Election Day 1) May: A vote for Goldsmith is a vote for security

Zac Goldsmith‘As voters head to the polls to choose a replacement for Boris Johnson, the Home Secretary told The Sun electing Mr Goldsmith was the best way to keep London “strong against the threats we face”. Mrs May’s intervention is highly significant because the Mayor of London oversees the Metropolitan Police – which is on the frontline of safeguarding Britain from terrorism.’ – The Sun (£)


Election Day 2) Scottish Tories are a ‘nose in front’, says Davidson

‘The Conservatives have their “nose in front” in the race to be Scotland’s largest opposition group, the party’s leader has claimed on the last day of campaigning ahead of Thursday’s parliamentary election. With the governing Scottish National party seemingly cruising to a landslide victory, attention has focused on whether the Tories can supplant Labour as the second largest group in the Edinburgh parliament.’ – FT


Election Day 3) Labour council leaders plan a revolt against Corbyn

LABOUR dead rose‘Labour council leaders across England are planning a rebellion against Jeremy Corbyn tomorrow if the party does badly in today’s elections. Senior councillors have been privately plotting to call for a complete shake- up of the leadership strategy if they lose scores of seats and several authorities. About 3,000 town hall seats are up for election today in England, with Labour expected to perform worse than any opposition party for 30 years and lose up to 150 seats.’ – The Times (£)

  • Milne says the leader’s claim Labour wouldn’t lose seats was ‘misinterpreted’ – Daily Telegraph
  • How should Labour moderates behave? – Tim Bale, New Statesman
  • Conman Corbyn supported jailed for fraud in aid of trip to Syria – Daily Mail
  • Small signs of a Lib Dem recovery – The Guardian

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Cameron changes tack on child refugees

The Prime Minister had said that letting in young refugees risked encouraging more parents to send children on the dangerous journey alone – in the hope of later joining them here. But he climbed down after realising the Government would be defeated by Tory rebels in a Commons debate on Monday…charities will now identify candidates in camps in France, Greece and Italy. Following Home Office screening, the children will be shared out among councils around the country. Crucially, only those registered as being inside the EU before March 20 will be eligible. That removes the incentive for families to send children to Europe. Mr Cameron said: ‘What I don’t want us to do is to take steps that will encourage people to make this dangerous journey because otherwise our actions, however well meaning they will be, could result in more people dying than more people getting a good life.’ – Daily Mail


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Tata sale pushed back to avoid the EU referendum

EU FLag‘The sales process for Tata Steel UK has been pushed back beyond the EU referendum as the government seeks to remove unwelcome distractions ahead of the plebiscite. Around the weekend of June 25-26, when Tata’s board is expected to meet in Mumbai, is now understood to be the final deadline for any potential buyers to sign a sales agreement with the Indian company. That means that in the absence of a successful sale of the entire business there will not be unwelcome headlines about thousands of job losses ahead of referendum day on June 23.’ – FT

  • Chilcot is delayed, too – Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron will appear on Countryfile to try to win back rural voters – The Sun (£)
  • Cash accuses him of selling a ‘false prospectus’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Jenkin threatens legal action on Government propaganda – Daily Mail
  • EU court cracks down on vapers – Daily Mail
  • Brexit would be better for animals, Stanley Johnson concedes – The Times (£)

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Greening criticises Muslim group’s restrictions on women

‘A British Muslim group has told its members that women should not be able to go further than 48 miles without a male chaperone. Blackburn Muslim Association stipulates that it is ‘not permissible’ for a women to go more than 48 miles, roughly three days walk, without her husband or a close male relative…Justine Greening, the International Development Secretary and equalities minister said the advice had ‘no place’ in modern Britain branding it ‘disgraceful’.’ – Daily Mail

End of the BBC is a ‘tempting prospect’, says Whittingdale

WHITTINGDALE John‘The extinction of the BBC is a “tempting prospect”, the culture secretary has joked to a group of Conservative students, provoking an angry response from Gary Lineker, the television presenter. John Whittingdale told Cambridge University’s Conservative Association that he was often “driven insane” by the way the BBC dealt with complaints about impartiality. He also criticised the corporation for treating those in favour of Brexit as “faintly mad”.’ – The Times (£)

  • Lineker should stick to crisps – The Sun Says (£)
  • Clarkson offers insight into Corporation’s political correctness – Daily Mail

PMQs: Corbyn refuses to withdraw remark calling terrorists ‘friends’

‘The prime minister turned the weekly session on its head as he ignored Corbyn’s questions about domestic policy and instead demanded four times that he withdraw remarks relating to Hamas and Hezbollah. “I’m afraid he is going to have to do this one more time,” Cameron said, in front of cheering Conservative MPs, who will hope the attack can maximise the party’s chances in tomorrow’s elections. “He referred to Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends – are they your friends or not?’ – The Guardian

  • Anger as more Corbyn support for Hamas emerges – The Sun (£)
  • Labour falls to 8 per cent among Jewish voters – The Times (£)
  • The most unpleasant PMQs I have ever watched – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail

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Montgomerie: Prepare for the most bitter presidential battle in US history

TRUMP hair‘Forget Mike Tyson versus Lennox Lewis or Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao, the presidential debates between Clinton and Trump are going to be bigger, nastier and bloodier than anything ever seen in a boxing ring. When a 14-year-old Hillary complained about being bullied at school by a bigger girl, she got no sympathy. Her mother told her to punch the bully and Hillary did. Roll up, roll up, the greatest political fight of all time is about to get underway. At least that’s how the TV networks want us to see it.’ – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)

GPs charge care home patients for treatments that should be free

‘Care home residents are being ripped off by GPs who are charging them up to £26 million a year for treatment which they are entitled to free on the NHS, a survey suggests. Hundreds of thousands of people are treated as “second-class citizens” because doctors refuse to visit care homes to treat them, research by the Alzheimer’s Society found.’ – The Times (£)

News in Brief

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