Government to release new EU migration figures before vote

IMMIGRATION mat“The EU referendum battle took an astonishing new twist last night after officials caved in to demands to come clean about the true scale of mass immigration. The U-turn – a major victory for the Daily Mail – sets the stage for the potentially explosive figures to be published just one month before the June 23 vote.” – Daily Mail

  • Secret migrant toll to emerge on eve of poll – The Sun
  • Blow for the Prime Minister as Leave forges ahead – Daily Express
  • Leaving will boost pay and jobs, claims Leadsom – Daily Mail
  • Brexit would put NHS at risk, warn health leaders – The Times (£)
  • Ex-health secretaries denounces Leave campaigners’ ‘dangerous lie’ – The Guardian
  • Cameron’s ‘bizarre rant’ about a bitter campaign – Daily Mail
  • One in four of MPs at odds with their voters on Europe – The Times (£)
  • Sol Campbell claims Brexit will foster home-grown talent – The Sun


  • Britain’s pro-EU campaigners are losing the argument – Wolfgang Münchau, FT
  • The Europe fans Cameron needs don’t care enough to vote – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun
  • Britain’s EU membership could fall down the generation gap – Andrew Rawnsley, The Guardian
  • Brexit or not, this record deficit is a very big problem – Roger Bootle, Daily Telegraph


  • The public is seeing through Project Fear – Daily Mail
  • Appeal to youth vote key to Remain success – FT



Javid suggests nationalisation of steelworkers’ pensions

“The state will take control of Tata’s pension liabilities of up to £2 billion in a bid to save Britain’s beleaguered steel industry, Sajid Javid suggested yesterday. The Business Secretary said the Government was ready to step in with financial support to persuade investors to buy the threatened steelworks at Port Talbot and other stricken plants.” – Daily Mail

  • Business Secretary angers industry over Brussels’ rules – FT
  • Javid under pressure to admit crisis was unexpected – The Guardian
  • EU rules could prevent saving of steel industry – The Times (£)
  • First Minister makes case for nationalisation – Wales Online
  • Financiers prepare to revive ‘British Steel’ brand and buy plant – Daily Telegraph
  • Steel ‘crisis’ turns up heat on energy subsidies – FT


  • Cash calls on Business Secretary to block German takeover of Stock Exchange – Daily Mail
  • Pickles urges Government to axe ‘granny flat tax’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Gyimah outlines plan for more flexible childcare – Daily Mail
  • Funding for long-term unemployed to be cut – FT

Boris Johnson: Pity the workers of Port Talbot, their country cannot help them

BORIS union flag“The Conservative Government is sensibly trying to make amends for Miliband’s folly, and to cut the costs of energy for industry – but at every turn we have the problem of the EU, and the objections of Brussels to anything that looks like state aids.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Our race to go green is killing Britain’s heavy industries – Matt Ridley, The Times (£)
  • Steel shrivels whilst Britain’s balance of payments deficit grows – William Keegan, The Guardian

>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Javid – “I will do everything I can to keep Port Talbot open”

Brady attacks Osborne’s academy plan

“A senior Tory backbencher has attacked George Osborne over his plans to force all state schools to become academies. Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 committee, said the policy could lead to the creation of ‘new and distant bureaucracies’ rather than delivering greater freedom and autonomy for schools. And he singled out one effect of the reforms – the removal of parents from governing bodies – for particular criticism.” – Daily Mail

>Today: John Nash in Comment: Our school reforms. We want parents to be more involved in their children’s education – not less.

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: The PIP row and IDS’s resignation. Almost two out of three party member respondents to our survey blame Osborne.

Wollaston turns on Hunt over seven-day NHS

NHS_Logo“A senior Conservative MP has attacked Jeremy Hunt’s “entirely unreasonable” tactics in pursuit of an “unachievable” seven-day NHS, claiming he misrepresented evidence to win public support in his long-running dispute with junior doctors. Revealing the depths of the Tory divide on the NHS, Dr Sarah Wollaston, the chair of the Commons health select committee, dismissed Hunt’s argument that more doctors working weekends would reduce hospital fatalities.” – The Guardian

  • NHS accused of false pay claims to bypass cost controls – The Times (£)
  • Call for review after £725m NHS contract collapses – FT

Sarah Wollaston: Both sides have lost sight of the patient

“The Department of Health and the BMA have spent so long shouting at cross purposes that they have forgotten their common purpose. In using them as pawns, both sides have lost sight of patients, the very people both claim to want to protect.” – The Guardian

  • We must tackle the egos of senior clinicians to prevent mistakes – Matthew Syed, The Times (£)

Davidson attacks SNP’s ‘Named Person’ plans

SNP logo white background“But with critics denouncing it as a totalitarian assault on parents’ rights, opponents of the SNP hope the issue might help to chip away at its popularity as it romps toward what polls say will be a landslide win. “The SNP wants to appoint a state guardian for every child, over the heads of parents, and against the wishes of the majority of this country,” said Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, which abstained in the 2014 vote.” – FT

  • Sturgeon strikes ‘secret’ £10bn deal with Chinese construction giants – The Sun
  • Scottish Government agrees to make details public – The Scotsman


  • What has the SNP got to hide in their Chinese deal? – The Scotsman

Mitchell joins calls for DfID to repay misspent money

“Former international development secretary Andrew Mitchell last night joined demands for the department to pay back almost £200 million of foreign aid. The ministry yesterday admitted it had mistakenly spent £172 million more than it should have done last year – with UK taxpayers’ money.” – Daily Mail

  • Dave’s PR campaign to make the Tories look caring is causing untold misery – Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail

Tory donors and ex-MPs named in massive offshore financial data theft

money“Former Tory MPs, party donors and the Prime Minister’s late father were named last night in a huge leak of millions of documents exposing the use of offshore tax regimes by the world’s richest people… It was reported that six members of the House of Lords, three former Conservative MPs and dozens of donors to British political parties have been shown to have had offshore assets.” – Daily Mail

  • Panama leak draws scrutiny to offshore havens – FT

Labour warn of prisons becoming ‘terror academies’

” About 1,000 Muslim prisoners are at risk of being radicalised in British jails as part of ‘terrorist academies’. Lord Falconer has warned the number is higher than those who have travelled to fight in the Middle East and Syria.” – Daily Mail

  • Shadow Defence Secretary doesn’t know what ‘Defcon’ means – Daily Telegraph
  • McDonnell says Labour must take anti-Semitism claims seriously – The Guardian


  • What Labour can learn from Wilson – Tristram Hunt, FT

Foster targets long-shot West Belfast seat for DUP

DUP logo“Arlene Foster will launch her first manifesto as DUP leader in West Belfast today – a constituency usually regarded as a political wasteland for unionism… While it might seem an unlikely place for the DUP to cause an upset, Diane Dodds won her 2003 West Belfast seat with 2,544 votes – a 7.7% share.” – Belfast Telegraph

  • Portillo says he understood unionist dilemma over Easter Rising commemorations – News Letter

Cruz seizes chance to close with wounded Trump

“A battered Donald Trump is trailing Ted Cruz as the Republican rivals steam towards tomorrow’s Wisconsin primary, a contest that the Texas senator is hoping will reshape the race for the White House. Mr Cruz, a conservative firebrand who has become the unlikely champion of the Republican establishment by default, leads Mr Trump in Wisconsin by 43 per cent to 37 per cent, according to a CBS poll published yesterday.” – The Times (£)

News in Brief:

  • Migrant protests in Greece as Austria deploys troops to Italian border – Daily Mail
  • Border chaos threatens deportation deal – The Times (£)
  • Child survivors of Nepalese earthquake being ‘sold as slaves’ to British families – Daily Telegraph
  • Lagarde dismisses claim that Greece is being pushed to default – FT
  • Holiday bargains as costs tumble across EU – Daily Express
  • The £15bn deficit at the heart of Wales’ finances – Wales Online

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