Javid claims Port Talbot steelworks is ‘absolutely vital’

Sajid Javid 12-07-15“Sajid Javid promised steel workers he will do everything he can to save their ‘absolutely vital’ jobs as he met them face-to-face this afternoon – but he also warned that they could be out of a job in just three weeks. As the Business Secretary finally arrived at the UK’s biggest steel plant in Port Talbot today, furious protesters confronted him by demanding to know if the Government is letting them ‘go to the wall’.” – Daily Mail

  • Business Secretary raises hopes of rescue – The Times (£)
  • Javid admits steel jobs ‘not safe’ – Daily Express
  • Tata only ‘going through the motions’ of sale bid – FT
  • How one town moved on from steel – The Times (£)


  • Cameron rebuffed as China introduces tariff on British steel – Daily Mail
  • Prime Minister defends blocking EU tariffs – The Guardian
  • Beijing strikes fresh blow against hopes of saving Port Talbot jobs The Times (£)
  • Trade war looms with defiant China – Daily Telegraph

Tom Harris: Calling for a ministerial resignation is a nuclear option Labour should use sparingly

“The problem with the latest furore around Business Secretary Sajid Javid is that he’s not actually been at the centre of the Tata Steel crisis. Perhaps he should have been – that’s a moot point. But when the industry in question is entirely privately owned and the government has made it clear for years that it will remain so, what can Javid do except promise to set up task forces and make comforting remarks to the unfortunate steel workers who face redundancy?” – Daily Telegraph

  • Labour is a useless, fair-weather friend of the industrial working class – Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph
  • The long, slow decline of British steel – Brian Groom, FT
  • Should we ‘save our steel’? – Alex Brummer vs Dominic Sandbrook, Daily Mail


  • Just how many ‘crown jewels’ can we lose? – Daily Mail
  • Government must be tougher with Beijing – The Times (£)


>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Why Conservatives should want to intervene in Port Talbot

Savers see ‘savage’ cuts as Osborne’s pension reforms backfire

OSBORNE penknife“Tens of thousands of savers have endured savage cuts to their retirement incomes as the Chancellor’s pension reforms have backfired. An investigation by the Daily Mail reveals pension firms have rushed to cut annuity rates by up to 17pc – costing savers tens of thousands of pounds over the course of their retirement.” – Daily Mail

  • Pension freedoms one year on – FT
  • Estate agents fear slump after last-minute buy-to-let rush – FT
  • UK top earners to receive as much in handouts as poorest by 2020 – The Guardian

Simon Jenkins: Osborne’s persecution of private landlords is wrongheaded and un-Tory

“He subsidises house purchase through mortgage aid, driving savings into inert property and encouraging the under-use of living space… Osborne should do the exact opposite. He should encourage the sub-letting of rooms, buying-to-let, Airbnb and any other form of rental. He should promote, not tax, market activity, attracting supply from the readiest source of new housing: under-used space. He should help, not impede, the matching of supply with demand. That would make him a proper Tory.” – The Guardian

>Yesterday: George Osborne MP in Comment: Four radical reforms which show what this modern, compassionate Conservative Government is all about

Ministers 1) More pro-Brexit Tories hit out at Living Wage

EU Exit brexit“Senior Brexit Tories joined the feud over the national living wage, arguing that the policy would fuel immigration unless Britain leaves the EU. Chris Grayling, the Commons leader, and David Davis, the influential backbencher, backed John Whittingdale’s warning that freedom of movement rules meant that the pay rise would attract more low-skilled workers from Europe.” – The Times (£)

  • Economists debate the pros and cons – FT
  • The ‘living wage’ is seven times the lowest pay in Bulgaria – Daily Mail
  • Politicians should allow technocrats to set the minimum – FT editorial

Other EU:

  • Tory civil war over Europe deepens with bitter NHS row –Daily Telegraph
  • Leaked Brexit email claims Prime Minister ‘starved’ NHS – The Guardian
  • Cameron begs world leaders to back his bid to stay In – The Sun
  • Grayling denies alleged impact of Brexit on Premier League – Daily Telegraph
  • French are least supportive of British EU membership – FT
  • EU migrant mothers cost NHS £1.3 billion – Daily Express
  • Job-cutting Ford claims EU will protect workers – The Times (£)
  • Refugee expulsion plan under fire from the UN – FT
  • Fury at EU scheme which will see taxpayers’ pay to rehouse migrants in Africa – Daily Express


  • Remain need to stop assuming the referendum’s in the bag – Rupert Myers, Daily Telegraph

>Today: David Kirkby in Comment: The National Living Wage could undermine the Northern Powerhouse – so let’s vary it by region


Ministers 2) Morgan under fire over equalities appointment

“The education secretary, Nicky Morgan, has come under fire for choosing a City lawyer with an annual income of £500,000 to chair Britain’s leading equality and human rights body. Two parliamentary committees have written to Morgan, who is also minister for women and equalities, to warn that there could be a conflict of interest if David Isaac was appointed to the role – because his legal firm carries out “significant work for the government”.” – The Guardian

Ministers 3) Laws tips Gove for Tory leader

michael-gove“Michael Gove’s reputation may have taken a hammering from teachers, but his time as education secretary has won him a surprising political champion. David Laws, the former Liberal Democrat schools minister, is touting Mr Gove as the smart bet to be Tory leader after David Cameron steps down before the next general election.” – The Times (£)

UK and US ‘war game’ nuclear waste attack

“Security officials fear Islamic State is plotting to use drones to spray deadly nuclear waste over British cities. The threat is considered so real that David Cameron and Barack Obama last night held a ‘war game’ session on how to respond to such an attack – which could kill thousands and leave a target town or city uninhabitable for years.” – Daily Mail

Momentum urges activists to ‘get a grip’ on their party

Momentum“Leading allies of Jeremy Corbyn have ordered his grassroots supporters to “get a grip” on Labour, fight internal party battles and push for left-wing activists to become MPs. Jon Lansman, the founder of Momentum, the controversial network of Mr Corbyn’s supporters, told a meeting of its backers last week: “It’s our responsibility to change the party.”” – The Times (£)

  • Former Labour MEP faces jail for expense fraud – The Sun

Anti-Semitism at the heart of Labour

“It has generated endless headlines thanks to an extraordinary succession of Labour activists and officials who have been disciplined by the party after being caught (largely by the media) making deeply offensive remarks about Jews. Some, such as Khadim Hussain, the former Labour mayor of Bradford, have used the internet to spread the bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Israeli spies helped found Islamic State, in a secret plot to force Western nations to invade the Middle East.” – Daily Mail

  • Party welcomes back blogger who compares Israelis to Nazis – The Times (£)


  • Labour has a serious problem, and Corbyn is failing to fix it – Jonathan Arkush, Daily Telegraph

SNP and Labour clash on tax

Scottish flag“The SNP has accused Labour of presiding over years of council-tax hikes and planning further tax rises for the low-paid as the nationalists were urged to support a tax on the highest earners. Labour has dismissed Nicola Sturgeon’s concerns that a 50p tax rate could cost Scotland £30 million through tax avoidance as “smoke and mirrors”, insisting HMRC has the power to make sure Scots pay up.” – The Scotsman

Obama attacks Trump for abandoning nuclear non-proliferation

“President Barack Obama on Friday slammed Donald Trump for suggesting that Japan and South Korea should consider developing nuclear weapons, calling the mogul ignorant about foreign policy and unfit to occupy the White House. Speaking after a nuclear summit in Washington, Mr Obama questioned Mr Trump’s claim that Tokyo and Seoul would have less trouble dealing with North Korea if they had nuclear weapons — a suggestion the tycoon made in an interview with the New York Times that was at odds with decades of US nuclear non-proliferation policy.” – FT

News in Brief:

  • Universities ‘fail to ban radicals’ – Daily Mail
  • Holidaymakers conned out of £12 million by fake websites – The Times (£)
  • Cure for HIV and Aids ‘within three years’ after breakthrough – Daily Telegraph
  • Millions face higher insurance bills after ‘disastrous’ VAT ruling by Euro judges – The Sun
  • Scientists create synthetic tissues which mimic nerves – FT
  • Greater Manchester begins £6 billion health devolution experiment – The Guardian
  • Safety alert as EU blocks vital checks on doctors’ qualifications – Daily Mail
  • Blow for Brazil’s ruling regime as top officials walk out – The Scotsman
  • Plan to let Ulster MLAs expense holidays abandoned – News Letter

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