Tyrie tells Boris to stop busking on Brexit

BORIS angel devil“This was the day when the London mayor’s breezy assertions ran into a brick wall, or more precisely Andrew Tyrie, the cerebral, dry-as-dust, Tory chairman of the Commons treasury committee. Mr Tyrie quickly made plain his impatience with Mr Johnson’s ‘busking, humorous approach’ to a very serious question for the United Kingdom. The mayor’s appearance at the Treasury committee was like seeing a swaggering corporate high flyer called in by the accounts department to explain the discrepancies in an expenses claim” – Financial Times

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Brexit boosts security, says former MI6 chief

“Britain would make important gains in security if it left the European Union, a former head of MI6 has said in a challenge to David Cameron’s claim that membership is vital to tackling terrorism. Sir Richard Dearlove said that the UK would keep its key intelligence partnerships, including those with EU countries, following Brexit while having more control over immigration and legal action against suspects” – The Times (£)

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ISIS masterminded London plot

FALLON Daily Politics“A plot to murder police officers and soldiers in a series of drive-by shootings in London was ‘directed and funded’ by Islamic State in Syria, it can be disclosed. Tarik Hassane, a medical student who called himself ‘The Surgeon’ and Suhaib Majeed, his childhood friend, were convicted yesterday of plotting to murder servicemen, police officers and civilians in a Paris-style attack. The plot is the first example of ISIS-managed operatives in the UK obtaining a working firearm” – The Times (£)

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Cameron tells Christians to help Muslims fight extremism…

“David Cameron has suggested Christian leaders should help their ‘brothers and sisters who are Muslim’ fight against extremism in the wake of the Brussels terror attack. Speaking at an Easter reception at Downing Street, the prime minister referred to the ‘dark and difficult world we’re currently living in’ and said he wanted to ‘fortify’ people to defeat extremism. ‘This is the great fight that we have to join,’ Cameron said” – Guardian

…and tells MPs he needs “more time to think”

David Cameron 29-01-16“David Cameron has said he needs ‘more time to think’ as he leaves for a week’s holiday in Spain after a ‘tough’ week in which he has lost a Cabinet minister and performed an about turn on welfare spending. The Prime Minister made the remarks to Tory MPs at his end of term meeting with the Conservative party’s back bench 1922 committee… His remarks were greeted with the traditional – and prolonged – banging on desks by Tory MPs” – Daily Telegraph


Alibhai-Brown: Too many Muslim families are isolated

“Brutality begins at home. In looking for the reasons behind Tuesday’s Belgian atrocities, we have to face the fact that the ultimate cause lies in the upbringing of the killers… Too many Muslim families in Britain and the rest of Europe isolate themselves from the outside world. They deliberately turn their backs on it. This inwardness means that Muslim boys and girls are denied many privileges that other young people take for granted. They are growing up unfree in the free world” – Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Daily Mail

Montgomerie: IDS told us the truth about the deficit

IDS“Britain’s pundits, politicians and people can ignore the truths about pensions, welfare and tax cuts that IDS has set out, not to mention the other fiscal facts of life he didn’t touch upon. Or we can all recognise that there is such a thing as economic gravity and that the current deficit strategy isn’t just unfair because we’re not all in this together. It’s also the reason why it isn’t working” – Tim Montgomerie, The Times (£)

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Cameron says doctors’ full walkout is “irresponsible”

“David Cameron blasted junior doctors as ‘desperate and irresponsible’ as they plan the first full walkout in NHS history. Medics are set to refuse to treat life-threatening cases in the row over weekend pay… A 48-hour walkout is planned for April 6-7. A second from 8am to 5pm on April 26-27 will be an all-out strike, say union bosses” – The Sun

MPs apoplectic over Corbyn’s loyalty list

CORBYN Jeremy“Jeremy Corbyn faced fresh fury from his own MPs yesterday and was the subject of a searing comment by John Woodcock, a former frontbencher, who called a controversial loyalty list and the Labour leader’s performance in the Commons a ‘f***ing disaster’. Labour MPs voiced anger and despair after a spreadsheet that ranked their loyality dominated prime minister’s questions in what should have been a difficult appearance for David Cameron. The document, revealed exclusively by The Times, allowed Mr Cameron an easy victory” – The Times (£)

Labour leader crucified in PMQs

“It’s Holy Week and the House of Commons put on a mystery play yesterday instead of prime minister’s questions. The Passion of the Corbyn began with the bearded JC trying earnestly to help the poor and disadvantaged in society, but ended with him being nailed and mocked as all around, even those on his own side, shouted ‘crucify him’. John Bercow, that Pompous Pilot, tried in vain to calm the noise” – Patrick Kidd, The Times (£)


Stop privilege abuse, says Brittan’s widow

“Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, was guilty of a ‘serious abuse of public office’ when he used parliament to make unfounded claims about a Westminster paedophile ring, the widow of Lord Brittan said yesterday. Lady Brittan spoke out after receiving a letter from Scotland Yard saying that its mishandled Operation Midland investigation had found no evidence of any wrongdoing by her late husband, a former home secretary” – The Times (£)

Scots “dodged disaster by staying in UK”

scotsgovt“If Alex Salmond had had his way, March 24 would have been Scotland’s independence day. But instead of the sound of bagpipes at a national flag-raising for a new state, the former first minister will on Thursday hear a chorus of opponents telling him the Scots dodged fiscal disaster by staying in the UK. Support for independence remains high, but a slump in oil revenues since 2014’s referendum has made a mockery of the rosy budget forecasts that Mr Salmond made” – Financial Times

  • Scotland would have faced “£10 billion black hole” – Scotsman
  • IFS warns Scotland facing debts three times greater than UK – Guardian

Clinton attacks Trump’s stance on NATO

“Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump on Wednesday for suggesting that the US should play a lesser role in NATO, in another sign that the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination is shifting her sights from Bernie Sanders to her Republican opponents. ‘Turning our back on our alliances, or turning our alliance into a protection racket, would reverse decades of bipartisan American leadership and send a dangerous signal to friend and foe alike,’ Mrs Clinton said” – Financial Times

News in brief

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