Tebbit and Fox insist Cameron must resign if UK votes to leave the EU…

CAMERON EU fence“The Conservative Party was plunged further into civil war over Europe last night as two grandees warned that David Cameron may have to quit. Former party chairmen Lord Tebbit and Liam Fox both suggested that the Prime Minister will be forced to step down if Britain votes to leave the EU. They spoke out amid growing Tory anger over Mr Cameron’s increasingly strident warnings about the dangers of Brexit.” – Daily Mail

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  • Villiers claims post-Brexit farm subsidies could be bigger – News Letter
  • Parliament ‘put on hold’ to prevent Tory split – FT
  • British Chambers of Commerce suspend pro-Brexit boss – Daily Mail


  • Cameron claims Scotland is ‘better off’ in the EU – The Scotsman
  • Farmers warn that we’d pay with no say post-Brexit – The Times (£)
  • Brexiteers should visit war graves, says Juncker – Daily Telegraph
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  • Farage insists UK will hold together outside the EU at Belfast rally – News Letter
  • UKIP civil war deepends as Evans is sacked again – The Sun
  • Farage warns that staying in EU could lead to backdoor NHS privatisation – The Guardian


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  • This campaign is giving the Tories a case of Trumpitis – Simon Jenkins, The Guardian
  • More statesmanship please, Mr Cameron – Daily Mail editorial

…as Labour’s divisions are accused of harming the Remain cause

“Divisions at the top of Labour are hampering its efforts to keep Britain in Europe with insiders warning that their efforts are being frozen out. Government figures and leading backers of Britain Stronger in Europe are worried that Jeremy Corbyn’s unenthusiastic backing for EU membership will harm the campaign.” – The Times (£)

  • Balls on the fear in the Brexit campaign – FT

Patel insists Brexit is necessary to regain control of the borders

Patel Union Jack“The Minister of State for Employment has not yet been six years in Parliament, but she was supporting the Brexit campaign long before Boris Johnson, Michael Gove or Lord (Norman) Lamont joined the anti-Brussels bandwagon. For her, it’s about far more than sovereignty and national pride — though she says she’s overflowing with the latter for her family’s adopted nation. ‘Britain was so welcoming to all of us that we embraced it back. It made us far more patriotic.’” – Daily Mail

  • Home Office minister admits thousands of failed asylum seekers cannot be deported – Daily Mail
  • Refugees minister hits out at Tory backbenchers for trivialising plight of migrants – The Independent
  • ‘Tank chasing’ law firm tries to force admission of migrants at overseas bases – Daily Mail
  • Only one in three of 1.2 million asylum seekers are fleeing ISIS – The Sun

Other Ministers:

  • Jo Johnson insists he’d beat Boris in an EU debate – The Times (£)
  • Whittingdale demands Cameron release full EU migration figures – Daily Telegraph


  • Could a European foreign legion solve the migrant crisis? – Edward Lucas, The Times (£)


Charles Moore: Our pompous elites have not bothered to consider life outside the EU

“I do not mean that they do not know a lot about the subject – many of them do. Nor that they are not genuinely concerned for Britain’s future – most of them are. I mean that most have not, for one single second, imagined that life outside the EU might be a viable, even preferable alternative to life within it, so they do not understand the case they are opposing.” – Daily Telegraph

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Osborne’s ‘complete retreat’ on pensions confirmed

OSBORNE red and blue“George Osborne abandoned plans for a Budget raid on pensions last night, following warnings that it could impoverish millions and wreck his dream of becoming prime minister. In a dramatic climbdown, Treasury sources said the Chancellor decided to scrap proposals for a multi-billion-pound raid on pension tax relief, which would have hit millions of middle-class workers.” – Daily Mail

  • Chancellor plays it safe on pension reform – FT


  • In truth, the Chancellor’s profligacy makes Brown look a miser – Peter Oborne, Daily Mail

>Today: ToryDiary: The reform of pensions becomes a casualty of division over Europe

Davidson abandons tax cut pledge

“The Scottish Tory leader, Ruth Davidson, has abandoned plans to call for lower Scottish tax rates after learning that George Osborne is considering far deeper spending cuts. Davidson had been expected to contest May’s Scottish parliamentary elections as the only leader campaigning for cuts in the new Scottish rate of income tax which comes into force in April, after making repeated pledges to do so.” – The Guardian

  • Scottish Conservatives row back on taxes in bid to woo Labour voters – The Scotsman
  • Prime Minister urges Tories to win over Scots worried by second referendum – The Independent
  • Cameron ribbed for ropey Scottish accent – Daily Mail

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Coroner rules out widening Elliot Johnson investigation

CONSERVATIVE tree“The Conservatives will escape an investigation into wider bullying claims surrounding the suicide of a party activist who complained of intimidation, a coroner ruled yesterday… Elliott’s parents had urged the coroner to examine allegations of ‘systemic’ bullying within the Tory party, claiming their son took his own life last September after suffering ‘inhuman and degrading’ treatment by Clarke and his associates. But Coroner Tom Osborne turned down the request, saying: ‘I will not allow the inquest to be used as a tool for putting anyone on trial’.” – Daily Mail

Corbyn angers female Labour MPs by calling for legalisation of prostitution

“Jeremy Corbyn has come under fire from female MPs for backing the decriminalisation of prostitution. The Labour leader said he was in favour treating the ‘sex industry’ in a more ‘civilised way’. Mr Corbyn, who has been married three times and is liberal on personal matters, said: ‘I am in favour of decriminalising the sex industry.” – Daily Mail


  • Corbyn’s views on the sex trade sum up the male left’s betrayal of women – Julie Bindell, The Guardian

More than a dozen MPs have credit cards suspended

PARLIAMENT“More than a dozen MPs including the SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson, suspended Labour MP Simon Danczuk and ex-minister Liam Byrne have had their Commons credit cards blocked. Parliament’s expenses watchdog suspended the cards after debts of up to £27,000 were run up between June 30 last year and February 23.” – Daily Mail

  • Labour MP brings Commons to fits of giggles with pun-laden speech – Daily Mail

Republican leadership face backlash against bid to block Trump

“From Michigan to Louisiana to California on Friday, rank-and-file Republicans expressed mystification, dismissal and contempt regarding the instructions that their party’s most high-profile leaders were urgently handing down to them: Reject and defeat Donald J. Trump. Their angry reactions, in the 24 hours since Mitt Romney and John McCain urged millions of voters to cooperate in a grand strategy to undermine Mr. Trump’s candidacy, have captured the seemingly inexorable force of a movement that still puzzles the Republican elite and now threatens to unravel the party they hold dear.” – New York Times

News in Brief:

  • IRA terrorists planning to ‘attack police and soldiers’ for Easter Rising centenary – Daily Telegraph
  • Turkey seizes largest opposition news group – FT
  • Rugby and football chiefs kill off bid to drop God Save the Queen – Daily Mail
  • Rise in home schooling raises safety fears – The Times (£)
  • US hate groups grew dramatically in the past year – Daily Telegraph
  • Former Brazilian president detained by police – FT
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