Osborne signals his intention to stand for leader

OSBORNE non-broken sword“George Osborne has insisted that he would be the “principled” candidate in any future Tory leadership contest, as he gave the clearest indication to date of his intention to run. The chancellor made clear that he would hope to repeat the achievements of the Cameron government. Until now Mr Osborne has insisted he is focused on his job as chancellor rather than being drawn into speculation about the future. However, on Peston on Sunday, on ITV, Mr Osborne spelled out the kind of candidate that he might be in the contest.” – The Times (£)

  • Chancellor’s pitch as ‘sober, serious’ candidate against cavalier Johnson – The Sun
  • Living wage undermining the recovery – Daily Mail

Douglas Murray: The Right needs a better tune on economic unfairness

“Locating the real centres of unfairness and finding ways to address them would be a start, such as coming up with a serious response to the generational problem of property ownership. How can parties of the right appear content with the status quo when looking into an estate agent’s window has become akin to an act of self-harm for most young people?” – The Times (£)



Cameron claims ‘war and genocide’ are risks if we leave the EU…

EU monsters project fear“Europe risks sliding back into conflict and genocide if Britain votes to leave the EU, David Cameron will say today. In an extraordinary escalation of the referendum battle, he will invoke Winston Churchill, the Second World War and the graves of the fallen. The Remain camp will also wheel out military veterans in an emotive video warning against jeopardising the sacrifices of the dead.” – Daily Mail

  • Prime Minister cranks up ‘Project Fear’ with warnings of World War Three – The Sun
  • Veterans claim Brexit risks stability they fought for – The Guardian
  • Brexit would hit house prices, warns Osborne – Daily Mail
  • Welsh Secretary makes the case for Remain – Wales Online
  • Downing Street accused of ‘manipulating’ intelligence chiefs – Daily Telegraph
  • Juncker issues ‘desperate’ plea for Britain to stay – Daily Express


  • Gove challenged on claim Brexit would not harm trade – The Times (£)
  • Justice Secretary predicts that Scotland will back Brexit – The Scotsman
  • Former Welsh Secretary condemns EU ‘propaganda’ – Wales Online
  • Dodds claims Unionist community overwhelmingly backs Brexit – News Letter
  • Businesses eye Brexit as cure for red tape – FT
  • Brussels plan to impose Euro law after the vote, warn campaigners – Daily Express
  • Leave campaigners pounce as MEP demans EU army – Daily Mail

Julian Lewis: Far from keeping Britain safe, the European Union is a threat to peace

“With its pretensions to a common foreign and defence policy, the EU seeks to duplicate Nato by recreating it without the deterrent power of the Americans. By trying to act as a separate entity on the European stage, the EU resurrects all the old risks of blundering into military confrontations under circumstances where the US may feel free from any obligation to act.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Referendum is opening skirmish in Tory fight over core modern values – Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian
  • British engagement is good for the EU – Juergen Grossmann, Daily Telegraph
  • Brexit is too high a price to pay for migration – FT editorial

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…but causes ‘In’ panic by refusing to take part in TV debates

“With alarm in the pro-EU campaign mounting, No 10 has been forced to rely on two unlikely allies to help swing the debate – former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Mr Brown is expected to be deployed by No 10 this week as part of a co-ordinated ‘In’ offensive after recent polls frayed nerves in downing Street by giving the ‘Leave’ campaign a lead. And Mr Corbyn is being tipped to step into Mr Cameron’s shoes in a crunch TV debate in which the Prime Minister refuses to face Boris Johnson, to avoid a ‘blue-on-blue’ confrontation.” – Daily Mail

  • Downing Street accused of trying to scupper debates – Daily Mail


  • Cameron is right to be wary of Gove and Boris – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun

Davidson claims Major’s ideas secured Scottish Tory revival

Scottish Conservatives“The stunning Conservative success in Scotland was inspired by the politics of John Major and not Margaret Thatcher, the party’s leader and rising star said yesterday. Ruth Davidson, who leads a group of 31 MSPs at Holyrood – the biggest since devolution – championed her new inclusive brand of conservatism and suggested that it could help the Tories to become a party for all. She has been hailed as the Tories’ new political star for the whole of the UK, not just Scotland.” – The Times (£)

  • Scotland has passed ‘peak Nat’, claims Conservative leader – Daily Telegraph
  • Labour under pressure to revisit case for ‘Home Rule’ – The Guardian
  • Sturgeon to launch new independence campaign – The Scotsman


  • No appetite for new Tory leader despite election setback – Wales Online


  • Peers claim devolved administrations unlikely to pass British Bill of Rights – FT
  • MPs warn that human rights plan could ‘unravel constitution’ – The Guardian

Charles Moore: Scotland has voted ‘No’ to a second referendum

“Even the SNP, slightly chastened by their loss of an overall majority in the Scottish Parliament, are briefing that they won’t be seeking a second Scottish referendum. More reassuring is the fact that, even if they did, they would be most unlikely to get one. The decision is for the UK Parliament, not the Scottish one, and Westminster will feel under little moral pressure to call one as the tide of nationalism recedes.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Two-party system has devolved into regional patchwork – Philip Stephens, FT


  • Over to Ruth to peg back rampant SNP – Daily Mail
  • Tories must draw lessons from opposite results in Scotland and London – The Times (£)


Khan plots new course for Labour in swipe at Corbyn

Labour-Party-Red-Rose-logo“Sadiq Khan, the new mayor of London, set out an alternative course from Jeremy Corbyn yesterday as he detailed his priorities for City Hall that are designed to appeal to Tory voters. His intervention came as John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor and a key ally of Mr Corbyn, ruled out a future leadership challenge, dampening rumours within Labour circles that he was manoeuvring for the crown.” – The Times (£)

  • Labour leader misses swearing-in ceremony – Daily Telegraph
  • ‘Scruffy’ and ‘old-fashioned’ Corbyn not a hit with swing voters – The Guardian


  • The Opposition is stuck with Corbyn and British democracy will suffer the consequences – Janet Daley, Daily Telegraph

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News in Brief:

  • Six terror suspects can stay in UK after human rights ruling – Daily Mail
  • Hopes for hospital deal as junior doctors discuss pay – The Times (£)
  • BBC correspondent held by North Korean interrogators for eight hours – Daily Telegraph
  • Oil prices climb as Canadian wildfires rage – FT
  • Met blow £800,000 on fleet of flash cars for private use of senior officers – The Sun
  • Prince Harry and host of celebrities cheer wounded veterans as Invictus Games open – Daily Mail
  • Foster emboldened by surge in support as scaremongering secures DUP dominance – Belfast Telegraph