Osborne claims Brexit would cause a shock fall in house prices

Osborne“A UK vote to leave the European Union would cause an “immediate economic shock” that could slow house price growth, the chancellor has said. In the event of a vote for Brexit, by 2018, houses could be worth up to 18% less than if the UK voted to remain, George Osborne told the BBC. But Andrea Leadsom of Vote Leave said Mr Osborne’s claim was “extraordinary”. The energy minister said: “The greatest threat to the economy is the perilous state of the euro.” – BBC

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Labour demand councils be allowed to bring in rent controls

“Councils would be given the power to limit “skyrocketing” rent increases under new Labour proposals. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell will pledge to help people who are “at the mercy of an unforgiving, unrestrained housing market”. Labour is holding a “state of the economy” conference in London over the weekend. Party leader Jeremy Corbyn will say Labour will “always seek to distribute the rewards of growth more fairly”.” – BBC

“Humourless” Labour MP reports student for Corbyn prank

Woolfie Corbyn“A SENIOR Labour MP has been branded a “humourless bully” for ratting on a university student who duped Labour activists into attending a talk hosted by a cardboard Jeremy Corbyn. A handful of the hard-left leader’s supporters are believed to have pitched up to an event at Lancaster University advertising a talk by the Labour leader while he was in Westminster for the Queen’s Speech.” – The Sun(£)

Farron welcomes Labour/Lib Dem coalition in Wales

“Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has welcomed Kirsty Williams’s plan to be education secretary in an otherwise all Labour Welsh Government. Mr Farron said she would “retain her independence” and aim to make education in Wales “markedly better” then in the rest of the UK. Ms Williams’s appointment is subject to a vote of Welsh Lib Dem members at a special conference on Saturday.” – BBC

Record NHS deficit announced – more A&Es face closure

NHS“Up to 50 hospitals face losing A&E or specialist units after running up record deficits, health chiefs warn today. Emergency departments near others may have to close because it is no longer safe to keep them open without enough staff to cope with the rising number of patients, hospital leaders say.” – The Times(£)

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Independent unionist may end Stormont deadlock

“An independent unionist member of the Northern Ireland assembly has emerged as the political figure who can save the two-week-old power-sharing coalition in Belfast from collapse. Claire Sugden, who represents East Londonderry in the Northern Irish parliament, said she has held talks with the first minister and Democratic Unionist leader, Arlene Foster, and the deputy first minister, Martin McGuinness, of Sinn Féin, about the running of the justice ministry.” – The Guardian

Trump says he’s been invited to Downing Street

TRUMP Live“US presidential hopeful Donald Trump says he has been asked to visit Downing Street – and expects to “do just fine” with Prime Minister David Cameron. But No 10 said while it was traditional to meet US candidates visiting the UK, no invitations had been issued. A spokeswoman said there were “no confirmed dates” for visits as party nominees had not yet been chosen.” – BBC

“Tank chasing” lawyers face being struck off

“A LAW firm has been charged over smears against British soldiers which sparked a £31million five-year war crimes inquiry. Leigh Day — branded “tank chasers” for hounding troops — is accused of 19 serious breaches. Together with two partners, Martyn Day and Sapna Malik, it is being prosecuted by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Charges include paying an agent £75,000 to “tout” for work, concealing a key document which proved militiamen were posing as farmers to sue, and making “improper” allegations to seek compensation for clients.” – The Sun

Street-Porter: Manchester deserves better than Andy Burnham

Andy Burnham 27-07-15“Andy Burnham is a shameless opportunist. Put simply, the wonderful city of Manchester deserves better than a second division Labour politician, someone who came fourth out of five candidates in his party’s leadership contest back in 2010 and couldn’t even manage to beat Jeremy Corbyn last year.” – Janet Street-Porter Independent

Jack: Garden Bridge born of chumocracy

“How thrilling it would have been – how refreshing to his supporters and the political system – if Khan had denounced the bridge in every way: not only as an unnecessary claim on public funds, a folly that won’t allow cycling, a thoroughfare that will shut its gates every midnight, an out-of-this-world oddity that will clutter a historic riverscape; not only as all those things, but also as a symbol of the chummery – the chumocracy, even – that so offends the democratic and egalitarian traditions he is proud to represent.” – Ian Jack The Guardian

Oborne: Hunt for PM

Jeremy Hunt portrait“Who will be the next Prime Minister?…This week, following the settlement of the dispute with junior doctors, I would like to put another contender into the mix. Unlike May, Johnson and Osborne, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt rarely finds himself in the headlines. Yet he has a very impressive track record in business and a hinterland outside politics.” – Peter Oborne Daily Mail

Finkelstein: The voters can be wrong

“One of the first things I learnt as a parliamentary candidate was how to soak up the most immense quantities of rubbish. I cracked only when a voter said to me: “You understand, Mr Finkelstein, I’m not a racist. It’s just that I don’t like black people.” – Daniel Finkelstein The Times(£)

Forsyth: Gove is crucial to restoring Tory unity

FORSYTH, James“David Cameron is becoming increasingly irritated by Michael Gove and his full-bore campaigning for Brexit. “David could barely bring himself to look at Michael,” says someone who was in a meeting with the two of them this week. Indeed, Number 10 has been quick to blame Gove’s team for the leaking of THAT Serco letter. But despite Cameron’s anger, Gove’s power is only growing. He is now crucial to any post-referendum attempt to reunite the Tory party. Gove is the most senior Outer in the Government. If anyone can persuade the Tory Brexiteers to come back into the fold after June 23, it is him.” – James Forsyth The Sun

News in brief

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