EU workers rise by 250,000 in a year

IMMIGRATION mat“Official labour market statistics showed an additional 413,000 workers in the UK in January to March this year compared with the same period last year. Eight out of ten of these were non-UK-born people, including the quarter of a million who were from the EU. The figures were seized upon by the Vote Leave campaign, which said that Britons on low pay and the unemployed suffered because of high migration.” – The Times (£)

  • Migrant worker numbers are fresh blow to Cameron – Daily Mail
  • Four in five British jobs went to foreign nationals last year – The Sun
  • Unions slam ‘myth’ that EU protects workers rights – Daily Express


  • Sovereignty Bill dropped to ‘hide failure of EU reforms’ – The Times (£)
  • Netflix and Amazon face EU quota threat – FT
  • Boris hits back at critics – The Sun
  • Duncan Smith dismisses Heseltine – Daily Mail
  • Prime Minister’s plot to axe pro-Brexit ministers – Daily Express
  • Cameron’s blueprint to reunite the Tories – The Guardian
  • Brexit study warns UK will be ‘poor cousin’ of European science – FT


  • Welsh Secretary tells voters to stay In to save steel – Wales Online
  • Darling claims Brexit could push UK back into recession – Daily Express
  • Downing Street considered calling police over leaked EU letter – The Times (£)
  • Brexit could cut house prices by £2,000 by 2018 – Daily Mail

Dominic Raab: EU rules force UK to share intelligence with terror suspects

Intelligence reports that raise concerns, like an unexplained trip to Syria, don’t justify even a temporary ban. Nor would an alert on the EU’s own Schengen Information System. Even if UK authorities can justify barring someone as dangerous, the European Court of Justice demands we tell them why – even if that endangers national security.” – Daily Mail

  • Cameron must resist opening up Tory wounds – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)
  • Wild swings against the one man who can swing Brexit – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail
  • Economists have a century of failure behind them, no wonder they back Remain – Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph
  • It ain’t easy being a black Brexiteer – Dreda Say Mitchell, The Guardian
  • Brexiteers have bet the bank on a triumph of emotion over reason – Philip Stephens, FT
  • Voting Leave will send British jobs abroad – Michael Bloomberg, The Times (£)


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‘Embattled’ Cameron outlines ‘bold choices’

CONSERVATIVE tree“David Cameron hailed the “biggest reform of our prison system for a century” along with extra help for adoption and children in care as proof that he led a “progressive, one-nation” government. An agenda that Mr Cameron hopes will provide his legacy featured heavily in the 21 new bills presented in the Queen’s Speech yesterday. The prime minister outlined his “bold choices” to the Commons as he faced growing questions over his ability to govern with a small minority and a fractious party.” – The Times (£)

  • The Prime Minister’s legacy project begins with the Queen’s Speech – FT
  • Anger as sovereignty bill dropped from Queen’s Speech – Daily Telegraph
  • Furious MPs attack Cameron for ‘tossing aside’ election pledges – The Sun
  • Tory leader places social reform at the centre – The Guardian


  • Queen’s Speech reveals pension fees to be capped – Daily Mail
  • All households get legal right to fast broadband – The Times (£)
  • Families face paying for high-speed internet – Daily Mail
  • Broadband companies may be forced to pay for high-speed infrastructure – The Sun
  • Border Force funding cut by a quarter per person entering the country – Daily Telegraph
  • Tax breaks attacked as ‘welfare for wealthy’ – FT
  • Sturgeon will oppose British Bill of Rights – The Scotsman


  • Osborne under pressure over steel – Daily Mail
  • Furious Tories tear into Chancellor’s sugar tax – The Sun
  • Hunt ends junior doctor dispute with weekend pay compromise – The Times (£)
  • Division over deal with Health Secretary – The Guardian
  • Boris risks diplomatic storm by penning limerick insulting Erdogan – The Sun
  • Hammond wanted to court-martial general who spoke out against cuts – Daily Mail
  • Gove’s prison reforms nod to academy school model – FT

Michael Gove: Hope is at the heart of my prison reforms

“The emphasis of our penal system must be on more effective rehabilitation, because our current approach is costing us all dear. At present, nearly half – 46 per cent – of all prisoners are reconvicted of a crime within a year of being released. That figure rises to 60 per cent for those serving short sentences. In each of those cases, society is only safer for as long as the cell door is locked shut.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Unless the Justice Secretary cuts numbers, he’s doomed to fail – Simon Jenkins, The Guardian
  • Prison reform will do little to solve the jail problem – James Blitz, FT
  • This will not undo the harm caused by cuts – John Attard, The Guardian
  • Cameron is doomed to fail as a social justice warrior – Kathy Gyngell, Daily Telegraph


  • A Government which has ground to a halt – Daily Mail

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Burnham to quit Shadow Cabinet for Manchester mayoral bid

LABOUR dead rose“One of the leading members of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet has confirmed that he hopes to become the mayor of Greater Manchester. Andy Burnham’s decision will force a reshuffle if he is chosen as Labour’s candidate in the election in May 2017. The shadow home secretary’s team said that he would keep his position for now. Mr Burnham had intended to reveal his intention in a speech today. However, his team inadvertently announced it by creating the @Andy4Manchester Twitter account yesterday.” – The Times (£)

  • Thornberry’s thuggish, sweary attack on Cameron – The Sun
  • Labour refuses to discipline MEP who compared Israel to Nazis – Daily Telegraph
  • Rod Liddle suspended from Labour for claiming anti-Semitism is rife amongst Muslims – The Sun
  • Scottish Labour begin move to repeal sectarianism act – The Scotsman

Sturgeon unveils Scottish Government reshuffle

“John Swinney was yesterday handed the key job of arresting the slump in Scottish schools – as Nicola Sturgeon unveiled her new ministerial team and showed support to her heartbroken politician friend whose marriage collapsed following her MP husband’s fling with a Westminster journalist. The First Minister put her most experienced and trusted colleague in charge of Education, while her close ally Shona Robison, who split from husband Stewart Hosie this week, was kept in charge of Health.” – Daily Mail

  • SNP focus on education – FT
  • New faces around the First Minister’s cabinet table – The Guardian
  • Scottish taxpayers face £125 million in fines after farm payment shambles – Daily Telegraph
  • Nationalist MPs reported to sleaze watchdog over affairs – Daily Mail
  • ‘Love triangle’ SNP politicians get cold shoulder – The Times (£)


  • Sturgeon’s hug is exactly the sort of thing male-dominated Parliament needs – Radhika Sanghani, Daily Telegraph


Hamilton attacks Plaid Cymru and Liberal Democrats as Jones re-nominated

UKIP glass“Neil Hamilton was jeered during his speech at plenary which saw Carwyn Jones renominated as First Minister. Rounding his guns on Welsh Lib Dem AM Kirsty Williams and Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood , he likened them to being “political concubines”. The Ukip group leader in the Senedd said to Leanne Wood her result in the Rhondda was “stunning”. But he added: “She betrayed the interests of the voters who put her where she is and did the opposite of what she wanted.”” – Wales Online

News in Brief:

  • Superbugs tsar urges anti-biotics crackdown – Daily Mail
  • Anti-fracking campaigners suspected over email hacking – The Times (£)
  • Flight from Paris to Cairo vanishes – FT
  • Spain plans huge tax give-away despite trillion Euro debt – Daily Express