Pro-Brexit Tories back Cameron on tax…

Tax Take“Eurosceptic Tories rallied to David Cameron’s support last night in the row over his tax affairs. Their intervention came as Labour MPs drew accusations of acting like hyenas for tearing into the Prime Minister. Michael Gove, Tory justice secretary and Brexit campaigner, said it was ‘crystal clear Mr Cameron had acted with integrity and probity throughout’.” – Daily Mail

  • Top jobs for Brexiteers in ‘Operation Save Dave’ – The Guardian


  • Labour threaten to change inheritance tax rules – Daily Mail
  • Prime Minister to defend parents’ right to give children money – Daily Telegraph
  • Premier’s gift ‘not a dodge’, say tax experts – FT
  • IFS chief suggests inheritance tax overhaul – Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron rushes in law to criminalise tax dodge bankers – The Times (£)
  • Tory leader pushes for criminal sanctions for tax evasion – FT
  • HMRC chief investigating Panama Papers was partner in firm which represented offshore funds – Daily Mail

Other politicians:

Tim Montgomerie: The Prime Minister’s gimmick shows he’s in a panic

“Mr Cameron’s weekend tax gimmick happened because he’s panicking that the EU referendum could become something of a vote on his unpopularity and on government incompetence… Downing Street’s big mistake was to think the only thing that mattered before the EU referendum was the EU referendum.” – The Times (£)

  • Cameron’s fate is to be caught in the wealth trap – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph
  • The latest fuss will only deter good people from politics – Bruce Anderson, FT


  • It’s inheritance tax itself that’s immoral – Daily Mail



…as he refuses to face MPs over ‘propaganda’ leaflet

CAMERON EU fence“David Cameron was yesterday accused of dodging a grilling by senior MPs over the Government’s £9.3million taxpayer-funded pro-EU leaflet. The Prime Minister has rejected an invitation to appear before the liaison committee – made up of every select committee chairman – ahead of the EU referendum on June 23.” – Daily Mail

  • MPs demand a showdown over £9m Government EU message – The Times (£)
  • Tory MPs plan attack on leaflet as Parliament returns – Daily Telegraph
  • Cameron gambles on the status quo – The Guardian
  • FT dissects pro- and anti-Brexit claims – FT
  • Labour MPs urge Corbyn to show more fire in EU debate – The Guardian
  • Clifford Chance comes out against Brexit – FT

Other EU:

  • Union plans post-referendum bid to control welfare state – Daily Express
  • Brussels defies Dutch vote and opens door to 45 million Ukrainians – Daily Express
  • EU taxpayers subsidising Russian and Chinese steel firms – The Sun
  • European judges cost UK £55bn by ruling Treasury laws illegal – Daily Express


  • I resigned so I could tell the truth about what staying in the EU will cost Britain – John Longworth, The Guardian
  • Saying that Brexit would leave us poorer, weaker, and less safe is simply Project Reality – Sir John Major, Daily Mail
  • Both Inners and Outers need to keep it simple – Claire Foges, The Times (£)
  • The EU cannot afford to ignore the Dutch ‘No’ vote – Wolfgang Münchau, FT

>Yesterday: Michael Fabricant MP in Comment: The seven psychological flaws of Remain campaigners

NHS chief warns junior doctors not to proceed with all-out strike

“Junior doctors have been warned by the NHS’s top doctor not to go ahead with a planned all-out strike planned for later this month. Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of NHS England, said they would be acting in an unethical and reckless way that would contradict the values of the NHS.” – Daily Mail

  • Strikes increasingly hard to justify, claims regulator – The Guardian
  • Thousands are dying because the NHS cuts corners on surgery – The Times (£)


  • The final proof that doctors put pay before patients – Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail

Penning attacks Labour fill-in-the-blanks, fear-mongering PCC leaflets

Labour holes“Labour has issued a “cut-and-paste” scaremongering campaign guide for May’s police and crime commissioner elections, The Sun can reveal. The document tells candidates to warn of “new safety fears in (insert area)” and tells hopefuls to panic voters about an “XX” rise in “(offence)”… Police minister Mike Penning said last night: “This document shows the depths of Labour’s negative scaremonger campaign on crime.”” – The Sun

  • Don’t forget about Labour’s heartland: it doesn’t exist – Zoe Williams, The Guardian

>Today: Andrew Kennedy’s column: Why it’s vital to vote in the Police Commissioner elections

Team Corbyn is sidelining Livingstone

“Ken Livingstone, the former London Mayor, is being sidelined by Jeremy Corbyn’s office and blocked from appearing on TV broadcasts amid fears he has become “uncontrollable”. Members of the Labour leader’s office have directly intervened to stop Mr Livingstone appearing on high profile BBC political shows by calling producers and insisting he be removed.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Javid is the worst-prepared Business Secretary to save our steel – Angela Eagle, The Guardian

Boris Johnson: We can’t let the Corbynistas recapture City Hall

BORIS blue and red“Who nominated Jeremy Corbyn for the party leadership? Sadiq Khan. How did Khan himself secure the mayoral nomination? By ruthlessly outmanoeuvring the favourite – Blairite Tessa Jowell – and sucking up to the Corbynistas. And now – unless we can elect Zac Goldsmith – they will plant the red flag back on the top of City Hall.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Goldsmith woos Sikh votes – The Sun


  • Johnson’s dire legacy in London – Rowan Moore, The Guardian

>Today: Gareth Bacon in Local Government: Working with Boris – a four-year-review from City Hall

Disorganisation costs Trump as Cruz sweeps Colorado

“Ted Cruz added another victory on Saturday in Colorado, continuing his pursuit of Donald Trump and sending a sure sign that he is the candidate best prepared for a contested Republican convention. Rather than a primary or caucus, Colorado held conventions of its own to determine how its delegates would be allotted. Mr Cruz has now swept all 34 of those delegates in a show of organisational strength that left the Trump campaign scratching its collective head.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Why Cleveland will be haunted by the ghosts of 1968 – Edward Luce, FT

News in Brief:

  • Former equalities watchdog warns against growing ‘nation within a nation’ – Daily Mail
  • Survey reveals chasm between Muslim values and rest of UK – The Times (£)
  • Gulf created by repressive Islamic beliefs about “women, gays, and freedom” – Daily Express
  • MP’s plan to reveal identities in celebrity injunction – Daily Telegraph
  • Ten biggest bank scandals have cost £53bn in fines – FT
  • UK blocks 40 dangerous migrants from Europe a week – The Sun
  • Fears grow over Chilcot ‘whitewash’ – Daily Mail
  • Greens poised for record number of MSPs – The Scotsman
  • Labour by-election candidate lists different address as a councillor – Wales Online

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