EU 1) Patel claims EU costs families £4,600 per year…

Patel Union Jack“EU ‘diktats’ are throttling small businesses and costing every household in Britain the equivalent of £4,600 a year, the Employment Minister warns today. In a hard-hitting intervention, Priti Patel will rubbish claims by the Government that the UK cannot thrive outside of the EU. She will cite research by the Treasury that the EU’s ‘single market’ could impose costs of 7 per cent of GDP on the UK economy, or £125.2 billion per year.” – Daily Mail

  • OECD claims Brexit could cut migration by 116,000 – Daily Mail
  • Leave camp balks at growing activist role of EU’s highest court – FT


  • Boris has been proved right about the EU’s diesel stitch-up – Stephen Glover, Daily Mail
  • The City can survive, and thrive, after Brexit – Michael Geoghegan, FT

EU 2) Third poll in succession shows no ‘Obama bounce’ for In campaign

“President Obama’s visit to Britain has failed to boost the campaign to keep Britain in the European Union, a Times poll suggests. The YouGov poll taken on Monday and Tuesday found that 42 per cent said that they would vote for Out, up three points on two weeks ago, while 41 per cent backed In, an increase of one point. The proportion saying that they do not know which way to vote was down three points to 13 per cent, while 4 per cent stated that they would not be voting, down one point.” – The Times (£)

  • New poll shows Brexiteers in the lead despite Obama’s scaremongering – Daily Express
  • Economist who predicted Euro implosion says US will trade with post-Brexit UK – The Sun


  • Downing Street defends use of WhatsApp from ‘secret plotting’ charge – The Sun
  • Cameron attacks Brexiteer ‘conspiracy theories’ – Daily Express
  • Prime Minister mocks Farage over how he pronounces his name – Daily Mail
  • Ulster warned of Brexit dangers – FT
  • Osborne claims fear of Leave is slowing economic growth – The Sun
  • Heseltine still says we’ll join the Euro – Daily Mail
  • Tech startups support Remain – FT


>Today: ToryDiary: What Obama bounce?

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Liverpool, the Conservatives – and a last call for Heseltine

EU 3) Trades union funding reform becomes latest victim of Cameron’s all-out push for Remain

cameron-face“Trade union funding reforms are being watered down again after David Cameron was warned they threatened his campaign to keep Britain in the EU. In a major climbdown the government conceded that unions will only have to get new members’ consent to fund Labour.” – Daily Mail

  • Former union leader joins Tory leader to warn of ‘disaster’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Prime Minister ‘flogging off’ policies to win EU support – Daily Express
  • Unions join pro-EU campaign as Number 10 makes peace – The Times (£)
  • Trade union bosses accused of ‘buying’ concessions – Daily Telegraph


  • Tory leader takes aim at fund managers’ hidden charges – FT


>Yesterday: ToryDiary: The Government is selling off manifesto promises in return for support for the pro-EU campaign

EU 4) Tim Montgomerie: Brexiteers threaten Labour more than the Tories

“Mr Field wasn’t just trying to convince the 30 to 40 per cent of Labour voters who are inclined to vote Leave to do so. He was also worrying aloud about how successive Labour leaders’ views on Europe and immigration have already driven approximately one million left-leaning voters into Ukip’s hands. He fears the exodus will continue if voters who are worried about immigration and loss of national identity see no one in Labour’s top ranks who shares their concerns.” – The Times (£)

  • Only Brexit can force the Tories to abandon fear and win young hearts – Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph

>Today: Daniel Hannan MEP’s column: Here’s what happens when Britain votes to leave

Ministers: Chancellor accused of putting tax before gambling addicts

CONSERVATIVE tree“George Osborne has been accused of blocking a review into betting machines known as “the crack cocaine of gambling” because of the tax revenue they generate. The chancellor is facing growing opposition from Tory MPs over the failure to act against fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs), which raised £425 million for the Treasury last year.” – The Times (£)

  • Hunt launches new sepsis campaign – Daily Mail
  • Javid faces MPs over steel crisis – The Guardian
  • Government retreats from academisation plan – FT

Muslim groups attack Goldsmith campaign

“The race to be the next mayor of London has sunk to “disturbing lows”, according to Muslim groups, as the Conservatives were accused to trying to create racial tensions in order to help Zac Goldsmith win. Customised leaflets addressed to Hindu, Sikh and Tamil voters mention sensitive subjects such as India’s Hindu-nationalist prime minister Narendra Modi, a 1984 battle over a Sikh temple in India that left hundreds dead and the Sri Lankan civil war.” – FT

  • Why local government is a failed state – Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

Labour suspends Shah…

Labour holes“Jeremy Corbyn today finally suspended Labour MP Naz Shah who said Israel should be ‘relocated’ to the United States hours after he accepted an apology without imposing a punishment. Mr Corbyn’s U-turn on suspension came less than four hours after David Cameron hammered him at Prime Minister’s Questions for not suspending Ms Shah as soon as the accusations emerged.” – Daily Mail

  • Corbyn faces anti-Semitism turmoil – Daily Telegraph
  • Livingstone condemned for denying call to ‘relocate’ Israel was anti-Semitic – Daily Mail


  • Corbyn’s defence of Shah will make your jaw drop – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph
  • What Labour’s anti-Semites can learn from Jews – Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph
  • Corbyn’s half-hearted shrug over anti-Jewish sentiment – FT editorial

…and fears electoral collapse in Scotland

“Scottish Labour has published a manifesto promising to protect public spending with higher taxes as the once-mighty party struggles to stave off disaster in next week’s elections to the parliament at Holyrood. Any campaign cheer Labour hoped to generate with its manifesto launch was quickly cooled by a new poll that showed the party trailing the Conservatives in third place.” – FT

  • Scottish poll puts Labour in third – The Guardian
  • Davies looked like he enjoyed the Welsh leaders’ debate – Wales Online


>Today: Christopher Salmon in Local Government: How I have cut crime and costs in Dyfed Powys

Trump in new sexism row after attack on Clinton

TRUMP hair“Donald Trump is in a new sexism storm after he said the only thing Hillary Clinton has going for her is ‘the woman’s card’.America is preparing itself for a Trump versus Clinton presidential contest following their election successes last night and it looks like it’s going to be a vicious one… in his press conference last night he attacked his mostly likely opponent in November’s presidential election, Hillary Clinton.” – The Sun

News in Brief:

  • Hospitals braced for five days of A&E chaos – Daily Mail
  • Disgraced police chief may never face action over Hillsborough – The Times (£)
  • Britain’s borders exposed as screening system crashed twice in 48 hours – Daily Telegraph
  • Dark days for the Guardian FT

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