“You’re finished!” Cameron’s alleged attack on Kamall over Europe

CAMERON EU fence“David Cameron warned his most senior MEP in Brussels that he would be ‘finished’ if he defied him over Europe and backed the Brexit campaign, it was claimed last night. … The bust-up happened during a meeting in London a week before the EU deal was finalised. Mr Cameron expressed his outrage when Dr Kamall informed him he was leaning towards voting to leave the EU. … According to a Tory source, whose account was last night backed by three others who have spoken to Dr Kamall directly about the conversation, Mr Cameron told him: ‘You’re finished. I made you and now you’re finished.’” – Daily Mail

  • “Restless Conservative backbenchers are asking what might happen in the days after the EU referendum result – with talk among some them over whether it will trigger a vote of confidence in David Cameron.” – The Guardian

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Morgan warns that Brexit will harm the young

MORGAN Nicky officiall version“Voting for Brexit is gambling with the prospects of the next generation, a Cabinet minister warns today. … In a speech likely to trigger fresh claims of scaremongering, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan will warn the older generation they risk creating a lost generation of young people. … She will say it would be unfair for parents and grandparents to vote to leave the EU because of the ‘devastating’ impact on the chances of their children and grandchildren.” – Daily Mail

  • “Never mind the Brexit gloom merchants – the prospects for the City look as bright as ever.” – Alex Brummer, Daily Mail
  • “Don’t despair, a silent majority can still keep Britain in Europe.” – Mary Dejevsky, The Guardian
  • “One overlooked factor in the Brexit debate is the colossal sum we could save in benefit fraud by leaving.” – Sun editorial

> Yesterday: ToryDiary – Morgan must address Tory concerns about academy plans

Leave campaign releases “dossier” of criminals who have enjoyed free movement

Border“EU free movement rules have let dozens of foreign criminals commit horrific offences in Britain, analysis reveals. … A dossier released today lists 50 of the ‘most dangerous’ European criminals who have entered the UK freely, despite convictions in their countries. … Once here, 45 of them committed serious offences, the report by Brexit campaign Vote Leave says.” – Daily Mail

  • “A Europe-wide crackdown on illegal firearms after a surge of terrorist activity has failed to include the type of weapons used by the Islamic State cell that has terrorised France and Belgium.” – The Times (£)
  • “Children are being sent through electronic passport gates at British airports for the first time, prompting fears the fight against child trafficking will be undermined, leaked documents reveal.” – Daily Telegraph
  • “A vote to leave the European Union is set to trigger an exodus of British expatriates from the continent, an investigation by The Times has found.” – The Times (£)


  • “What’s usually missing are perspectives from other countries, surely vital to any discussion of immigration.” – Guardian editorial

Fears over new hacking powers for the police

Police shield“While the powers are known as ‘targeted equipment interference’, privacy campaigners warned yesterday that the proposed surveillance legislation contains wider hacking abilities than that name suggests. They told The Times it would lead to a ‘rapid expansion’ in the use of hacking, which police say is increasingly necessary to tackle serious crime and find missing persons.” – The Times (£)

  • “European judges could water down the powers of police and the security services to obtain information relating to people’s phone calls, text messages and emails just weeks before the EU referendum.” – Daily Telegraph
  • “Police have warned young people not to buy starting guns and other weapons online as new figures show children as young as 10 have been arrested for firearms offences.” – Daily Telegraph


  • “The Brussels attacks show the need to crack terrorist communications.” – William Hague, Daily Telegraph
  • “Spooks must wise up to the new terrorism.” – Edward Lucas, The Times (£)

Proctor to attack the Met for ignoring his “counter-allegations”

“Harvey Proctor, the former MP who spent a year being investigated by Scotland Yard for child sex abuse before being exonerated, is to launch an extraordinary attack on senior police officers, The Telegraph can disclose. … It is understood the ex-Conservative MP will say Scotland Yard has ignored counter-allegations lodged against “Nick”, the complainant behind the controversial multi-million pound Operation Midland, which was finally shut down last week.” – Daily Telegraph

Did Osborne really squeeze more money from the well-off? Or were the well-off just planning their finances?

Tax Take“George Osborne had claimed that cutting the rate of income tax paid by people earning more than £150,000 from 50p in the pound to 45p would lead to the Treasury reaping more money. … The Chancellor later said that his move in slashing the rate had led to an ‘£8billion increase in revenues from additional rate taxpayers’ and that the figures vindicated his approach. … But the OBR attributed much of the gains to high earners shifting money between tax years.” – Daily Mail

  • “Motorists will be hit in the pocket for buying environmentally-friendly family cars because of flaws in George Osborne’s plans to shake up road tax, a study reveals today.” – Daily Mail
  • “Over-55s have accessed nearly £6bn of cash from their pensions since the introduction of radical reforms a year ago.” – Financial Times
  • “Families will plunge nearly £70 billion into the red by the end of the decade – far worse than predicted just four months ago.” – The Sun
  • “Women will be hit six times harder than men by the government’s welfare and tax changes over the course of a decade, according to Labour.” – The Times (£)


  • “The 2008 financial crisis may not have triggered riots, but in its aftermath the two main UK parties struggle to survive in their present forms.” – Steve Richards, The Independent

Yesterday: Howard Flight’s column – We simply cannot afford to carry on protecting spending on welfare, the NHS and schools

Social care providers will be sunk by the Chancellor’s Living Wage, claim councils

Pay“Social care services will be pushed to ‘breaking point’ by the introduction of George Osborne’s national living wage next month, councils warn today. … The living wage, announced by the Chancellor last year, will see minimum hourly wages for anyone over 25 rise to £7.20 an hour from April 1. … But most workers in the care sector earn the current minimum wage of £6.70 or just above, meaning care service providers – many of them local councils – will see their staffing costs rise dramatically.” – Daily Mail

  • “George Osborne’s decision to sharply increase Britain’s minimum wage is a “radical and untested policy” that he should be prepared to revisit if it starts to go wrong, experts have warned.” – Financial Times
  • “The new policy, which starts on Friday, will see the wages for low-paid workers rise four times faster than average earnings this year.” – Financial Times
  • “Bosses of Britain’s dwindling fire services are milking the taxpayer to take home huge pay packages despite slashing frontline staff and services.” – Daily Mail
  • “Scores of senior fire officers are claiming generous retirement payouts by leaving their jobs and returning as little as a day later, The Telegraph can disclose.” – Daily Telegraph
  • “A councillor has been punished for calling an opponent a d***head — his seventh town hall offence in two years.” – The Sun
  • “Medical leaders have warned that an all-out strike by junior doctors would be an ‘unprecedented crisis’ for the NHS.” – The Times (£)

Lamb says that the Government could break its mental health promises

Libdem bird vs TORY“Thousands of people suffering from mental health conditions will continue to miss out on timely help, a former minister has said, warning that promised reforms to NHS mental healthcare would be impossible without extra spending. … Norman Lamb, who served as the minister responsible for mental health in the Coalition government, said that vital new waiting-times targets for a range of mental health conditions including bipolar disorder and OCD ‘won’t happen’ because the plans were not funded.” – The Independent

Labour push for a review of Universal Credit

“Stephen Crabb has been urged to conduct a ‘root and branch’ review of universal credit by Labour amid claims the flagship welfare reform has been ‘salami sliced’ to the point that it now represents a financial hit for millions of low-paid workers. … The shadow work and pensions secretary, Owen Smith, has written to his opposite number warning that the policy bears ‘scant resemblance to its original form’.” – The Guardian

Bryant urges his party to be vigilant about antisemitism

LABOUR dead rose“Labour risks losing its reason to exist if it allows ‘antisemitism by proxy to prosper in our midst’, a frontbencher has warned. … Chris Bryant, the shadow Commons leader, called for the British left to be ‘vigilant about antisemitism’ after a spate of allegations about party members. His remarks, made in The Times today, are likely to be viewed as a caution to Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, that he must do more to stamp out what MPs and peers have identified as a growing problem in the party.” – The Times (£)

Read Bryant’s article for the Times in full (£)

  • “Even if Corbyn is ditched, moderates can’t win.” – Hugo Rifkind, The Times (£)

Teachers vote for an end to Ofsted…

“Teachers have called for an end to schools inspections by Ofsted because they cause too much work and anxiety for staff. … The National Union of Teachers said the regulator put undue pressure on schools, which often live in fear of ‘the dreaded phone call’. … They voted today in favour of scrapping the watchdog, and replacing it with a ‘proper system of accountability’.” – Daily Mail

…and want to get rid of Prevent too

School“‘Retrograde’ teachers yesterday voted to reject Home Secretary Theresa May’s flagship anti-terror strategy – claiming it was spooking Muslim kids. … NUT delegates vowed to boot out the new ‘Prevent’ policy which obliges teachers to refer pupils they believe to be at risk of radicalisation or extremism to the police. … Nick Timothy, Theresa May’s former special adviser, immediately blasted the union for a ‘retrograde and alarming’ step.” – The Sun

  • “Teachers are demanding that schools stop promoting ‘fundamental British values’ over claims it could make children think other cultures are inferior.” – Daily Mail

And comment:

  • “Britain’s anti-extremism strategy in schools cannot be dictated by the National Union of Teachers.” – Sun editorial

Janan Ganesh: Does anti-elitism really define our age?

“Even if anti-elitism does weave together today’s political sensations, neither they nor that cause are successful enough to define our age. The era of Trump, Corbyn and Le Pen is, less excitably, the era of Barack Obama, David Cameron and Angela Merkel. These mainstream pragmatists have won general elections in recent years.” – Janan Ganesh, Financial Times

News in brief

  • Belgian police release new footage of the “Man in White” – Daily Mail
  • French minister warns that his country has “around 100” neighbourhoods comparable to Molenbeek – Daily Mail
  • The FBI has managed to crack the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone without Apple’s help – Financial Times
  • Falkland Islands lie in Argentinian waters, rules UN commission – The Guardian
  • Union leaders appeal to Tata Steel ahead of meeting to decide industry’s future – The Guardian
  • The extent of the damage in Palmyra – The Independent
  • Pakistan, a failing state – Times editorial (£)
  • Beethoven beats Mozart in composer poll – Daily Telegraph