Boris attacks Government over ‘bombshell’ migration report…

BORIS blue and red“Dishonest politicians have ‘misled’ the British public over the true scale of mass immigration from the EU, Boris Johnson declared last night. He hit out on the eve of the publication of a bombshell report expected to reveal the numbers pouring into the UK have been under-counted for years. The study is intended to explain why an 1.3 million more National Insurance numbers have been given out to EU citizens than are accounted for in official statistics.” – Daily Mail

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  • Hammond warns that Brexit threatens Gibraltar’s security – The Times (£)
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  • Labour AM warns that Brexit would doom Wales to ‘decade of austerity’ – Wales Online


  • US banks give £2 million to Cameron’s campaign – Daily Mail
  • Foreign transport companies and banks funding Remain – Daily Telegraph
  • Stronger In wins funding race… – The Times (£)
  • …or is it Vote Leave? – FT
  • Brexit campaign dominates battle to win donors – The Guardian
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…as Brown challenges him to EU debate

“Gordon Brown has weighed into the EU referendum debate by challenging Boris Johnson to a head-to-head debate on TV. The former prime minister laid down the gauntlet as he compared the EU to the Champions League – and warned it would not be ‘British’ to leave. But Tory Eurosceptics reacted furiously to his intervention – with one MP mocking Mr Brown’s football analogy by saying he had ‘always been the last to be picked for the team in the school playground’.” – Daily Mail

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  • Ex-Prime Minister admits illegal immigration will be UK’s biggest problem in next decade – The Sun
  •  Brown is still in denial over immigration – Daily Telegraph editorial

David Davis: The single market benefits big firms at the expense of small ones

Red Tape Britain“While the single market may seem like a good idea, in reality it has distorted market incentives, reduced competition and burdened European economies with unnecessary regulations. The simple fact is that the single market benefits the lobbyists and big companies to the detriment of small businesses. And it is small firms that account for most of our economy, and the majority of new jobs created in recent years.” – The Times (£)

  • Remainers are moving heaven and earth, but not the polls – Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph
  • Public won’t buy Cameron’s ‘rabid’ spin on the EU – Rod Liddle, The Sun

Policy 1) Cameron sets out anti-corruption proposals

“David Cameron is to counter claims that his campaign against international corruption is hobbled by London’s reputation as the money laundering capital of the world by introducing a new corporate offence for executives who fail to prevent fraud or money laundering inside their companies. Writing in the Guardian before Thursday’s anti-corruption summit in the capital, the prime minister reveals plans to require all foreign companies buying property in the UK to disclose their true owners in a public register for the first time.” – The Guardian

  • Tory leader targets offshore owners of UK property – FT

More Cameron:

  • Cameron issues ‘grovelling’ apology to cleric he called an ISIS supporter – Daily Mail
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David Cameron: The fight against corruption beings with political will

Cameron“Corruption is the cancer at the heart of so many of the world’s problems. It destroys jobs, traps the poorest in poverty, weakens security and even undermines the sports we love. The longer I have been in this job, the more I have come to the conclusion that the things we want to see – countries moving out of poverty, people benefiting from their nation’s natural resources, the growth of genuine democracies – will never be possible without an all-out assault on corruption.” – The Guardian

Policy 2) British Bill of Rights finally included in a Queen’s Speech

“Plans to scrap Labour’s Human rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights will finally be included in the Queen’s Speech next week. More than six years after David Cameron first promised the new law, Number Ten will pledge to introduce legislation in the next session of Parliament to end the rampant abuse of human rights. But the Bill will stop short of original plans for Britain to quit the European Court of Human Rights, based in Strasbourg.” – Daily Mail

Policy 3) Government abandons bid to have BBC publish salaries over £150,000

Culture shield“A white paper on the BBC’s future, to be published today, will instead set the bar at £450,000. Ministers have also reduced the scope of an overhaul of the broadcaster’s governance. Tory MPs criticised yesterday the “disappointing” decision to back away from plans to bring rules on BBC pay into line with the rest of the public sector. They also sounded the alarm as it emerged that the government was no longer seeking to appoint a majority of members to a new ruling body for the BBC.” – The Times (£)

  • Corporation chiefs furiously oppose revealing salaries – The Sun
  • Cameron intervenes in governance row – FT
  • Rebels urge Prime Minister to listen more after year of policy retreats – FT


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>Today: Norman Fowler in Comment: The Government’s plans for the BBC risk its indepedence and reputation

Policy 4) Javid plans to nationalise Tata Steel pensions to help sell steelworks

“The government is planning to ringfence the British Steel pension fund and shave £2.5bn off its long-term liabilities in order to make Tata Steel more attractive to buyers. The £15bn fund, which has 133,000 members, is one of the largest obstacles to the sale of Tata’s 11 UK steel plants, which include the giant works at Port Talbot. The fund is currently an estimated £485m in deficit. Tata Steel put its UK business on the market in late March and is expected to close it if no viable sale is completed by late June.” – FT

  • British industry plundges back into recession – Daily Mail

Jones ‘breaks down’ as Welsh Assembly fails to re-elect him as First Minister

Wales flag“Mr Jones had expected a straightforward win that would allow him to govern with a minority after falling just one seat short of overall control at last week’s elections. But in a shock move, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood threw her hat in the ring to be First Minister after Labour refused to open talks on a coalition. In a bid to dislodge Labour from power, she was backed by the 11 Conservative and seven Ukip AMs.” – Daily Mail

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>Today: Profile: Neil Hamilton, UKIP’s genial but shamelessly selfish new leader in Cardiff Bay

Sturgeon to create new economic cabinet position

“Nicola Sturgeon will appoint a dedicated economy secretary devoted to protecting jobs in addition to a finance secretary when she names her Cabinet next week. The SNP leader said the portfolio will be created to engage with industry to encourage economic growth, following an election campaign that saw her party’s policies criticised by business figures.” – The Scotsman

  • First Minister to appoint ‘Scottish Chancellor’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Salmond blames the system for SNP’s lost majority – The Scotsman

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Is Clinton’s West Virginia defeat an ill omen for the general election?

America“Hillary Clinton lost to Bernie Sanders in the West Virginia primary last night in a bad omen for her potential future battle with Donald Trump to become the next President. She is still on course to win the Democratic nomination, but defeat to her socialist rival in a struggling industrial state doesn’t bode well if she is to beat the presumptive Republican nominee in November’s General Election.” – The Sun

>Today: Daniel Hannan MEP’s column: Trump’s supporters suspect that snobbish elites disdain the people. And they have a point.

News in Brief:

  • UK universities ‘need targets to get more men to apply’ – Daily Mail
  • Rise in female teachers ‘bad for boys’ – The Times (£)
  • Chinese ‘tried to smuggle spy’ into Queen’s carriage – Daily Mail
  • Sex abuse victim in her 20s allowed to proceed with euthanasia in Holland – Daily Telegraph
  • Brazilian senate seeks Presidential impeachment – FT
  • Prime Minister of New Zealand kicked out of Parliament by Speaker – The Sun
  • Irish terrorists intent on attacking Britain, warns MI5 – The Times (£)
  • Police vow to continue Heath probe – Daily Mail
  • Navy shadow Russian frigate through UK waters – Daily Telegraph