at G7 – Financial Times
  • Prime Minister dismisses Hilton’s Brexit view is “one man’s opinion” – The Sun
  • Brexit could add £230 to the cost of a European holiday, Cameron warns – The Independent

Boris tears into Osborne’s Brexit economy “dodgy dossier”…

“Mr Johnson said that the chancellor had “made up” claims about the impact of leaving the EU. He said the Treasury’s forecast of a year-long recession amounted to “a hoax”. Speaking on the campaign trail in York, he added: “My own feeling is there is some risk now that the prophecies are so doom-laden that they are at risk of becoming self-fulfilling. I am worried that they are starting to talk Britain down quite significantly.” “ – The Times (£)

  • As does pro-Remain Sturgeon… – Scotsman
  • …Pro-Leave Leadsom… – Daily Express
  • And Marcus Fysh, who dubs them  “Specious B*******” and “Severe Specious B*******”.  – The Sun
  • Ten reasons for scepticism over the Treasury report – The Times (£)
  • Would there really be a terrifying recession? – James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph


  • We’ve heard this doom mongering nonsense before…and last time, when we were told leaving the ERM would spark disaster, our exit began a golden economic age – Alex Brummer, Daily Mail
  • When the cynical scares turn out to be bunkum we’ll despise the elite more than ever – Dominic Sandbrook, Daily Mail
  • Case for Brexit by Steve Hilton, a man who really knows – Daily Mail Editorial
  • Remain’s tactics have been fiction and fear – Sun Editorial (£)
  • The woeful pessimism of Cameron and Osborne – Daily Telegraph Editorial

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IDS claims Javid is privately for Brexit and Javid denies that he is privately for Brexit

Sajid Javid 12-07-15“Pressed on whether Mr Javid had said to him he wanted out, Mr Duncan Smith replied: “He has.” Asked whether that meant Mr Javid was “lying in public”, Mr Duncan Smith said: “He has written it in an article”…But today a source close to Mr Javid told the BBC: “This is simply not true. Sajid has said no such thing either in private or public.” Asked by the BBC about his previous Eurosceptic views, Mr Javid said the PM’s renegotiation had addressed any concerns he may have had.” – The Sun

  • Sajid Javid has put his career before his principles – Peter Oborne, Daily Mail

The campaign trail

  • Man tries to throw egg at ex-Mayor – Daily Express
  • “A journalist asked the pair of them whether they were scaremongering. Mr Cameron frowned. “Ours,” he replied, “is a hugely optimistic case.” What a brilliant joke. Much funnier than the DIY one.” – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph
  • She curled her fingers round Boris’s jaw like a pug-owner fondling her mutt. ‘He’s amazing,’ she said huskily. ‘We need to get out of Europe and stand on our own two feet.’ – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • Vote Leave placards have appeared in public spaces all around Cardiff – Wales Online
  • Leave EU publishes Carswell’s personal phone number as as well as other Vote Leave officials in an email to supporters – Daily Telegraph

The economy

Latest poll

  • lynton-crosbyORB gives Remain a 20 point lead, finds Tory voters, older people and men swinging away from Leave – Daily Telegraph
  • “The Leave campaign continues to trail on almost all campaign related metrics.” – Lynton Crosby, Daily Telegraph


  • Young people twice as likely not to vote in the referendum because they’re less likely to be registered to vote – The Independent
  • Purdah set to silence officials from Friday – The Guardian


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Paul Goodman: Over 40 years, our cleaner said we should quit Europe – and she was right

EU Exit brexit“If Remain wins, I suspect in the aftermath surprisingly few of those who voted to Leave will admit so. But six months later, when Brussels releases measures it is holding back, few will want to admit voting to Remain.  Perhaps Britain is a bit like a man in a room. It is growing darker but outside is sunlight, a spring breeze, open country. The man has put on weight — squeezing through that door is perfectly possible but would be rather uncomfortable. I doubt that we are up for the effort, but still hope to be pleasantly surprised.” –  The Sun

  • Vote Leave’s campaign of fear will cause lasting divisions – Polly Toynbee, The Guardian

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Davidson says that she doesn’t want to be Tory leader…

“Asked in an interview with House magazine, a publication aimed at MPs, Davidson said she did not covet David Cameron’s job. “I genuinely don’t think I will ever do anything more important in politics than this critical period of keeping the UK together. I’m in a hugely privileged position in that I get to regularly see behind the door at No 10 and it looks like the loneliest job in the world and I do not seek it,” she said.” – The Guardian

Rachel Sylvester: Labour leaders look north

Rachel Sylvester“The boost for regional government gives the party’s moderates the chance to start again in a different political dimension. Labour mayors will have to rise above tribal divisions and work with the Conservative government to secure the changes they want. They will need to win the confidence of local businesses and police chiefs by proving themselves competent at managing a budget. There will be no time for self-indulgent squabbling over nuclear disarmament or antisemitism because these local leaders will have transport networks to run.” – The Times (£)

  • Naz Shah played dead on the floor of a McDonalds in protest against Israel – Daily Mail
  • Labour whip Conor McGinn tells Corbyn to get out more – Daily Mail
  • Khan blasts Boris for ‘constant delays’ over tube in his battle with the unions – Financial Times
  • Bereaved families “get two hours to read Chilcot report’s two million words” – Daily Mail
  • We must stop segregation in Britain – Chuka Umanna, The Guardian

Steve Hilton latest: ban children from having smartphones

“Here is a way we could make life easier for parents, better for children, and still retain the benefits of technology. We need to create a social norm that children should never have access to the internet without supervision. Because the principal method through which children access the internet unsupervised is through smartphones or tablets, that’s where we have to take the fight. Just as we’ve banned smoking or drinking for under-16s because we think those things are bad for them, we should ban smartphones and tablets for children, too — to protect under-16s from unsupervised content.” – Daily Mail

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