Labour’s civil war over anti-Semitism

Livingstone“Labour was last night being torn apart by a vicious civil war over anti-Semitism. On the darkest day of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, he was forced to suspend close friend Ken Livingstone for an extraordinary outburst in he claimed Hitler was a ‘Zionist’. Mr Livingstone was condemned by Labour MPs and activists after making a series of explosive claims, including saying that the Nazi leader backed moving German Jews to Israel ‘before he went mad’.” – Daily Mail


  • Leader insists Labour has no anti-Semitism problem – Daily Telegraph
  • Fury as Corbyn denies Labour racism – Daily Express
  • Leader’s allies fear his enemies will exploit anti-Semitism crisis – FT


  • Peers accuse Labour of failing to root out racism – The Guardian
  • Huq u-turns to condemn Shah – The Sun
  • First Minister calls for Livingstone’s expulsion – Wales Online
  • Donor dumps party over ‘whirlwind of anti-Semitism’ – The Times (£)


  • Corbyn cancels Welsh visit after local party tell him to stay away – Wales Online
  • Labour leader launches passionate defence of Cardiff Bay administration – Wales Online


  • From Hitler to hiding in the loo, how Livingstone tackled the crisis – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph
  • A nice day to be led up the garden path – Patrick Kidd, The Times (£)

Philip Collins: Livingstone must go

“Just get rid of this superannuated fool. The investigation can be done in days. It all happened live, on LBC and the BBC. Until he hid in a disabled toilet, Mr Livingstone was parading his venomous ignorance all over town. The evidence is in. There can be no equivocation, no tiresome distinctions between Zionism, Israel and antisemitism. Just get out, Ken, and take your poisonous entourage with you.” – The Times (£)

  • Is this self-ignited firestorm the end for Livingstone? – Hugh Muir, The Guardian
  • Zionism is Labour’s new word for imperialism – Stephen Pollard, The Times (£)
  • Anti-Semitism has rocked Labour’s self-belief – Gaby Hinsliff, The Guardian
  • These conspiracy theories insult our intelligence – Daniel Finkelstein, The Times (£)


  • MPs must confront Corbyn over their party’s treatment of Jews – Daily Telegraph
  • Labour’s anti-Semites put their party in peril – Daily Mail
  • Stay vigilant on the left flank – The Guardian

Today: Iain Dale MP’s column: For as long as Corbyn leads Labour, how can anyone who is Jewish vote for it?

>Yesterday: LeftWatch: Naz Shah’s local Momentum branch suggest her apology was forced out of her like a Stalinist show trial

EU 1) Tory MPs demand Prime Minister face sleaze probe over trades union bargain

Cameron1“Furious Eurosceptics today demanded David Cameron face a sleaze probe – after claims ministers watered down new trade union laws in exchange for £1.7million of pro-EU help. Tory MP Bernard Jenkin, chairman of the Commons Public Administration Committee, compared it to the “cash for questions” scandal as called for ministerial standards adviser Sir Alex Allan to launch an urgent inquiry.” – The Sun

  • Cameron criticised for double-act with union boss – Daily Mail
  • Prime Minister accused of ‘kowtowing’ to unions – Daily Telegraph
  • Climbdown gives Labour £30 million funding boost – FT
  • Boles was unable to allay fears the Government had struck a stupid bargain with the unions – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • Clark mocked on Question Time for claiming EU makes us richer – Daily Express
  • Wheels come off Prime Minister’s cycling revolution – The Times (£)

>Today: ToryDiary: Which side is to blame for dividing the party? Please take our monthly survey.

EU 2) Mordaunt warns that EU is sleepwalking toward disaster

“The EU can only be saved from sleepwalking into the ‘disaster’ of conflict between its member states by Britain voting to leave, the Armed Forces Minister warned last night. In a dramatic intervention, Penny Mordaunt said the austerity programme required to keep the euro alive had created ‘tremendous potential for civil unrest’ across the continent.” – Daily Mail

  • Armed Forces minister claims Britain must save Europe by leaving – The Sun
  • Economists claim Brexit will make workers £40 a week better off – Daily Mail
  • Quitting EU would raise wages by £1,000 by 2020 – The Sun
  • Economists for Brexit challenge consensus – FT
  • Leave campaign hits back with its own economists – The Guardian
  • Labour donor quits Vote Leave over hostility to his party – The Times (£)


  • UK turns away 20 times as many non-Europeans as Europeans – Daily Mail
  • Farage insists Brexit is only way to regain border control – The Sun
  • EU court threat to UK over foreign trucks levy – Daily Mail
  • Britain faces Euro fine over £1,000 per annum fee for foreign lorries – The Sun
  • Brussels chiefs want ‘divorce proceedings’ over as quickly as possible – Daily Express
  • 700,000 expats denied a vote in the referendum – Daily Telegraph


  • Don’t let migration determine Britain’s place in Europe – Martin Wolf, FT

>Today: ToryDiary: Hammond, the referendum – and how Downing Street now runs EU policy


Ministers 1) Osborne accused of ‘stealth tax’ on beer after brewer hikes prices to pay Living Wage

Tax Take“George Osborne was last night accused of imposing a ‘stealth tax’ on beer drinkers through the introduction of the National Living Wage. It came after one of Britain’s biggest pub chains yesterday admitted it had hiked the price of a pint by 10p in order to pay its staff the increased hourly wage. Young’s – which owns almost 220 pubs in London and the South – said it had decided to pass on the costs to drinkers rather than cut perks for staff.” – Daily Mail

  • The Chancellor should hike taxes to solve our drinking problem – Paul Johnson, The Times (£)


  • It’s Osborne who is killing British steelmaking, claims Tata boss – The Sun
  • Tata chief warns of growing pension deficit if Port Talbot plant closed – FT


>Today: Jeremy Hunt MP in Comment: The BMA must not be allowed to veto promises made by a democratically elected Government

Ministers 2) Hammond becomes first Foreign Secretary to visit Communist Cuba

“Philip Hammond has become the first British Foreign Secretary to visit Cuba since before the communist revolution of 1959. Arriving in the capital Havana, Mr Hammond said that Britain was keen to forge “new links” with the Caribbean nation. His visit follows US President Barak Obama’s historic visit last month intended to normalise relations between the two countries after decades of hostility.” – Daily Mail

Davidson attacks Labour over Trident jobs pledge

Scottish Conservatives“Ruth Davidson has poured scorn on Scottish Labour’s opposition to renewing Trident after Kezia Dugdale admitted she did not know how many people’s jobs rely on the nuclear deterrent. The Scottish Labour manifesto, published on Wednesday, pledged to make a submission to the UK party’s defence review that Trident should not be renewed subject to the creation of a “Defence Diversification Agency guaranteeing the retention of all existing jobs.”” – Daily Telegraph

  • Study finds Labour voters are less left-wing than SNP ones – The Scotsman
  • New row over ‘named persons’ as campaigners claim legislation downgrades parental role – Daily Telegraph
  • Business leaders attack Nationalist tax hike – The Scotsman
  • Five Scottish businesses warn SNP that English firms have the upper hand – Daily Telegraph


  • Scottish Labour is now a party with few reasons for hope – Alan Cochrane, Daily Telegraph
  • What now for Sturgeon and the rebels who have become the Scottish establishment? – Martin Kettle, The Guardian

Philips urges rebellion on child refugees

“Conservative MPs have been urged to show that their party is compassionate and back a law change to allow stranded child refugees into Britain. Tory rebel Stephen Phillips sent a letter to Tory MPs, pleading with them to demonstrate that they ‘care’. In it, he urged Tory MPs to ‘join me in making clear to the country as a whole that we do care as a party’ and to join him in the lobby when voting ‘to show just that’ by supporting a refugee resettlement plan put forward by holocaust survivor and Labour peer Lord Dubs.” – Daily Mail

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Britain has the right approach to Syrian refugees, and should stick to it

Election watchdog ready police to prosecute ‘dozens of Tory candidates and officials’

Police shield“Police have been instructed by the election watchdog to be ready to prosecute dozens of Tory candidates and officials. The Conservative Party is facing damaging claims that it breached strict spending rules in a string of key marginal seats at last year’s General Election. Deliberate breach of spending limits by individual candidates – usually around £15,000 – is a criminal offence punishable by a fine or even a one-year jail term.” – Daily Mail

Trump refuses to rule out using nuclear weapons on Islamic State

“Donald Trump declined to rule out using nuclear weapons against Islamic State yesterday, hours after promising that “unpredictability” would be a hallmark of US foreign policy if he makes it to the White House. Mr Trump, who leads the race for the Republican presidential nomination, said of the use of nuclear weaponry in the Middle East: “I will not be a happy trigger like some people might be… but I will never, ever rule it out.”” – The Times (£)

  • David Miliband to get top US Government job if Clinton wins – Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

  • Police anti-extremism unit is monitoring Green Party leadership – The Guardian
  • Riots engulf French streets as 170,000 students and activists clash with police of labour laws – Daily Mail
  • Hillsborough police chief replacement quits – The Times (£)
  • Belgian residents all issued with anti-radiation pills – Daily Telegraph
  • NHS warned to prepare for indefinite industrial action – Daily Mail
  • Sir Philip Green may face grilling by MPs over BHS collapse – The Guardian
  • RBS losses double to nearly £1 billion – FT
  • Ed Balls bakes an Ed Balls Day cake – Daily Mail
  • Turnout at Northern Ireland Assembly election could slide to new low – News Letter

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