Corbyn bows to pressure for inquiry but still won’t expel Red Ken

Jeremy Corbyn (Tory Poster)“Jeremy Corbyn has launched an independent inquiry into anti-Semitism in the Labour party amid pressure to expel Ken Livingstone. The panel, led by former Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti, will offer guidance about anti-Semitism and other forms of racism – despite the Labour leader insisting yesterday there was ‘no crisis’.” – Daily Mail

  • Party finally launches racism inquiry – FT
  • Leader in the crosshairs amidst party mutiny over anti-Semitism – The Times (£)
  • Corbyn faces ‘coup attempt’ as shadow ministers meet plotters – Daily Telegraph


  • Labour leader says it is ‘not a happy day’ as Ken suspended – The Guardian
  • Livingstone claims he can’t be anti-Semitic as he dated Jews – Daily Mail
  • A lifetime of poison and a disturbing Nazi obsession landed Ken in hot water – Daily Mail
  • Ex-Mayor accused of undermining election campaigns – The Guardian


  • Labour strategy chief called foundation of Israel a crime – The Times (£)
  • Berger reveals anti-Semitic abuse she is subjected to by online bullies – Daily Mail
  • How Israel lost its underdog status – The Times (£)


  • The growing rift between Corbyn and McDonnell – Daily Telegraph
  • Leader keeps his distance from local campaigns – The Times (£)
  • Video of Corbyn failing to open a door as he dodges press is internet sensation – The Times (£)
  • Welsh Labour moves to calm storm after UK leader’s no-show – Wales Online

Janice Turner: True Labour supporters no longer have a party

“Our political home has been squatted in by careless, incompetent fools, too arrogant even to see what harm they do. “Racism is normally an attribute of the right,” said Jon Trickett, MP, a Corbyn ally, on Newsnight. Yes, the left are the good guys; no need for a party inquiry, to look into our souls. We are the righteous; ergo everything we do is right.” – The Times (£)

  • Livingstone must be thrown out, he’s had his last second chance – Jess Phillips, The Guardian
  • How Labour embraced an ideology with race hate at its heart – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph
  • If Corbyn doesn’t cut out this cancer, it could kill Labour – Peter Oborne, Daily Mail
  • To root out the rot Labour needs action as well as emotion – Sebastian Payne, FT
  • My plea to the left: treat Jews as you would any other minority – Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian
  • Labour has tolerated Livingstone’s rhetoric for too long – Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph



EU 1) Leadsom urges mothers to support Brexit for their children’s sake

EU Exit brexit“Mothers should vote for Britain to leave the European Union to give their children “rewarding careers” one of the leading Brexit ministers has said today. Ms Leadsom said that the prospects for “our children and grandchildren outside the EU have never been better”. The comments will be seen as a direct challenge to the Remain campaigners who are urging voters to stay in the UK for the sake of their children.” – Daily Telegraph

  • More than 100 City executives back campaign to leave ‘damaging’ EU – Daily Express
  • Farage attacks Vote Leave after they reject his offer of collaboration – The Sun
  • Student apathy could swing vote towards Brexit – The Times (£)
  • EU may axe Visa deal with Turkey – The Sun
  • EU rules could see Poles and Romanians restoring Big Ben – The Sun

EU 2) Major attacks ‘faux-patriotism’ of Brexiteers and urges them to move to North Korea

“Those who want to leave the EU to achieve “undiluted sovereignty” should “go to North Korea”, Sir John Major has said. The former Conservative prime minister accused the Leave campaign of “faux-patriotism” and “mindless soundbites”, as he made the case for remaining in the EU. He said Britain “gain more than we give” and “win more than we lose” from our membership of the European Union.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Brexit campaigners blast former Prime Minister for North Korea jibe – The Sun
  • Cameron accused of running scared as he ducks EU TV debates – The Sun
  • Vaisey warns that Brexit could lead to higher mobile phone bills – Daily Telegraph
  • European courts told to ‘go easy’ on UK in run-up to referendum – Daily Mail
  • Markets face turbulence as fears rise of late Brexit result – FT

EU 3) Michael Gove: Why are we spending billions helping countries like Albania accede to the EU?

GOVE union flag T-shirt“The failure of the Government’s recent renegotiation of our membership to bring back any powers over immigration demonstrated that other EU nations and the Brussels elite just aren’t interested in reforming Europe. What they are determined to do is deepen and widen their political union. And because our veto was watered down in the recent negotiations, the countries of the eurozone now have the power to get their way, unimpeded, on a slew of European issues. We can no longer prevent them imposing their will on us.” – Daily Mail

Osborne turns fire on Boris

“George Osborne made his ambition to become Tory leader clearer than ever last night after making a string of gags mocking Boris Johnson – and even joked that he wished the Mayor of London had been executed. The Chancellor joked he had ‘nothing against uncontested leadership elections’ before laying into the Mayor of London, his main rival for the top job.” – Daily Mail

  • Chancellor vows to cut business rates for local papers – The Times (£)


  • Burn your bridges with the right, Mr Cameron – Matthew Parris, The Times (£)

Goldsmith supports toll bridges for London

Zac Goldsmith Billboard“Mr Goldsmith was asked about tolls and said he would be in favour of introducing them for new traffic bridges. “There is no doubt that we need new river crossings to the east of London and that without those crossings, London will continue to grind to a standstill and we won’t get new homes. The only way to pay for those river crossings, given the lack of finance, is by introducing charging for those crossings, for those new conveniences.”” – The Times (£)

  • MPs call for traffic lights to be switched off to improve traffic flow – Daily Telegraph
  • Farewell to a mayor long on charisma, short on detail – FT
  • Grey Lycra dominates race to replace colourful Boris – Patrick Kidd’s sketch, The Times (£)

Morgan defiant over academisation programme

“The Education Secretary is expected to remain defiant on plans to turn every school into an academy as she refuses to offer any more concessions despite warnings from her own party. There have been claims that Nicky Morgan had been forced to offer concessions, with suggestions that the best performing councils could run their own academy chains. But Mrs Morgan is set to offer a robust defence of the academies plan, which will see every school turned into an academy by 2022…” – Daily Telegraph

  • Hammond meets Raul Castro on historic visit to Cuba – Daily Telegraph
  • Ministers face £130m bill as welfare rule overturned in courts – The Times (£)

Up to 30 Tory MPs consider rebellion on child refugees

CONSERVATIVE logo“Up to 30 Conservative MPs could rebel in a Commons vote against David Cameron’s refusal to let child refugees in Europe into Britain. To avoid a humiliating defeat, ministers are now reconsidering whether to offer sanctuary to thousands of unaccompanied children in camps on the Continent.” – Daily Mail

  • Backbencers seek compromise on immigration bill vote – The Guardian
  • Pritchard wants to ban wooden floors in flats – The Sun

Scottish Labour’s civil war over Trident deepens…

“Scottish Labour’s “civil war” over Trident has intensified after it emerged a senior member of Kezia Dugdale’s front bench has lobbied the UK party’s defence review to renew Britain’s nuclear deterrent. Jackie Baillie, who since 1999 has represented the Scottish Parliament’s Dumbarton constituency that includes Trident’s Faslane naval base, has tabled a submission to the review making the case that it should be retained.” – Daily Telegraph


  • Devolution has become a motorway to mediocrity under one-party rule – Brian Wilson, The Scotsman

…as MP accused of kicking ‘Yes’ campaigner goes on trial

LABOUR dead rose“A Labour MP has gone on trial accused of assaulting a Yes campaigner at a polling station on the day of the Scottish independence referendum. Marie Rimmer, 69, denies kicking Patricia McLeish and acting in a threatening or abusive manner towards her and fellow independence campaigner Dennis Ashcroft. Giving evidence, Miss McLeish, 52, said Rimmer, MP for St Helens South and Whiston, kicked her then “smirked” outside Shettleston community centre in Glasgow on 18 September 2014.” – The Scotsman

Hamilton looks set to lead UKIP breakthrough into Welsh Assembly

“Neil Hamilton saw his career as a Tory MP come to a crashing halt in 1997 after becoming embroiled in the “cash-for-questions” scandal. Yet the bow-tied Thatcherite politician, now familiar as a television personality alongside his wife Christine, is set to return to the political frontline — as one of Ukip’s first members of the Welsh assembly. Experts expect the anti-Brussels party to get six or seven members from the “list seats” based on regional vote share.” – FT

Protesters outside Trump speech storm barricades and block roads

America“Protesters have stormed police barricades and surrounded the California hotel where Donald Trump addressed a Republican gathering. Several hundred people gathered outside the hotel, many with “Dump Trump” signs or waving Mexican flags. Police had to separate them from smaller crowds of Trump supporters, at least one of whom claimed to have been attacked. A trump piñata was set on fire as obscenity-laden chants rang out.” – Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

  • RAF bombers have wiped out more than 1,000 ISIS jihadists in Iraq and Syria – Daily Mail
  • Serious Fraud Office begins enquiry into BHS collapse – The Times (£)
  • Watchdog could force Sir Philip Green to hand back millions – Daily Mail
  • Reformers and moderates win second round of Iranian elections – Daily Telegraph
  • Bookies fear £50 million payout if Leicester win the Premier League – FT
  • Government forces restaurants to give all tips to staff – The Sun
  • Parents shun school tests – The Times (£)
  • War hero Beattie forced to resign over Assembly bid – Belfast Telegraph

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