Ministers 1) Osborne claims Brexit will ‘ruin the UK for decades’

OSBORNE penknife“Britain will be worse off ‘for decades’ and have billions less to spend on public services if it votes for Brexit, a government dossier will warn today. The document, published by George Osborne, will be presented as an impartial assessment of the financial implications of leaving the EU. However the analysis, which has been written by Treasury civil servants, will spark immediate accusations from the Leave camp that it is government propaganda designed to scare the public.” – Daily Mail

  • Chancellor’s warning ahead of Treasury report – The Times (£)
  • NHS and public services risk billions in cuts, warns Osborne – Daily Telegraph
  • Nuts and bolts of the Treasury view of Brexit – FT
  • Business dogged by referendum uncertainty – FT
  • Half of our readers are ‘bored’ by the referendum debate – The Sun


  • Davis claims Cameron should not conduct Brexit negotiations – Daily Telegraph
  • Clarke claims Prime Minister won’t last 30 seconds if we Leave – The Sun

More Osborne:

  • New Government savings rules create chaos for millions – Daily Telegraph
  • MPs aim to protect Financial Conduct Authority’s independence – FT
  • Waitrose becomes latest supermarket to drop staff perks to pay living wage – Daily Mail
  • Every Briton faces £53,000 debt for unfunded public schemes – Daily Telegraph
  • Northen Powerhouse threatened by ‘brain drain’ – FT
  • How Chancellors become Prime Ministers – Matthew Smith, Times (£) Red Box

Ministers 2) May to get enhanced role to win over wavering Tories

“Theresa May is the In campaign’s secret weapon to win over eurosceptics and will be given an enhanced role in the final two months of the referendum, leading pro-EU strategists have said. Senior figures in the Remain campaign believe the Home Secretary’s record in tackling crime and terrorism gives her an unparalleled position to deliver warnings over Britain’s security. Strategists also believe her Eurosceptic credentials – having never been part of the pro-EU “starry-eyed brigade” – leave her well placed to woo undecided Conservatives.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Clegg accuses Home Secretary of ‘tampering’ with drug report – The Guardian


  • Obama is right on the EU, but status quo is a hard sell – Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian

Ministers 3) Grayling warns of ‘tidal wave’ of post-Remain red tape

Red Tape Britain“Chris Grayling, the Commons leader, is expected to claim Brussels is ready to introduce even more red tape after June’s referendum. He will add: “They’re holding it all back until we’ve voted, hoping we won’t realise that there is another tidal wave of More Europe heading our way.” The Cabinet minister will issue the warning as he hits the campaign trail with Ukip leader Nigel Farage in Stoke-on-Trent.” – Daily Express

  • Grayling claims Obama does not understand UK-EU relationship – Daily Telegraph
  • Villiers dismisses as ‘scaremongering’ warnings of Brexit impact on Northern Ireland – News Letter
  • Senior Conservatives back Whittingdale – The Sun
  • Brexiteers set the pace on social media – The Times (£)
  • Seventeen million votes still up for grabs – The Sun

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Obama and Brexit. Play the ball, not the man.

Trevor Kavanagh: The Brexit ‘catastrophe’ is a ‘Big Lie’

“Brussels can’t deploy storm-troopers to defend its empire, but they are capable of telling monster porkies… If Britain walks away, it is claimed we will bring about destitution, mass unemployment and an economic catastrophe that will make the Great Recession seem like a passing cloud… Britain may be the world’s fifth-biggest economy — no thanks to Brussels — but it will be reduced to a banana republic.” – The Sun

>Today: ToryDiary: Where is the idealism of Remain?

Ministers 4) Patel claims migration is putting schools at breaking point

Patel Union Jack“Migration from the EU is putting ‘unsustainable pressure’ on schools, a leading Brexit minister warned last night – as new figures show a quarter of schools are now full. As parents learn today whether their child got into their first-choice primary or infant school, employment minister Priti Patel said migration had pushed the education system to ‘breaking point’.” – Daily Mail

  • MP fears overcrowding will deal harsh blow to children’s hopes – The Sun
  • ‘Too many migrants’: poll boosts Brexit bid – Daily Express
  • Councils seek power to expand class sizes ahead of academisation – The Guardian
  • Harsh exams blamed for putting pupils off languages – Daily Mail
  • IoD recommends removing political interference from education – FT


  • Children betrayed by the migration boom – Daily Mail
  • Forced academisation risks blemishing the Government’s education record – The Times (£)

>Today: Joe Baron in Comment: Banning tag and rugby tackling is stopping boys being boys

Ministers 5) Hunt backtracks on junior doctors’ contract

“Jeremy Hunt last night appeared to backtrack over plans to impose a controversial contract on junior doctors. His threat to force the deal on medics has already prompted four strikes and a fifth is planned for next week involving a total withdrawal of care. But the Health Secretary seems to have performed a U-turn and is no longer claiming he has the right to impose the contract.” – Daily Mail

  • Pressure mounts on Health Secretary over dispute – The Guardian
  • Hunt told to investigate scarlet fever ‘epidemic’ – The Sun

More Health:

  • EU health tourists’ NHS loophole – Daily Mail
  • Nine million patients failed by second-rate GPs – Daily Mail

Iain Duncan Smith: Conservatives must be biased towards the poorest

Iain Duncan Smith“The purpose of Universal Credit and the back-to-work programmes was to ensure that those who, in particular, had been out of the labour market for some time were incentivised and enabled to take up work. Rebuilding their sense of self-worth allows them to rediscover their own talent and the vital role that work plays in every household.” – The Times (£)

>Today: Nadhim Zahawi MP in Comment: Capitalism is under attack. We must defend it before it’s too late.

Khan in pole position to capture City Hall

“The race to succeed Boris Johnson as London mayor looks like it has become the Labour candidate’s to lose. Sadiq Khan, the MP for Tooting, has led his main rival, Conservative Zac Goldsmith, in opinion polls all year and bookmakers make him the firm favourite, with recent election results providing further grounds for confidence.” – The Guardian

  • Hunt calls on Labour to overcome centralising instincts – The Guardian


  • Labour candidate’s dealings with Islamic extremists cast doubt on suitability for Mayoralty – Isabel Oakeshott, Daily Mail
  • Our capital is set to pay dearly for Dave letting a posh-boy eco nut be Tory candidate – Max Hastings, Daily Mail

Corbyn snubs McDonald’s from conference

Jeremy Corbyn (Tory Poster)“The Labour leadership has been accused of ‘snobbery’ after turning down tens of thousands of pounds in sponsorship from McDonald’s. The fast food giant wanted to display a stand at the party’s conference in Liverpool this autumn backing British farm produce. But the ruling National Executive Committee – which is dominate by allies of leader Jeremy Corbyn – rejected the offer.” – Daily Mail

  • Labour leader may buck tradition and refuse to meet Obama – The Times (£)
  • Scottish Labour plan pro-trade unions bill – The Scotsman

Cooper contradicts her leader on migration and more

“The pace of immigration under the last Labour Government was “too fast”, former minister Yvette Cooper as she appeared to contradict Jeremy Corbyn… She also admitted that she “does not understand” Mr Corbyn’s plans for an EU-wide minimum wage.” – Daily Telegraph

>Yesterday: LeftWatch: Does Corbyn still admire Venezuela?

SNP eye fresh constitutional power grab

Scottish flag“The Scottish Parliament should be able to stage a second independence referendum if there is “clear and sustained” evidence that most Scots want to leave the UK, Nicola Sturgeon has said. The demand for Holyrood to be allowed to stage a fresh independence vote is likely to prompt a political row as control over constitutional matters is currently reserved to Westminster.” – The Scotsman

News in Brief:

  • UK could deploy 1,000 troops in Libya to fight ISIS and migrant smugglers – Daily Mail
  • Blair helped regime which massacred oil workers – The Times (£)
  • Drone hits British Airways plane as it prepares to land at Heathrow – Daily Telegraph
  • Brazilian Congress votes to impeach President Rousseff – FT
  • Saudi Arabia warns USA of ‘consequences’ if it is held responsible for 9/11 – Daily Express
  • SAS to ‘patrol the Med’ as new 150-strong force is deployed to protect British tourists – Daily Mail

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