Eurosceptics celebrate ‘bloody nose’ given to Brussels by Dutch referendum result

EU countries and stars“Eurosceptics were celebrating on Wednesday night after a Dutch referendum dealt another blow to the EU, with 61 per cent of people who voted rejecting a free trade deal with Ukraine. Although the referendum was only advisory – the agreement with Ukraine came into force on Jan 1 – the result was a blow to Mark Rutte, the prime minister. The Dutch government said on Wednesday night it may have to reconsider ratifying the treaty.” – Daily Telegraph


  • Government spends almost £10 million on Remain ‘propaganda’ – Daily Mail
  • ‘Biased and hysterical’ letter sparks fury – Daily Telegraph
  • Almost 27 million homes to receive pro-EU post – The Times (£)
  • Cameron warns young voters Brexit will hit them hardest – Daily Mail
  • Prime Minister pleads with youth vote amidst latest backlash – Daily Express
  • Brussels’ plan to stop UK deporting asylum seekers – Daily Mail
  • Former Australian Prime Minister backs Brexit – FT


  • The ‘Big Beast’ helping Leave with their own ‘Project Fear’ – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph

Ian Mulheirn and Henry Worthington: Brexiteers are getting their politics all wrong

“There is no agreed blueprint for post-Brexit Britain, but the case made by its advocates means that striking an economically good deal with the EU would reek of betrayal to the majority who voted to leave. We’re told that the problem with Brexit is the economics. In reality it’s the stupidity of the politics that would hit the UK hard.” – The Times (£)

  • Prepare to be love-bombed by Europe – Tim Dowling, The Guardian


Javid’s reputation ‘rusts away’ amidst Port Talbot shambles

Sajid Javid 12-07-15“Mr Javid how faces some big questions. One is whether the episode reveals that the peculiarly British “industrial policy” developed by Peter Mandelson and Vince Cable has decayed to such an extent that he appeared to be unaware of the impending crisis.Another is whether the business secretary — who arrived at his Victoria Street department in 2015 with a portrait of Margaret Thatcher — is indifferent to the plight of an ailing industrial sector.” – FT

  • Business Secretary claims Tata board will give Port Talbot time to find a buyer – The Guardian
  • Steel rescue may cost the taxpayer £3 billion – Daily Mail
  • Potential buyer would be sunk by Tata losses – The Times (£)
  • Steelworkers’ £1.5 billion ‘SOS’ as they try to buy plant themselves – The Sun


  • UK should pause before backing Gupta’s steel bid – FT

Leadership 1) Gove pulls ahead of Boris in poll

“Justice Minister Michael Gove is ahead in a poll to lead the Conservative Party for the first time. The monthly poll carried out by key Tory blog Conservative Home has put the pro-Brexit cabinet member as a front-runner, ahead of Boris Johnson. Mr Gove’s rating is up six points to 26 per cent, having risen by 12 points last month, when he reached 20 per cent.” – Yorkshire Post

Leadership 2) Now Osborne faces tax scrutiny

Tax Take“George Osborne was left wriggling today as he was challenged to give details of his personal financial arrangements.The Chancellor was grilled on the issue as politicians came under intense scrutiny in the wake of a massive leak of documents from a Panama law firm.” – Daily Mail

  • Chancellor won’t reveal if he’s benefitted from offshore funds – Daily Telegraph


  • Prime Minister argued to ‘water down’ transparency over trusts – Daily Telegraph
  • Tory leader fought for loopholes for inheritance vehicles in Brussels – FT
  • More taxing questions for Cameron – Daily Mail


  • Total transparency for all would increase trust – David Aaronovitch, The Times (£)


  • Lessons for a Prime Minister who tries to be ‘one of us’ – Daily Mail


McDonnell dragged into anti-Semitism row

“John McDonnell was dragged into a row over alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party today after it emerged his blog contained links to a website said to include ‘tributes to suicide bombers’. The shadow chancellor made the post in 2014 while still a little-known backbench MP.” – Daily Mail

Dugdale accuses SNP of ‘dirty tricks’ over work experience bid

LABOUR dead rose“Kezia Dugdale has accused the SNP of starting a dirty tricks campaign against her after a Nationalist-supporting newspaper published claims she had applied for work experience with the party 13 years ago. The Scottish Labour leader said the SNP had “decided to come after me” instead of engaging in a political debate over ending austerity and she did not think “something I may or may not have done” in 2003 should be an issue in the Holyrood election campaign.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Trouble brewing for Labour leader as she’s mocked over Nationalist job plea – The Sun
  • Sturgeon denies knowledge of allegations in row over Chinese firm – The Guardian

News in Brief:

  • Almost half of junior doctors shun strike – Daily Telegraph
  • Health leaders braced for ‘difficult’ second day of industrial action – The Sun
  • NHS bosses warned they may be exposing tens of thousands to ‘longstanding risks’ – Daily Mail
  • Falling mortgage payments fuel fears of new debt crisis – The Times (£)
  • Housing association merger creates one of UK’s largest homebuilders – FT
  • Iceland names new Prime Minister and prepares to election amidst Panama Papers row – Daily Telegraph
  • Could lawyer who hounded British troops be struck off? – Daily Mail
  • Troops charged up to £500 per year to send emails home – The Sun

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