Boris attacks Obama’s “hypocrisy”

Boris“Boris Johnson has accused Barack Obama of “hypocrisy” over his support for the UK remaining in the EU. The London mayor, who backs an EU exit, told the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg the Americans “wouldn’t dream of sharing their sovereignty” as the UK had done. The US president is expected to repeat his support for Britain’s EU membership when he visits the UK next week.The White House has indicated Mr Obama is ready to offer his view but will stress it is a decision for UK voters.” – BBC

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Bonding session for Tory MPs

“It was meant to be workmanlike and serious, but in the end there was a free bar and laughter over similarities between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. More than 300 Tory MPs gathered this week at a four-star hotel on the outskirts of Chipping Norton for a 36-hour bonding session at which, for the sake of a temporary truce, Europe was kept off the agenda. They arrived on Thursday at the Heythrop Park Hotel, which has a golf course, spa and indoor pool, for a series of presentations, dinner and drinking, with the bill met by party donors. The Oxfordshire night away, held in David Cameron’s back yard, had been causing jitters for weeks among some figures in Downing Street.” – The Times(£)

Raising concerns about immigration is not racist says Priti Patel

PATEL Priti headshot“It is not “racist” to be concerned about the impact of mass immigration, Britain’s only Asian female Cabinet minister says. The Work and Pensions minister Priti Patel, who is campaigning to leave the European Union, blames other politicians for making it impossible to raise concerns about the impact of the arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants without being accused of being racist. In an interview with the Telegraph on the first day of the EU referendum campaign, Ms Patel says she is well qualified to comment on the issue as the daughter of Indian immigrants of Gujarati origin who left Uganda shortly before Idi Amin expelled the Asian community.” – Daily Telegraph

Timpson says teachers should stop pupils sexting

“In a written answer to Tim Loughton, children’s MP Edward Timpson insisted that “keeping children safe is a top priority”. He said that the “Keeping children safe in education” guidance provided by the government to schools gives a link to advice on sexting. He added: “The department [of Education] has also produced advice for schools on searching, screening and confiscation which makes clear that school staff can examine the contents of a pupil’s mobile phone and, where necessary, delete inappropriate content where there is good reason to do so.” – Daily Express

Shapps demands an end to Broadband “rip offs”

SHAPPS Grant favourite“Nine in ten Britons are being sold broadband speeds they may never reach, a cross-party group of MPs warn today as they demand an end to the biggest “miss-selling scandal” since PPI. More than 50 politicians have signed up to a new campaign determined to end the “British broadband rip-off” which is seeing customers entering contracts that are less than transparent…..Grant Shapps, the former Conservative Party chairman leading the campaign, said: “It’s a scandal that official watchdog rules allow Internet Service Providers to claim download speeds which only 1 in 10 of their customers actually receive.” – Daily Telegraph

Willetts keeps up attack on baby boomers

“Baby boomers are causing “blockages” in the jobs market which stop young people getting promotions or pay rises because David Cameron scrapped the default retirement age. Allowing people to work into their seventies means younger workers are now earning less than their parents did when starting out in their careers. Research by the Resolution Foundation shows a 28-year-old earns £50 a week less in real terms than someone entering the jobs market a decade ago. Lord Willetts, the former Tory cabinet minister who chairs the think tank, toldThe Times it was “shocking” that wages were being suppressed because people starting out in their careers cannot “move on and move up”.” – The Times(£)

Blair used secret fund to manage his fortune

BLAIR Europe“Tony Blair used a secret trust to manage his multimillion-pound wealth after contact with Britain’s top taxman, two of the former prime minister’s advisers have claimed. Dave Hartnett, head of Revenue & Customs, was approached by a consultant hired by Mr Blair’s lawyers about the controversial trust, which sits at the heart of his business empire, the advisers alleged. Discussions with HMRC officials, which took place shortly after Mr Blair left office a decade ago, included how his advisers would treat the trust for tax purposes, they told undercover reporters.” – The Times(£)

  • Secrecy and sell companies shield massive wealth – The Times(£)

How can Jews vote for Corbyn, asks former BBC chief

“Being Jewish and voting for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party would be like being a Muslim and voting for Donald Trump, according to Danny Cohen, the former director of BBC television. The executive, a prominent figure in London’s Jewish community, said that he was deeply troubled by the growing problem of antisemitism in the Labour party and that it made it impossible for Jewish people to support it under the present leadership.” – The Times(£)

Blunkett defends immigration record

BLUNKETT David“Lord Blunkett says he does not regret his 2004 decision to open UK borders to east European migrants, which led to a surge in immigration. The former home secretary told the BBC it was a decision taken to allow people to work legally – not a “failure”. At the time, Labour ministers highlighted a report suggesting 13,000 migrants a year would come, but that proved to be a huge underestimate. Former minister Jack Straw has said the policy was a “spectacular mistake”.” – BBC

  • Immigration means 80,000 children to miss out on first choice of primary school – Daily Mail

Lavery silent on mortgage subsidy

“Labour’s shadow trade union minister has refused to say if the National Union of Mineworkers wrote off a subsidised £85,426 home mortgage for him. Ian Lavery, 53, was general secretary of the Northumberland area branch of the union from 1992 until he was elected an MP in 2010. BBC’s Newsnight reported that the MP had received a £72,000 mortgage in 1994 from the branch’s benevolent fund, repayable at half the market interest rate. In 2007 NUM (Northumberland Area) provident and benevolent fund wrote off £109,911, about the same amount as if he had not paid the mortgage, Newsnight reported.” – The Times(£)

School head resigns in protest at academy policy

School“A primary school headmaster has resigned in protest over government plans to turn all primary schools in England into academies. Jeremy Gargan, head teacher at Aycliffe Village Primary School in County Durham,wrote to parents criticising changes to school funding. He attacked the National Funding Formula announced by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.” – BBC

  • Village schools will be saved to appease Tory academy rebels – The Times(£)
  • Baker slams school plan – FT

Green Party predict council seats “surge”

“The Green Party is aiming to build on 2015’s “surge” in votes and membership to boost its representation on English councils in the local elections. Launching her party’s campaign in Bristol, Natalie Bennett said councils “desperately need a new green broom”. The party is standing more than 1,500 candidates on 5 May.” – BBC

Delingpole: Glimmer of hope for motorists

James Delingpole“There have been a few glimmers of hope for the hard-pressed motorist…The latest – hurrah! – is Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin’s assault on unmanned roadworks. From now on if they are not finished soon enough fines of up to £5,000 a day will be issued. Under the new measures “ghost” roadwork sites will be made illegal. Councils and utilities will have to keep the sites working seven days a week so the roadworks can be finished as quickly as possible. Or they will have to make sure there are no restrictions in place at weekends so drivers don’t have to sit, fuming, in front of temporary traffic lights that should have been taken down.” – James Delingpole Daily Express

Moore: Politicians should decided public appointments it should not be “independent

charlesmoore“Why is that better than politicians deciding? Since it tends to frustrate the wishes of those the voters have elected, isn’t it much worse? Isn’t it positively right that Ministers should use public appointments – and even, though in a much more restricted way, senior Civil Service appointments – to look for people who can advance their aims and reject those determined to retard them? Wasn’t Tony Blair right, therefore, to insert Dame Suzie, and wasn’t Mr Cameron right to push her out and insert Mr Shawcross?” – Charles Moore Daily Telegraph

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News in brief

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  • Thousands of pupils are underweight say MPs – BBC
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  • Police must tackle trolling says Stella Creasy – The Guardian
  • Homelessness rising twice as fast among ethnic minorities – Independent
  • Proposal to end pavement parking – The Times(£)

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