Crabb scraps budget welfare cuts..

CRABB Stephen“Stephen Crabb, Mr Duncan Smith’s replacement, was left to announce the most dramatic concession yet: that the £4.4 billion planned savings from a shelved cut to disability benefits will not come from the welfare budget. Mr Crabb is understood to have sought permission from the prime minister to make the pledge, which could reduce the size of a projected £10 billion government surplus in 2020. Mr Cameron authorised the commitment and ensured that Mr Osborne’s department agreed. “The PM took charge on a budget matter and made sure George agreed with him. It doesn’t usually happen like that,” a Tory source said.” – The Times(£)

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Corbyn forgets to mention IDS

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…as Osborne comes to defend the rest of the Budget

“Chancellor George Osborne is to defend his handling of the economy ahead of a Commons vote to approve his Budget. He will confirm he has dropped planned cuts to the disability benefit Personal Independence Payments – and praise Iain Duncan Smith, who quit as work and pensions secretary over the proposals. The chancellor is under pressure to explain how he will now cover the £4.4bn gap left by the changes. Labour said Mr Osborne should resign and the Budget should be withdrawn.” – BBC

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Cameron told to make Gove the Deputy PM

GOVE Legatum“David Cameron is facing calls to appoint Michael Gove, one of the most senior figures backing the campaign to take Britain out of the EU, as his deputy prime minister as part of an attempt to reunite a fractious Tory party. Some MPs were already resisting the idea yesterday, describing it as an attempt by supporters of Brexit to ensure that they had friends in senior posts after the vote. The move would also represent a snub to George Osborne, who currently holds huge power over government strategy. The demand for Mr Gove’s promotion came from the influential Conservative Home website. Paul Goodman, the former Tory MP who edits the grassroots site, said that Mr Gove was the only person who was in favour of Brexit and close to the prime minister, Mr Osborne and his fellow leadership contender Boris Johnson.” – The Times(£)

Millar warns of gender pay gap

“A group of MPs is demanding that greater steps are taken to combat a “motherhood penalty” that has left women being paid less than men. A report by the Women and Equalities Select Committee said the government has failed to close the pay gap. Maria Miller, chairwoman of the committee, said: “The gender pay gap is holding back women and that isn’t going to change unless the government changes its policies now.” – BBC

Resistance to Feldman plan to merge constituency associations

Lord Feldman“The Conservative party leadership is on a collision course with its members over a plan to merge local branches. Objections were raised over proposals to urge Tory branches to band together and form “multiconstituency associations” during a meeting of the Conservative party board yesterday. Critics have already won concessions that will mean associations with more than 100 members can opt out. However, the party leadership still faces a major fight to secure the reforms.” – The Times(£)

  • Half of associations face cull – Daily Telegraph
  • New push for more women and ethnic minority Conservative MPs – Daily Mail

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Goldsmith accused of “racially profiling” voters

“Zac Goldsmith has been accused of “racially profiling” voters in campaign material reportedly distributed to Londoners this weekend. A number of residents have reported that they have received letters claiming to be from David Cameron, sent through the Conservative London mayoral candidate’s campaign team. The letters are addressed to members of “the British Indian community” and list ways in which the Conservative party has supported India. The letters, which are signed with the Prime Minister’s signature, state: “The British Indian community makes London great. The British Indian community makes an extraordinary contribution to London and to Britain.” – Independent

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Miliband to warn against Brexit

Miliband“Ed Miliband is to set out his case for why the UK should stay in the EU, in his first major intervention in the referendum debate. The former Labour leader will argue that social justice and progressive change can only be achieved by staying in a reformed EU. And he will accuse Leave campaigners of wanting a “free-market, low-regulated, race-to-the-bottom offshore Britain”.” – BBC

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  • The NHS can’t survive if Britain stays in the EU – Louise Bours MEP Daily Telegraph


Sturgeon set to reject higher threshold for 40p income tax

“The SNP is to set out its income tax plans ahead of the Holyrood election. UK Chancellor George Osborne announced last week that he was to raise the threshold for the 40p rate of income tax – effectively giving a tax cut to higher earners. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, who is also Scotland’s first minister, has said the move was the “wrong choice”. She will spell out her party’s proposals alongside Finance Secretary John Swinney in Glasgow.” – BBC

Proctor calls for an apology from MPs

PROCTOR Harvey“MPs were last night told to say sorry for outspoken comments they made during the probe into Westminster paedophile rings. Former Tory MP Harvey Proctor, cleared of abuse allegations, accused politicians of whipping up a febrile atmosphere which led to innocent men being dragged into the investigation.” – Daily Mail

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News in brief

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