EU 1) Boris: Cameron is talking “b******s”, and the immigration pledge was a non-starter

BORIS union flag‘Boris Johnson has accused David Cameron of talking “b******s” about Europe — and blasted his broken promise to tackle immigration. He said the PM misled the nation by claiming he could stop foreign job-hunters flocking here. Mr Johnson said the pledge to let in only those with jobs lined up was always a non-starter…The London Mayor said: “We were told repeatedly in the run-up to this negotiation we’d be able to decide only people who had jobs lined up could come here. I can give you the quotes. It was Theresa, Dave and George who kept saying it. But it could never be delivered because of a European Court judgment in 1991. “It ruled that anybody can go anywhere in search of work, that’s why we were just told to bog off.”’ – The Sun on Sunday

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EU 2) Brexit would cause an ‘economic rupture’ like the banking crash, warns Crabb

‘Britain is facing an “economic rupture” that will bring misery to millions of people if the country votes to leave the EU, the Government warns. Businesses will flee, factories will close and jobs will be lost, with “disastrous” consequences for families, according to a senior Cabinet minister. Stephen Crabb, the Work and Pensions Secretary, warns that a “reckless” vote for Brexit would trigger an economic “shock” akin to the 2008 banking crash.’ – Sunday Telegraph

EU 3) Wallace: The pro-EU campaign got off to a rocky start

Britain Stronger In Europe logo‘The Downing Street grid for the official beginning of the referendum campaign will have been inked in with heavy foreboding. “Banging on about Europe”, pro or anti, is inevitably the order of the day. Despite that apprehension, the past fortnight has proved more uncomfortable than expected. The Panama Papers were unrelated to the EU, but bogged the prime minister down in a personal battle. Just as the pro-EU campaign was meant to kick off, Cameron, its greatest asset, faced allegations about his family finances. It wasn’t the start he would have wished for.’ – Mark Wallace, The Observer

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Andrew RT Davies: Our alternative for Wales

‘I would lead a government that delivers a health service that is fully-equipped and properly resourced, supporting our treasured staff to treat patients on time and to the highest standards. A government that recognises the contribution made by small firms to the Welsh economy and cuts business rates to help them to expand and grow. A government that invests in infrastructure to get Wales moving and lowers income tax to unlock the entrepreneurial potential of our brightest and hardest working. A government that drives up standards in education and offers teachers the best training.’ – Andrew RT Davies, Sunday Times (£)

Cleverly: Less aid spending and more focus, please

aidgraphic‘I dislike the idea of spending being used as a proxy measure for compassion. This works against financial efficiency, leading people to focus on spending cash quickly rather than effectively. So I will champion the cause of ditching this outdated target, because it makes success an enemy. After all, if a country no longer needs your money it makes it harder to hit that target – yet the sums needing to be spent will grow as our economy grows. The British people want to help the global poor but public confidence in aid policies is essential.’ – James Cleverly, Mail on Sunday

England faces shortfall of 10,000 primary school places

‘England faces a looming crisis over primary school numbers as official figures point to a shortfall of 10,000 places across the country within four years. As millions of parents prepare to receive letters on Monday telling them whether or not their children will be admitted to their first-choice primary school, the government’s own data shows councils across the south-east, the Midlands and the north of England will have more pupils than places by 2019-20.’ – The Observer

New Whittingdale ex alleges he showed her Cabinet papers

WHITTINGDALE John‘Cabinet Minister John Whittingdale had a two-year relationship with a former porn star who claims he showed her confidential Government papers at his constituency home. Married ex-Page 3 model Stephanie Hudson, 36, says Culture Secretary Mr Whittingdale showed her highly-sensitive documents to ‘show off’ as he worked on his Ministerial Red Box over breakfast…A spokeswoman said: ‘John is a single man. He is entitled to a private life.’ And a source close to the divorced Mr Whittingdale insisted that Ms Hudson ‘did not have access to Government papers’.’ – Mail on Sunday

New evidence of Khan sharing platform with violent extremists

‘Labour’s candidate for London mayor spoke at a conference in the capital in 2003 alongside Yasser al-Siri, who had been sentenced to death in Egypt over a political assassination attempt that left a young girl dead. Another speaker was Sajeel Abu Ibrahim, better known as Sajeel Shahid, a member of al-Muhajiroun, a terrorist group later banned in the UK. He ran a camp in Pakistan which trained militants to fight with the Taliban. One of its graduates was Mohammed Siddique Khan’ – Sunday Times (£)

Shadow trade union minister could face tax inquiry

LABOUR dead rose‘Ian Lavery, the shadow trade unions minister, is facing the threat of a tax investigation and calls to resign after he refused to talk about a mortgage he had received from a miners’ benevolent fund. Pressure is mounting on the former leader of the National Union of Mineworkers, a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn, after he repeatedly refused to say whether money from sick and injured miners had been used to pay off the home loan, insisting it was a “private matter”. This weekend Lavery also refused to say whether the loan, made in 1994 at below the market rate, was properly declared to the taxman as a benefit in kind.’ – Sunday Times (£)

Air strikes have killed 25,000 ISIS fighters

‘More than 25,000 members of the Islamic State terror group have been killed in the relentless war fought by Britain and its allies, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. The campaign has halved the number of jihadi fighters in IS-controlled areas of Syria and Iraq in just 20 months and eliminated scores of the group’s leaders, with bombing raids and missile strikes by the RAF playing a crucial role. The revelations of how IS has been dealt a series of devastating blows emerged in an exclusive interview with Colonel Steve Warren, the US military spokesman for the US-led global coalition against Islamic State.’ – Mail on Sunday

News in Brief

  • Jamaica plans to ditch the Queen as Head of State – Mail on Sunday
  • Table tennis leads to Roman villa discovery – Sunday Times (£)
  • Eurovision official attacks Wogan for making the song contest into a joke – Mail on Sunday
  • Strikes threaten summer of travel chaos – Sunday Times (£)

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