Referendum 1) Pensions could be hit if we remain in the EU warn experts

elderly“Pensioners were last night told they face losing ‘dramatic’ sums of money if Britain votes to stay in the European Union. The warning flies in the face of George Osborne’s claim that Brexit would cost every pensioner up to £32,000 – and asserts that the real threat to retirement incomes is a vote to Remain. Experts highlighted a Brussels directive which requires insurers to increase their cash reserves to guard against the risk of insolvency.” – Daily Mail

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Referendum 2) MPs attack both sides for misleading claims

“Both campaigns in the EU referendum debate have been condemned for making misleading claims to support their cause in a scathing report by a cross-party group of MPs. The Commons Treasury Committee – which includes MPs who support both sides of the argument – said Vote Leave’s “core” campaign claim that Brexit would deliver a £350 million-a-week windfall to the UK was “highly misleading”. And it said the Remain side’s claim that families would be £4,300 a year worse off if Britain was outside the EU was “likely to be misconstrued by voters” and had “probably confused them”.” – Independent

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Referendum 3): Vote Leave launches £50 million Euro 2016 Football contestball

“The campaign to get Britain out of the EU has launched a contest to win £50m – if you can correctly predict the result of all 51 games in the Euro 2016 football championships. If no one manages that then there is a £50,000 prize for the person who gets the most consecutive games correct…The £50m represents the amount Vote Leave says Britain sends to the EU a day, a claim disputed by its critics.” – BBC

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Referendum 4): Ed Miliband gives young voters a “call to arms”

“Former Labour leader Ed Miliband is to issue a “call to arms”, urging young people to register to vote in next month’s EU referendum. The absence of millions of young voters from the electoral register could lead to a victory for the Leave camp in the EU referendum, he is set to warn.” – BBC

Referendum 5): Brexit would allow immigration to be fair says IDS

IDS“After leaving the EU, we will be able to assess who we welcome to this country based on whether they have skills the economy needs or if they are genuinely fleeing persecution. A talented young engineer should not find it nearly impossible to take up a job in Britain just because she has a Malaysian passport rather than a Latvian one. The current unsustainable situation is not openness, it is eurocentric insularity.” – Iain Duncan Smith The Times(£)

>Today: ToryDiary: Membership of the EU means a discriminatory immigration policy


Referendum 6): High migration from the EU is worth it says Cameron

“The prime minister was confronted over official figures this week showing that EU net migration to Britain was 184,000 last year, equalling its record high. He acknowledged that the figures were disappointing, but said that the freedom of movement rules that allowed EU migrants to come to Britain were part of the single market whose benefits outweighed its costs. “I do not believe for one minute that the right way to control immigration is to wreck our economy,” he said. “That is the consequence of leaving the single market.” – The Times(£)

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Referendum 7): Charles Moore warns the Leave campaign must allay fears of the prudent

MOORE Charles blue background“Leave has tended to skip almost laughingly over Prudence’s anxieties. There are even some Leavers so fired up by the righteousness of their cause that they want to appeal to high principle and declare “who cares if we get poorer? We’ll be free and proud.” This, of course, would be a fatal error, not because voters are too money-minded, but because, when politicians promise to bring you poverty and freedom, the poverty is certain and the freedom isn’t. The economic risk argument does need neutralising.” – Charles Moore Daily Telegraph

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Boris could still become PM says Cameron

“Boris Johnson remains a candidate to be the next prime minister despite his backing for Brexit, David Cameron has declared.  Speaking during his visit to Japan, Mr Cameron said he had not changed his mind since naming the former London mayor last year as one of three “great” figures in Tory ranks who could succeed him in Downing Street.  The Prime Minister’s remarks are certain to increase speculation that he will hand Mr Johnson a key ministerial job in a Cabinet reshuffle expected following the EU referendum on June 23.” – Daily Express

Lewis urges youngsters to become bricklayers not reality TV stars

brandon“Youngsters should set their hearts on becoming bricklayers rather than reality TV stars, the Housing Minister said tonight. With 12 acts battling to triumph in tomorrow night’s Britain’s Got Talent final, Tory Brandon Lewis said the “real talent” was on building sites across the country. And he urged kids to ditch hopes of a stage career in favour of jobs in construction with some bricklayers earning up to £25 an hour. BGT fan Mr Lewis said: “We have all seen the amazing talent on the show, but the real talent is those stars who get out of bed each day and build our new homes.” – The Sun

Blair warns against Corbyn “experiment”

“It would be a “very dangerous experiment” for the UK to give Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn power, Tony Blair has told the BBC’s This Week’s World. The former Labour prime minister said the centre ground needed to work out how to recover and get “its mojo back”. He also said he had “real humility” about the decisions he took on Iraq. Mr Blair said the dislike many felt for him was less to do with the Iraq War and more to do with him winning three general elections for Labour.” – BBC

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Complaints over McDonnell adviser

John McDonnell 30-04-16“Three separate complaints were lodged last night over claims that John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, tried to conceal the role of his hard-left economic adviser. The salary of James Meadway, a full-time adviser to Mr McDonnell, is being paid by a trade union, The Times disclosed yesterday. Andrew Bridgen, the Tory MP for northwest Leicestershire, wrote to the parliamentary standards commissioner last night asking her to investigate the Labour frontbencher amid claims that he failed to declare Dr Meadway’s salary.” – The Times(£)

Clashes at Trump rally

“Supporters and opponents of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have clashed in the city of San Diego, California. Some protesters threw stones and water bottles at each other outside the San Diego Convention Center. Police said 12 people were arrested.” – BBC

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Parris: Sneering at the posh is healthy

PARRIS Mathhew“The present public mood of sneering at public school toffs is healthy. The brand must be trashed. People must be made to feel sheepish about going to Eton or Harrow. It was welcome news yesterday that the cabinet office minister, Matt Hancock, is drawing up a list of questions that employers may ask job applicants about their socio-economic background.” – Matthew Parris The Times(£)

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