The Brexiteers fight back. Boris to proclaim on Marr that the EU is broken…

BORIS union flag“He will throw down the gauntlet to Mr Cameron in a BBC interview today, arguing the EU is ‘broken and cannot be fixed’ – and staying in will ‘make things worse for Britain’.   Former Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett says that ‘bombastic Boris’ is cynically using the referendum to boost his hopes of replacing David Cameron as Tory leader.
And Conservative vice chairman Mark Field claimed Mr Johnson’s anti-EU stance could drive EU nationals in London to vote Labour in the mayoral contest in May.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Cameron says Brexit would punish farmers… – Observer
  • …but farming Minister Eustice says that leaving the EU would mean a better life for farm animals… Mail on Sunday
  • …While Truss, his boss, says Britain’s landscape is at risk from Brexit – Sunday Telegraph
  • Morgan criticises IDS – Independent on Sunday
  • Mordaunt denounces “layers of fantasy”, “bogus scare stories” and “spin” being promoted by the Prime Minister’s Remain campaign – Sunday Telegraph
  • Fellowes says the EU is like the Austro-Hungarian empire – Mail on Sunday
  • Jenkin warns against dragging the Queen into the debate – Sunday Telegraph
  • NHS England threatens to sue Vote Leave – The Observer
  • Give us answers, Boris – David Blunkett, Mail on Sunday
  • Women’s views on Brexit – The Observer
  • Rentoul: Latest YouGov polling suggests that Remain has won the first two weeks – Independent on Sunday

…While Gove claims that the European Court of Justice is hampering the struggle against terror

“In Gove’s first newspaper interview since declaring that he would campaign to leave, he told The Sunday Times that the European Court of Justice has undermined the ability of the UK intelligence agencies to monitor terrorist suspects.  He also blamed the EU for the worst upsurge in the far right “at any time since the 1930s”. Johnson said EU rules were “prejudicial” to British security and the ability to deport terrorists…Gove denounced supporters of EU membership as “relics of the past” and — in his own attack on Project Fear — condemned “remain” campaigners for suggesting “Britain is beaten”.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • Former head of National Counter Terrorism Security Office says that Cameron is “putting politics above Britain’s security needs” by claiming that the UK would be less safe if we left the EU – Sunday Express
  • Gove interview in full – Sunday Times (£)

The suspended pro-Brexit British Chambers of Commerce chief hits out at Government over EU scare stories

LONGWORTH John“In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, he accused the Government of issuing exaggerated warnings akin to ‘plagues of boils’ if Britain quits the EU – which would trigger a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. And he slammed David Cameron’s reform negotiations. ‘Once the Prime Minister had come back with his deal, that was the final nail in the coffin,’ he declared. Longworth spoke to this newspaper soon after finishing his controversial Brexit speech – and while Chancellor George Osborne took to the same conference stage to preach the benefits of Britain’s EU membership.” – Mail on Sunday

Nicholas Soames and Peter Mandelson: We’re treading in our grandfathers’ giant footsteps as we say that Britain should vote to stay in the EU

“That’s why the reforms that the Prime Minister, David Cameron, negotiated in Europe are so important.  He delivered for Britain by being at the top table, just like his predecessors, Margaret Thatcher and John Major, did. Of course, these reforms will be belittled by Mr Cameron’s opponents, including those in his own party.  But they will reassure others with genuine doubts about the EU’s direction by taking Britain out of ‘ever closer union’; making our immigration fairer by removing the right to immediate access to benefits; and ensuring we are protected from discrimination by the eurozone.” – Mail on Sunday

  • This is how we would control our borders – Nigel Farage, Sun on Sunday
  • They only turn to Brussels when they give up on Britain – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)
  • Leave is whingeing because it is losing – Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer
  • I applaud Stuart Rose – John Rentoul, Independent on Sunday
  • Why am I considered a bigot or an idiot for wanting Britain the leave the EU? – Janet Daley, Sunday Telegraph

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Osborne under siege from Tory MPs over Sunday trading as his Remain role feeds the revolt

Osborne“The Chancellor announced plans to shake-up Sunday trading laws in his first Budget after being returned to office last year. But he faces a potential defeat over the plans just a week before his next set-piece financial statement, according to insiders…Tory David Burrowes is spearheading an attempt to remove the measure from the Bill, which will be debated by MPs on Wednesday. He claimed ministers were prepared to join the revolt or abstain unless the Government watered down the controversial plans.” – Sunday Express

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Meanwhile, Corbyn has his own referendum troubles

“Members of his frontbench team challenged him at a meeting last week – but Mr Corbyn was accused of refusing to answer their concerns. The confrontation came after Mr Corbyn said on the ITV programme The Agenda that he was ‘not on the same side of the argument’ as the Prime Minister on Europe. Shadow ministers said it made a mockery of his claim that Labour wants the UK to stay in the EU.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Reeves calls for more money for childcare – The Observer
  • Former Labour lord mayor held over alleged financial irregularities – Sunday Telegraph
  • Police probe Danczuk expenses – Sun on Sunday
  • Cherie Blair’s healthcare business shuts – Sunday Telegraph
  • The homophobic, racist and sexist tweets of Khan’s top adviser – Mail on Sunday
  • The smearing of Khan – Nick Cohen, Observer
  • Hundreds of Corbyn articles and speeches removed from his website: they include an attack on the Lisbon Treaty – Sunday Telegraph

Morgan wants Mums’ Army of teachers

MORGAN Nicky headshot“Nicky Morgan, the education secretary, is expected today to outline details of mentoring and support programmes designed to encourage women back into schools, even if it is only part-time. Figures last week revealed that an average of 6,000 women, aged 30 to 39, left the teaching profession each year between 2008 and 2012. ..Malcolm Trobe, interim general secretary of the ASCL, said he was expecting Morgan to make it easier for teachers to organise job shares and part-time work.” – Sunday Times (£)

Dominic Raab V Compensation Culture

“Justice minister Dominic Raab has called in specialist law firm BLM to analyse all claims and report back within weeks. He told The Sun on Sunday: “Of course the Prison Service must be accountable, but taxpayers will be staggered at the spiralling costs of litigation. “We want public money focused on protecting the public and reforming offenders – not fuelling compensation culture.” Figures show £9.3million compo went to lags last year. But when legal fees and claims by prison staff is lumped in, the overall bill hit £28.8million.” – Sun on Sunday

Wright warns over HS2

WRIGHT Jeremy“Attorney General Jeremy Wright even raised fears that the line, designed in its first phase to reduce journey times between London and Birmingham, was affecting his constituents’ mental health. He said: ‘HS2 is having a huge psychological effect on many of those I represent who live in the path of this project’…Mr Wright, whose Warwickshire constituency will be bisected by the railway, condemned the way HS2 Ltd – the company overseeing the scheme – was dealing with some people affected by the proposals.” – Mail on Sunday

Has Trump peaked?

“A ferocious week of attacks on Donald Trump appeared to loosen his grip on the Republican presidential race on “Super Saturday”, while Bernie Sanders showed there may also be some life left in the Democratic race…Trump’s victories – by 4.4% in Louisiana and 3.6% in Kentucky – were by smaller margins than Cruz won his states, meaning the Texan took more delegates on the night. The results suggested neither may reach the 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination outright….In the Democratic race, Hillary Clinton lost Kansas and Nebraska to a resurgent Sanders campaign, although her own win in Louisiana, as expected, left her well ahead in net delegates at the end of the night.” – The Observer

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