Heseltine leads charge of grandees who claim Brexiteers are disloyal to Cameron

EU Flag“Michael Heseltine, a former deputy prime minister, has claimed Conservative ministers and MPs campaigning to leave the EU are “turning on the policies” that got them elected in 2015. Pointing to similarities between the infighting under John Major in the 1990s and the party’s split before the 23 June referendum, the Tory peer said he found the actions of Brexit campaigners within the party “mind-blowing”.” – The Guardian

  • Grandees blast Eurosceptics for ‘turning on’ the Prime Minister – Daily Express
  • Prime Minister admits referendum has opened rift in friendship with Boris – Daily Mail
  • Bank of England busy preparing for Brexit vote – FT
  • EU organised crime fears as Albanian illegal immigrant captured in coke bust – The Sun
  • Furious Romanian prostitutes to protest plans to deport EU criminals – Daily Express


  • Duncan Smith demands EU debate with Cameron – Daily Mail
  • Kendall challenges Patel to debate in their old school – The Guardian


  • Truss accused of hypocrisy for teaming up with former Labour leader – Daily Telegraph
  • Brexit would endanger the very Earth, warns Miliband – Daily Mail

Vernon Bogdanor: Europe is moving in Britain’s direction

“Core member states, such as Germany and France, might opt to move to­wards tighter integration. But any core would probably be a small one. Britain, meanwhile, may well be joined by other nations, freeing themselves from what they see as a monetary and fiscal straitjacket, in a larger outer circle.” – FT

  • The EU’s defenders cling to something which is weakening – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph
  • Britain’s role has been to break up Europe – Matt Ridley, The Times (£)
  • Europe’s grand coalitions have allowed extremes to prosper – Wolfgang Münchau, FT
  • EU debate is a cynical clash of big beasts, not beliefs – Stewart Lee, The Guardian

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Ministers 1) Headteachers threaten Morgan with walkout over academisation plans

Nicky Morgan“Headteachers could go on strike later this year after voting overwhelmingly against schools being forced being forced to become academies. Members the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) agreed that a walk-out would be an option ‘as a last resort’ if the government does not reconsider the scheme.” – Daily Mail

  • Don’t play the gender card, angry head tells Education Secretary – Daily Mail
  • Test children every year from 4, heads demand – The Times (£)
  • Parents to keep pupils at home in ‘strike’ over tests – Daily Mail
  • School heads call for bar on keeping children out of RE – The Times (£)

Sean O’Neill: Morgan is sucking the joy out of learning

“Mrs Morgan is the new Thomas Gradgrind, hellbent on sucking the joy out of learning, reducing reading to a tick-box exercise of right and wrong facts and turning our primary schools into battery-hen exam factories. Seven-year-olds across England and Wales will next week be forced to undertake a week of tests, placing enormous pressure on their young minds.” – The Times (£)

  • Do we want our children taught by humans or algorithms? – Zoe Williams, The Guardian
  • Kenneth Baker and his guerilla war over skills – Miranda Green, FT
  • There’s nothing wrong with a ‘white’ education – Peter Watson, The Times (£)

Ministers 2) Greening hits back at Hammond over aid fiasco

Aid shield“A cabinet dispute has broken out over ‘ridiculous’ aid projects funded by the Foreign Office. International Development Secretary Justine Greening is said to be furious that they are undermining her efforts to win public support for Britain’s aid budget. Treasury Chief Secretary Greg Hands is also alarmed at the perception that taxpayers’ money is used to fund frivolous overseas projects such as TV game shows and theatre workshops in developing countries.” – Daily Mail

Ministers 3) Javid considers banning discretionary service charge at restaurants

“Restaurants could be stopped from adding a discretionary service charge to bills under Government plans to remind consumers that they do not have to tip when eating out. Sajid Javid, the Business Secretary, is today launching a consultation on tipping amid concerns that restaurants are confusing customers by not being transparent about the charges and who actually receives any tips.” – Daily Telegraph

  • UK plans to force restaurants to hand over all tips to staff – FT

Pickles becomes most senior Tory MP to mull rebellion over child refugees

PICKLES Eric 2009“A Cabinet minister yesterday became the most senior Tory MP to suggest he could rebel in a Commons vote against David Cameron’s refusal to let child refugees in Europe into Britain. Sir Eric Pickles said he was ‘not entirely convinced’ by the Prime Minister’s argument that taking in 3,000 children would encourage more to make the dangerous crossing.” – Daily Mail

Boris Johnson: Don’t bring Ken’s chaos back to City Hall

“What worries me is the return of another aspect of Livingstone-ism; and that is an irresponsible and unaffordable approach to the funding of the city. At the heart of Sadiq Khan’s pitch is a piece of classic Ken-ery. He wants to hold transport fares down so low that he would take £2 billion out of the budgets for London transport. This is a huge mistake.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Pietersen and Warne back Zac for mayor – The Sun
  • Goldsmith’s campaign has upset Sayeeda Warsi – The Guardian


  • Boris, the mayor who never was – Sonia Purnell, The Guardian

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Corbyn faces frontbench exodus over anti-Semitism crisis

Labour holes“Labour frontbenchers are threatening to resign within weeks over Jeremy Corbyn’s handling of the antisemitism row, amid claims that Jewish donors have abandoned the party. As the crisis engulfing Labour intensified, one of its most generous donors said that its future as a political force was in jeopardy unless it dealt with the problem.” – The Times (£)

  • Leader refuses to denounce terrorist ‘friends’ Hamas and Hezbollah – Daily Telegraph
  • Islington MP warned that Jewish members and donors are deserting Labour – Daily Mail
  • UKIP deputy claims Opposition is rotting ‘from the head down’ – Daily Express
  • Blair tells moderates they won’t be able to stop leader getting back on ballot – The Times (£)
  • How to judge what Labour’s results will mean for the party – The Guardian

Hard Left:

  • Row is a ‘smear’ to sabotage Corbyn, allies claim – The Times (£)
  • McCluskey attacks ‘teacherous’ Labour MPs – The Guardian
  • Abbott denies Labour has any exceptional problem – The Sun
  • Corbyn accused of keeping ‘controversial company’ after addressing Stalinists on May Day – Daily Mail


  • Corbyn may not be anti-Semitic, but is he a real leader? – Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian
  • The warning a triumphant leader failed to heed – Rosa Prince, The Times (£)
  • The Left has toxic attitudes to Israel – Mick David, Daily Telegraph


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First Minister pleads with Welsh minority party voters to back him over Tories in key seats

“First Minister Carwyn Jones will today issue a plea to supporters of smaller parties to back Labour in marginal seats where it is in a tight fight with the Conservatives. In a speech to be delivered in North Wales, where Labour-held seats like Vale of Clwyd, Delyn and Wrexham are under threat from the Tories, Mr Jones will say: “These next few days will be absolutely crucial in determining the shape of the next Welsh Government.” – Wales Online

  • Huge gamble by Ulster Labour rebels could pay off… or backfire – Sam McBride, News Letter

Sturgeon accused of being ‘undemocratic’ over second referendum

SNP logo white background“Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of being “anti-democratic” by ignoring the result of the independence referendum as she struggled during a live TV debate to reconcile her desire for a rerun with her claim she respects the 2014 result. Opposition party leaders were enthusiastically applauded and cheered by the audience during the BBC One Scotland showdown at Hopetoun House near Edinburgh as they took turns to round on the First Minister.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Rematch not (yet) on the table, First Minister insists – The Guardian
  • Pre-eminence of constitution ‘thwarts’ opposition parties – The Scotsman
  • Liberal Democrat fortress Shetland in danger of falling to the Nationalists – FT


  • Time to call Sturgeon’s bluff on Indyref 2 – Brian Monteith, The Scotsman
  • Scots should question the SNP’s record in office – FT editorial

Who would join Trump’s Presidential ticket?

“As Donald Trump closes in on the Republican presidential nomination, Washington has begun to ask who he would pick as his vice-presidential candidate — and, just as importantly, who would say yes if offered the job… With Mr Trump expected to be the nominee, a striking number of senior Republicans have emphatically ruled out taking the job if it were offered to them.” – The Times (£)

  • Trump’s war with the best and brightest – Edward Luce, FT

News in Brief:

  • Do Islamic State have a spy in the MoD? – Daily Mail
  • Museums under pressure over tobacco cash – The Times (£)
  • Families kept in the dark as doctors let patients die – Daily Telegraph
  • Canadian pharmaceutical group raise cost of NHS eye drug 14-fold – FT
  • Hero of Helmand committed suicide after facing deportation – The Sun
  • Turkey and Ukraine prepare for visa-free travel to EU – Daily Express
  • Election unlikely to shake up Stormont, claims academic – News Letter