Conservatives and Europe 1) Patel: Cameron is hysterical

Patel Union Jack“Vowing not to be silenced, Patel said: “When it gets personal, people are losing the argument and they have nothing else to say. I will carry on regardless. I’m not going to dwell on what people may think about me or are saying about me. They are very welcome to say it to my face directly. My views are long-held views; they are not going to change.” Patel denounced Cameron’s claims that war in Europe could result from a Brexit vote. “I thought that was an incredible statement from the prime minister. To think that Europe would fall apart and war would ensue is just really fantastical, a great exaggeration. The world is not going to end when we vote to leave. These are hysterical voices.” – Sunday Times (£)

Conservatives and Europe 2) Prime Minister’s supporters vow to turn up the heat on Gove

“The Mail on Sunday understands that records from Whitehall printers and photocopiers could be examined to pin down the source responsible for leaking the letter from Rupert Soames, chief executive of the outsourcing company Serco, to Mr Cameron. Mr Soames raised the idea of ‘how to mobilise corporates’ about the risks of leaving the EU. At the time the letter was sent, in February, Mr Cameron had yet to secure any deal with Brussels over the return of powers, and was still claiming publicly he would ‘rule nothing out’ in terms of backing an ‘Out’ vote.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Justice Secretary determined to publish report critical of his department’s record on Islamist prisoners – Sunday Times (£)
  • Gove under attack over Turkey warning – Observer

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More Tory news

  • Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 08.16.27Osborne “like Pinnochio” over house price fall claims, says IDS – Independent on Sunday
  • Soames told Cleverly to “f**k off, you c**t – Sunday Times (£)
  • Claims that Leadsom, Norman and Field have all been offered the Chancellor’s job by Boris – Mail on Sunday
  • Fury after Highland resort reveals details of IDS holiday – Scotsman

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  • RAAB judoRaab: EU trade wars are costing Britain billions, as France holds out against deals with Latin American countries – Sunday Telegraph
  • Mordaunt says that Turkish accession would cripple the NHS… – Sunday Express
  • …And boost gun crime – Sun on Sunday


  • Optimum claims Tory voters swinging to Remain – Observer
  • The campaigns are now concentrating on getting their voters out – Sun on Sunday



And meanwhile…

Rentoul: Leadsom could be the Stop Boris candidate

LEADSOM more recent“Look out, therefore, for a promotion for Andrea Leadsom, currently Amber Rudd’s deputy at Energy and Climate Change, who I think might be a more credible Stop Boris candidate than Priti Patel or Michael Gove. Gove in any case has to stay where he is to get on with prison reform.  If the other candidate is an Inner, the pressing question for George Osborne, and slightly less pressing for Cameron, is how best to maximise the Chancellor’s chances.” – Independent on Sunday

Other comment:

  • Team Osborne believe that their man may be down, but that he’s definitely not out – and will be the next Prime Minister  – Dan Hodges, Mail on Sunday
  • Tory Brexit war will get worse – Adam Boulton, Mail on Sunday
  • Cameron’s disgraceful dishonesty over the EU is turning Britain into a banana republic – Simon Heffer, Sunday Telegraph
  • Prices will rise if we leave – David Cameron, Sun on Sunday
  • The economic risks of Remain – Gerard Lyons, Sunday Times (£)
  • Leaving would damage the economy – Alistair Darling, Mail on Sunday
  • Has Boris lost it? – Ian Birrell, Mail on Sunday
  • An elevated and fastidious critique of Leave campaigners – Ferdinand Mount, Mail on Sunday
  • Fascinating Ashcroft focus groups and why Remain may not win – Andrew Rawnsley, Observer
  • Stop Remain’s Project Sneer – Tony Parsons, Sun on SundayBrexiteers’ logic begins to crumble – Mail on Sunday Editorial (£)
  • Britain will vanish into the EU – Sunday Express Editorial
  • A referendum campaign of Yah Boo Sucks – Sunday Times Editorial (£)
  • Rachel Johnson complains about the Sun giving publicity to false claims about her sister-in-law (thereby giving more publicity to false claims about her sister-in-law) – Mail on Sunday

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Corbyn: Tory splits mean we could win

CORBYN Jeremy“He then hinted Labour could storm Downing Street before the next scheduled General Election in four years’ time. Alluding to the Tory civil war on Europe told an audience in London: “You never know, it might be sooner than 2020, who knows?” Corbyn voted to leave the EEC in the 1975 referendum but is campaigning to stay in the EU ahead of next month’s in/out vote…But he hopes to monopolise on ruptures within the Tories as anti-EU campaigners turn their back on David Cameron.” – Sunday Express

  • Labour leader calls for new economics to tackle ‘grotesque inequality’ – Observer
  • Corbyn may recommend political honours after all – Mail on Sunday
  • McDonnell says that a future Labour Government should be more radical than Attlee – Independent on Sunday
  • Dugher leads petition against chemists’ closures – Sunday Express
  • Cruddas report finds Labour losing out to UKIP – Observer
  • Labour anti-Semitism tsar’s praised Mozzam Begg – Mail on Sunday
  • Chilcot report “will savage Blair, Straw and Dearlove” – Sunday Times (£)

Max Hastings: We must stir ourselves to counter the threat of cyber war

“Britain and most other western nations are still committing pathetically few resources to cyber-defence. Though government computer systems enjoy some protection, civilian companies and especially utilities are terrifyingly vulnerable. Both the Chinese and the Russians are capable of paralysing the power grids of entire cities and industries. I recently read a formidable treatise on the risks of a Chinese — or American — pre-emptive cyber-strike in an international crisis in the event that one government deems passivity too perilous. There is a chance we shall be spared nuclear conflict in our children’s lifetimes but shorter odds that we or they will escape destructive cyber-led clashes.” – Sunday Times (£)

News in Brief

  • EgyptAir plane crash cause feared to be fire bomb planted in plane – Sun on Sunday
  • Consultants deal promises seven-day NHS – Sunday Times (£)
  • MPs tell midwives boss who wants to axe abortion time limit to quit – Mail on Sunday
  • Internal row over SNP love triangle continues – Sunday Times (£)
  • Church of Scotland votes to allow ministers to be in same-sex marriages – Observer
  • One in seven ISIS terrorists jailed after returning to Britain – Sun on Sunday
  • Trump accuses Clinton of wanting to take away Americans’ guns – Independent on Sunday
  • Queen’s Speech “contained new plan to share your private data across Whitehall” – Mail on Sunday
  • Shakespeare fought scandal of children stolen for the stage – Sunday Express
  • Manchester United win FA Cup under Van Gaal yesterday…Mourinho to be appointed the team’s manager next week – Sunday Telegraph